Monday, 31 October 2011

African movie pirates have managed to leak the Hollywood standard West African-set Zombie feature film, ‘The Dead’, written and directed by Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, which featured Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei, before it entered Ghana.
The film was on Friday screened for the first time in Africa at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra. But before the première, the film had reportedly found its way onto the laptops of some movie fans and had as such collapsed the enthusiasm with which people wanted to see the movie.
NEWS-ONE is still investigating how the film was leaked as it was readily not clear if the leakage was from Ghana or not.
However, it is gradually becoming a norm in Ghana’s movie industry for unreleased movies to be leaked before they hit the cinemas.
Director Leila Djansi once complained bitterly about how ‘Sinking Sands’ was leaked. Shirley Frimpong Manso also complained that ‘Adams Apples’ was leaked and she pointed fingers at the Censorship Board but it denied being involved.
NEWS-ONE is aware ‘The Dead’, which featured Prince David Osei and veteran actor David Dontoh, was released for a number of cinemas across the world, especially in the United State. That was heralded by a huge premiere in Los Angeles last month.
It is yet to be confirmed if its copies on DVDs have been released onto the US market or any other market.
The film is a good one and there are hopes it will open a new chapter in Prince David Osei’s acting career.
It is a hardcore Zombie film with good effects and suspense and has a very touching story told with a good cast, good sound quality, good setting and pictures.
‘The Dead’, shot in life-threatening regions of Burkina Faso and Ghana, takes audiences on a horrifying road-trip through a zombie-dominated terrain. An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a violent plane crash, maneuvers through the hostile, arid landscape while battling against the newly-risen living dead. Almost losing all hope, he encounters an African soldier desperately searching for his son amongst the chaos.
The mercenary and the soldier rise up together to forge their way through the unstoppable assault of the ever-hungry undead and into an uncertain future.
Along with its overseas theatrical run, ‘The Dead’ has been a festival favorite since its debut last year, garnering rave reviews from horror fans and mainstream media alike.
The Ghana premiere on Friday attracted a number of movie stars.
Among them were Adjetey Anang, Luckie Lawson, James Gardner, Nikki Samonas, Kobi Rana, Prince David Osei and David Dontoh.
Producer Abdul Salam and directors Frank Rajah and Pascal Amanfo were also there. 

The Montreal Community Contact monthly newspaper, the most authoritative news provider for the Black and Caribbean community in Canada, has described Akumaa Mama Zimbi in its September 29 publication as “Oprah Winfrey of Ghana”.
This international endorsement did not come as a surprise as the most romantic voice on radio, Mama Zimbi, is steadily becoming a cultural icon in Africa.
Known in private life as Mrs. Joyce Akumaa Dongotey-Padi, Mama has been awarded two coveted international awards in a day.
The first prestigious award she received was ‘The Defender of the Vulnerable Award 2011’ from the Centre for Economic and Leadership Development (CELD), a non-governmental organization with an overriding vision to empower the vulnerable in achieving full potential. The organisiation has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.
The award was given to her during a dinner organised by CELD, in collaboration with ECOWAS Female Parliamentarian Association (ECOFEPA), at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra on October 27, 2011.
Interestingly, on the same day, Thursday October 27, Mama Zimbi was awarded the ‘TIAW World of Difference 100 Awards 2011’ by The International Alliance for Women (TIAW).
Along with fellow award recipients and achievers from 27 countries from all over the world, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, the Executive Director of Mama Zimbi Foundation, was recognized at the TIAW Global Forum at the Canadian Embassy, 501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, in Washington DC.
Recipients were selected from leaders of communities, organizations, corporations, regions or countries who have taken action to support women’s economic empowerment and advancement in society and in business.
She was honoured and celebrated by these two international organizations for her role in supporting the vulnerable in the society, especially women and children through her Widows Alliance Network (WANE) project.
Launched by the Mama Zimbi Foundation (MZF), the Widows Alliance Network (WANE) project aims at emancipating Ghanaian widows from the social, cultural and economic deprivation brought about by the prejudices they face because of their status.
The project was introduced to equip widows in Ghana with the prerequisite employable skills, human rights education, reproductive health and social integration programmes to create a paradigm shift in how Ghana’s communities perceive and treat widows.

News filtering in says Ghanaian actresses Roselyn Ngissah and Helen Asante have finally entered Nollywood.
Helen is currently playing a lead role in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ‘Adams Apples’.
She entered Ghana’s movie industry in 2004 after Senior High School.
Her first role was a palace maiden in Venus Film’s ‘Wedlock Of The Gods’.  The same year she played the role of a prostitute in ‘Crime To Christ’.
Roselyn co-won 2010 Ghana Movies Awards Best Actress and things have since been good for her. A graduate of University Ghana’s School of performing Arts, she is known for her roles  in ‘Reckless’, ‘Broadway’ and ‘I Stand Accused’, ‘Princess Tyra’, ‘Power of the gods’, ‘Last Victory’, ‘My Sister’s Honour’, and ‘Sin Of The Soul’. She also starred in Sparrow production’s ‘A Sting In A Tale’ ‘Adams Apples’.
A source told NEWS-ONE that the actresses, who are best friends, sneaked out of the country recently for a production in Nigeria. The source said they were keeping the deal under wraps and didn’t want to make noise about it.
The production was Roselyn’s first. But that couldn’t be said about Helen as there were previous reports that she was once in Nollywood for ‘About To Wed ‘TV series.
NEWS-ONE is looking for more details about the production. The two actresses are not the only Ghanaians to make an entry into Nollywood this year.
Sexy-looking Eddie Watson had his break last month, with actress Lydia Forson being the earliest to make an entry this year.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Latest information about actress Luckie Lawson indicates that the top actress has been robbed.
It is not clear when it happened but source said some robbers broke into her Spintex home and made away with belongings worth huge sums of dollars.
The actress cum movie producer hurriedly flew down to Ghana a week ago to officially file for divorce in court.
NEWS-ONE broke the story last week that the actress was on the verge of splitting with her husband, Michael Gyan, after they tied the nuptial knot two years ago.
The paper can confirm that she quietly sneaked into town from her USA base last Saturday purposely for the divorce. But Luckie’s yet-to-be-divorced husband left Ghana for France just when the actress arrived.
Our sources said Luckie had complained that if Michael was not ready for the divorce as they planned, he should have informed her rather then get her to travel from America to Ghana. Though not proven beyond doubt, sources said the move by the husband was to delay the impending divorce and possibly get their differences resolved. This speculation is however not backed with evidence.
Luckie refused to talk about her collapsing marriage on eTV’s Late Night Celebrity Show last Friday, when host Deborah Vanessa asked her. Rather she said the media could say anything they wanted to say about her marriage but they should leave her son out of it.
The robbery issue is a developing story as sources told NEWS-ONE that those involved could be people around the actress.        
Lawson is undoubtedly one of Ghana’s actresses known for her ghetto lifestyle in movies such as ‘Desperate To Survive’.
But behind the ghetto roles and lifestyle, Luckie presents quiet an influential and unique lifestyle at home and with friends, especially when it comes to handling issues of marriage and relationships.

Some Ghanaian musicians have pledged their support for Tic Tac’s upcoming ‘Club-2-Club’ tour of some parts of the country. 
The ‘Kangaroo’ crooner announced last week that he was touring parts of Ghana including Kumasi, Takoradi, Accra and Tema as part of his Club-2-Club train this November.
The tour will feature a pre-album party and video premiere of his two new hits single, ‘In the Gallo’ and ‘Feel The Heat’.
A release from the rap artiste’s TN record yesterday unveiled a tall list of top Ghanaian artistes who will be make appearances during Tic Tac’s tour.  
Among them were VIP, Obrafour, Tinny, Asem, Trigmatic and Sarkodie.
The rest included Guru, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Jon Germain, Wuta Cobby, Chemphe, Scientific and Rachel.
DJs on rotation will be Ghana’s finest DJ Black and DJ Champagne, with Nigeria’s DJ Humility making a special appearance. 
The event, which will be held at all Vienna City night clubs, will start in Takoradi on November 5.  Kumasi will be on November 12 and then Tema November 26. It will wrap up in Accra on December 3.
Tic Tac is about to release his 7th album which includes two hits ‘In The Gallo’ featuring Gyadu Blay Ambulley, and ‘Feel The Heat’ also featuring The Canz and Myshel, all based in the US.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Actors and all male nominees for the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards (GMAs), as well as male journalists who would be covering the event, will be turned away at the entrance unless they are dressed in black suits and bow ties, or better still tuxedos and white shirts, NEWS-ONE has gathered.
“If we want to raise the bar, then it must cut across everything including what we wear to such award ceremonies and the standard is that gents must be in tuxedos with white shirts and bow ties to match but a good black suit would be accepted. And mind you, journalists are not exempted,” a source from the GMAs planning committee told NEWS-ONE.
The source added that there was strong lobbying from a section of the planning committee that traditional Kente cloths should also be accepted. He said that decision was turned down because it would allow for other traditional attires to be accepted as well.
Actresses and female nominees and guests would also have to dress in formal evening wears as mini-skirts and skimpy dresses would not be tolerated at the gate.
Meanwhile, NEWS-ONE can report that if this dress code is enforced, a lot of Ghanaian actors would be compelled to buy new suits or tuxedos as many of them hardly dress in such attires.
Not too long ago, Majid Mitchel was sacked from the red carpet being used by celebrities and VIPs at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival in France because he was improperly dressed.
He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a jacket with a pair of sneakers on his feet. It was funny and a bit embarrassing when security and protocol signaled him to get off the carpet and quickly buy a pair of new shoes from a Lebanese guy who was selling some cheap executive shoes not far away.
The source said this year’s event was being structured in a way that the media would be the first to arrive as early as possible to prepare for a red carpet segment of the show. 6pm to 7pm will be for media arrival. Any media person who arrives after 7pm will not be allowed entry.
The second edition of the awards ceremony which is aimed at honoring excellence in Ghana’s movie industry was launched a couple of months ago and is scheduled to come off on December 25, 2011.
It will also be televised to millions of viewers across Africa and beyond.
Nominations will be announced in November 2011 with an anticipated huge party at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi.
NEWS-ONE is yet to get updates on movies received so far.

Actress Nikki Samonas is often described as a jack of all trades. She tried modeling and did a couple of TV commercials before finally getting into Ghana’s movie industry.
Currently, she is trying her hands at TV presentation. At exactly 5pm every Sunday, fans of the actress can catch a glimpse of her on TV3 while she takes viewers through happenings in Ghana’s movie industry and beyond.
Dubbed ‘African Movie Review’, the show is about everything that involves movies including behind the scenes, movie premieres, red carpet events, celebrity news, latest movies on the market, and movie countdown. 
There are also segment for box office news, viewers’ best movies, and a lot more. There are 16 segments in all.
‘Things We Do For Love’ director, Ivan Quashigah’s Farm House Productions in Osu is behind the show. 
The beautiful actress is the host who brings a fresh outlook to TV presentation.
Currently, she is one of Ghana’s fastest rising actresses. NEWS-ONE is working on an interview with her about how she finds presenting on TV and acting.
Born Nikoletta Samonas, she is a model and has been an actress for some years. She had a stint with Ghana’s movie industry a few years ago after she was given a minor role by Abdul Salam in Venus Film’s hit movie, ‘Beyonce.’
By then she was at the University Of Science and Technology. Later, she played lead in AA production’s ‘Pretty Queen’.
Since then, she has starred in movies like ‘Beyonce 1&2’, ‘War of Roses’, ‘Desperate Measures’, ‘Deadly Obsession’, ‘Pretty Queen’, ‘Wrong Line’, ‘DNA Test’ and ‘Red Label’.
 “Acting was never in my plans. It was modeling. I started with advert modeling on TV before Salam brought me into the movies,” she once said.
She did ads for Septrin soap in 2008, TiGo telecommunication network between 2007 and 2008 and Eclat gel in 2009.

Local Twi actors are leaving no stone unturned to win awards at this year’s Zulu African Film Academy Awards (ZAFAA) which is scheduled to take place on October, 21 in London.
The award ceremony, which is aimed at honouring talents in the African movie industry and also create a platform for African movies on international stage, will come off at the Troxy Hall 490 Commercial Road, London.
There are high hopes that Ghana will cause a stir at the ceremony as a number of the country’s filmmakers have been nominated.
They included popular actor Agya Koo, who was nominated for Best Actor Indigenous Language category for his role in ‘Ama Ghana’.
While top actress Vivian Jill Lawrence was also nominated for Best Actress Indigenous for her role in ‘Ama Ghana’, director of the same movie, Frank Gharben, also picked nominations for Best Director Indigenous language movies.
The movie, ‘Ama Ghana’ itself has been nominated for Best Cultural Movie and Best Cinematography categories while producer Paul Gee was also nominated for Best Producer.   
Last year, ZAFAA was good for English-speaking actors as Majid Michel and Kalsum Sinare made Ghana proud by bringing home statuettes.
This year, Kumasi filmmakers are poised to raise the bar, calling on Ghanaians to vote for them by texting their names and categories to short code 1901 via all networks or visit and vote for them on the worldwide web.

Jimmy Jean Louis

Though some Ghanaian movie producers grumble that their movies are unable to enter Nigeria due to unfavorable conditions or barriers, other Ghanaian movie makers seem to have found a solution to this challenge. 
Director Shirley Frimpong Manso recently premiered her ‘Adams Apples’ in Nigeria and BAFTA/LA recognition recipient Leila Djansi’s ‘Sinking Sands’ is now showing in Nigerian theaters from Friday October 14 and would run for weeks.
The film, which has been endorsed by the UNIFEM for its theme of violence against women, stars Jimmy Jean-Louis (‘Heroes’, ‘Phat Girls’), Nollywood’s Yemi Blaq, and Ama K Abebrese, with cameo appearances by Chris Attoh.
‘Sinking Sands’ won Ama K Abebrese the 2011 Best Actress award at the African Movie Academy Awards.
The film was nominated in 10 categories, with successful screenings held at the Pan African Film Festival, Film Independent, Festival du Cannes among other prestigious festivals and international screens. It is still winning awards across Africa and beyond.
‘Sinking Sands’ tells the story of a couple, Jimah (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and Pabi (Ama K. Abebrese) in a loving marriage which turns into one of violence and abuse when Jimah becomes disfigured in a domestic accident.

Leila Djansi

Friday, 14 October 2011

Ace radio sex educationist and presenter, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, born Joyce Dongotey-Padi, has started what can be described as a campaign against those who find delight and believe in the idea of having sex before marriage.
For several years, the veteran actress has been noted for promoting a good sex lifestyle. But this time, she seems to have shifted her attention to the appropriate time to have good sex; and according to her, that is after marriage. 
Mama Zimbi has hence been begging young girls and unmarried individuals to stay away from sex prior to marriage.
She implored ladies to close their thighs and be watchful of men who were always  s ready to have sex, pleading with men to flee the temptation of women until marriage. 
Mama Zimbi, who has been hosting ‘Odo Ahumasuo’, an adult education sex programme on Adom FM, has taken her cause to social network, Facebook.         
She recently posted, “How many guys have toasted, tested and tasted you and promised that they will marry you? Close those beautiful thighs of yours, and save the rest for the best person who will honour you. No marriage no sex...medaase...”
“Let her know that you are a changed guy now and you refuse to always give in to her temptation. Flee and let her know that no marriage no sex,” she said to the guys.
Zimbi’s comments have generated a lot of varying opinions on Facebook.
While some supported Akumaa’s call against sex before marriage, others kicked against it.
“Mama Zimbi please don’t pollute the minds of our ladies let them enjoy themselves,” one Adjei Augustine commented.
“No tasting no buying. If you won't allow me to taste then how can I know the palm wine is flesh and taste nice?” another guy, Danny White questioned.
A lot of couples say they live together before marriage to see if they are compatible as they don’t want to divorce later.
Unconfirmed statistics however show that those who live together before marriage are more likely to get a divorce than those who do not.
Mama Zimbi was last in the news for saying hat she witnessed live a couple having sexual intercourse.
Akumaa is also the CEO of a widow’s organization called Widows Alliance Network (WANE) which has over the years focused on sustaining the economic

Ghanaian singer Kesse Frimpong was one of the artistes who brought life to the opening night of MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 4 in neighbouring Nigeria.
 Kesse performed alongside Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and actress, Brandy Norwood, popular American R&B singer Joe, and Nigerian multi-talented pop-star D’banj who were the centre of attraction at the opening gala, which took place on Sunday, October 2 at the Eko Hotel, Lagos.
Kesse was the 1st runner-up of Project Fame West Africa 2010, winning N1.5m and a Toyota Corolla.
He thrilled Project Fame fans with two of his two popular hit songs including ‘Falling For You’.
“It was a nice experience being on Project Fame stage again and I was happy to have shared the stage with top artistes as Brandy, Joe and D’banj,” he told NEWS-ONE upon his return last week.
A release from organizers of the event said the presence of the trio of Brandy, Joe and D’banj lightened up the atmosphere at the event which marked the commencement of the fourth season of Africa’s most popular reality TV show, with some exhilarating performances to the delight of a cheering crowd of over 5000 music lovers at the venue.
There were more performances from past winners of Project Fame as Inyanya, Mike, Chidinma, and Praiz before Kesse.
Sixteen contestants have been admitted into season 4 of Project Fame West Africa, out of the thousands of participants that auditioned for the across West Africa.
The 16 will go through ten weeks of intensive musical training in the complete arts of music which include stage performance, vocal delivery, dance exercise, showmanship, and other key aspect of the trade that will groom them to be all-round music stars.
The contestants will also compete on a weekly basis to determine who eventually step into stardom as the winner of the Toyota RAV 4, N2.5 million cash prize and a one year recording contract worth over N7 million, as well as other mouth-watering prizes.

photos Source:

Monday, 10 October 2011

G.P Limited, organizers of Ghana Movie Awards (GMAs), last Wednesday collected the GMAs prize car from actress Roselyn Ngissah and gave it to actress Juliet Ibrahim.
The move was in line with the organizers’ commitment to make sure that all four actresses who won the Ghana Movie Award prize car in December made equal use of it without any difficulty.
The presentation ceremony was held at TV3 on Wednesday where Roselyn, assisted by Ghana Movie Awards general manager Prince Tsega, presented the car to Juliet Ibrahim.
The car was jointly won by Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Ngissah.
Roselyn was first to be given the car in August and she used it for over a month-and-half.   After the car was released to her, executive producer of the awards Fred Nuamah, came out to publicly render an unqualified apology to actress Juliet Ibrahim.
His reason was that Juliet was the first to request for the car but he refused to present it to her, thinking that all four actresses would come to him so he presents it to them and they decide on how to use the car.
However that didn’t work, so he decided to present the car to Roselyn, who approached the organizers of the award at the time.
“I think I must be fair to Juliet. I want to say I am sorry. We apologize for not giving her the car from the initial stages. She was the first to ask and even bring the idea that the four of them can drive the car to events to together to show how united they are. I am sorry Juliet. We have not been fair to her on that so we apologize,” Fred said. 

Latest information reaching   NEWS-ONE indicates that movie producers from Kumasi who are registered members of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) will soon stage a massive demonstration against the association’s president, Idikoko, and his executive.
Our sources said the producers were aggrieved over what they described as an unfair distribution of some GH¢200,000 given to FIPAG from COSGA as monies accrued from copyright levies.
Sources told NEWS-ONE that usually, the money was distributed among producers who were registered with FIPAG and that the quantum depended on which producers had released more movies during the year for which the levies were collected.
They however complained that the association’s president, Idikoko, who released very few movies for last year, was taking a greater chunk of the money than several producers who had released countless movies for the year under review.
They accused Idikoko and the FIPAG leadership of conniving to sit on the money and giving out just a little bit of it.
Already, there were reports that the Kumasi-based members of FIPAG were contemplating on breaking away from the association.

Ghana’s latest export to Nollywood, Eddie Watson, seems to be enjoying filming in Nigeria.
Just last week, he told NEWS-ONE that he felt great filming in Nollywood for the first time.
 “I can say that my experience in Nollywood has been great so far. It’s been great. The crew and artistes have been very respectful and friendly. They treat you with lots of respect and you forget your were in a working environment with people you don’t know or have never worked with.”
This week, Eddie was caught in a compromising pose with one of Nollywood’s finest actresses, Queen Nwokoye, in some photos making the rounds.
The snapshots of the two actors are raising eyebrows as they come in different styles. Obviously they were enjoying some kind of good chemistry on set.
 Eddie had said earlier that he was on set with not just Queen but others including top actress Ngozi Ezeonu.
He is yet to speak about the photos.
Eddie is not married and little is known about his love life. He recently denied having a love affair with actress Ebi Bright. Another actress, Sika Da Diva, also told her friends she was in love with Eddie and his reaction to that was a “no comment”.
Queen on the other hand is yet to be confirmed a married woman. She had said in March 2010 that her “wedding bells will ring when it will. I have always believed in that but you cannot force the wedding bells to ring; it will ring when it has to ring. But the thing is, when it comes to marriage, I have always believed that there is no hurry in life; no need to rush because when you rush into something, there is always the tendency that you rush out and I am one person that does not believe in divorce. I don’t believe in it and I will into want to do it, so the only alternative for me is to look before I leap. So, right now I want to do all the looking. Because when I enter, I am not coming out, so they should just allow me to look first and I promise them that once I finish my looking, definitely, the wedding bells will ring”.
She also said her man should be “fun loving and quiet. I have always had this feel for quiet guys; I love guys that are quiet; fun to be around with; understanding and God-fearing. That is what I am looking for; that is what I want actually. I am not looking, that is what I want”.
Eddie Watson has all the qualities but it is not clear if he meets Queen’s standards.
Queen Nwokoye is an actress who made her entry into the make-believe world some years ago with her first movie titled ‘Nna Men.’ She has since starred in several others.
Eddie, the Liberian-born Ghanaian actor, is also known for his role with top actress Yvonne Nelson in Abdul Salam’s ‘4play Reloaded.’
Eddie joined Ghana’s movie industry less than three years ago. He first starred in Bandex Productions’ ‘Million’ where he played the role of Kofi Adjorlolo’s bodyguard. He has also starred in movies like ‘Masters of The Game’ and ‘Turn Me On’. Subsequently, he got scripts for yet-to-be-released ‘Somewhere In Africa,’ and ‘A Reason To Kill’.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The much-awaited Hollywood standard West African-set Zombie feature film, ‘The Dead’, written and directed by Ford Brother’s Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, which featured Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei, is scheduled to hit Africa cinemas soon.
Last night, Prince David graced the red carpet in Los Angeles where the movie premiered ahead of a scheduled theatrical rollout in over 20 cities across US, starting from October 7.
The New York screening is also planned for October 14 and is expected to be big.
Last night’s premiere took place at the AMC City Walk Stadium 19 in Los Angeles. Already, the film has graced UK big screens and will make its way to Africa very soon. 
‘The Dead’, shot in life-threatening regions of Burkina Faso and Ghana, takes audiences on a horrifying road-trip through a zombie-dominated terrain. An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a violent plane crash, maneuvers through the hostile, arid landscape while battling against the newly-risen living dead. Almost losing all hope, he encounters an African soldier desperately searching for his son amongst the chaos. The mercenary and the soldier rise up together to forge their way through the unstoppable assault of the ever-hungry undead and into an uncertain future.
Along with its overseas theatrical run, ‘The Dead’, co-directed and written by UK natives Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, has been a festival favorite since its debut last year, garnering rave reviews from horror fans and mainstream media alike.
“Out of nowhere a fan base for ‘The Dead’ rose up, much like the zombies themselves, demanding to see it,” co-director and writer Howard J. Ford joyfully intoned in press release on the film’s official site.
“We had hundreds of zombies down at the Cannes Film Festival carrying banners for our movie and turning up as the undead for festival screenings. Now Global Cinema is bringing our movie to the big screen throughout the U.S. I’m thrilled to be traveling with the film and meeting American audiences that have been so supportive of ‘The Dead’ over the past year.”
Prince David Osei reportedly gave a great delivery in the film. 
He and veteran actor, David Dontoh, were the only Ghanaian top stars who proved themselves worthy of a role. It is however not clear if David Dontoh is in the USA.
The premiere, hosted by Global Cinema Distribution, gave the cast and crew, as well as other celebrities, the chance to walk the red carpet and enjoy the official US premiere which will be followed by an after-party.
The media checked in at 6.30pm with red carpet arrivals at 7.00pm.  Official screening started 8.00pm and ended with the official after-party at Infusion Lounge 9:45pm.
The after party was hosted by the Presidential Inner Circle.

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim is making plans to launch her Juliet Ibrahim Foundation (JIF) in December to start an awareness campaign about cancer of the kidney.
Kidney cancer is a cancer that originates in the kidney and is a very serious illness that is increasing by the day worldwide. Not many Africans are aware of the disease, hence Juliet’s decision to create awareness about it.
She told NEWS-ONE on Monday that one of her major reasons for the campaign was that the ailment was caused by simple day-to-day activities that people could avoid.
Juliet said her two aunties were living with the disease but because they got to know of it early, they were able to get the necessary treatment.     
“The rate at which Ghanaians and West Africans are dying from this incurable disease is increasing by a huge percentage over the months. I have 2 aunties that are now victims of kidney cancer but because theirs were detected early, they are now going through dialysis treatment. The earlier JIF helps Ghanaians and other West African citizens to know their status and prevent kidney cancer from getting to the incurable stage, the better it is for our society. JIF is here to help save lives and put smiles on the faces of the less fortunate living with kidney cancer but can't afford to handle their bills,” she said.
“One of the most important reasons why I chose to create awareness on kidney cancer is because it is caused by very simple day-to-day activities that we human beings are unaware of. Some of these common causes include smoking; an overweight person also has a higher risk of getting kidney cancer and people with family history.
“Some workplaces and works we do cause kidney cancer because we are exposed to certain chemicals on a daily basis. These are all the little points I’m here to make known to the public to help save lives,” she added.
After the launching ceremony, she will embark on an awareness tour and other activities which will be made known at the ceremony.
Juliet just returned from the USA, where she had been filming and meeting her fans for about a month.
She has already started preparation towards the launch of her foundation.

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