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Yvonne Nelson Demands Apology Over Fake LV Rumour

Actress Yvonne Nelson has notified the public that the rumour mongers who went to town with claims that she was selling fake Louis Vuitton (LV) bags in her YN Closet have ran away from their claims. According to the leggy actress, they could not validate their claims after she opened her shop to them. She opened her doors to them, asking those involved in particular to come and check her shop if indeed there were LV bags on sale in her shop but none of them showed up. “I thought they would come to the shop and verify, as serious as they claimed they were, when they spewed those lies about me. If they may have read my response to that fake story, then they are ok with it. But the next honourable thing to do is to apologize. I am sure people won’t start calling them fake website too, if they do that. “I believe there are ethics of the profession or career that they are pursuing and they must do as such,” Yvonne told NEWS-ONE when she was asked about new developments on LV brouhaha. A week a…

Jamaican Crowned Exopa Queen

Jon Germain’s Brother Is Dead

Singer and Allo TiGO anchor Jon Germain has lost his elder brother, Nana Agyanin Boateng. His unfortunate demise occurred a week ago at the Okomfo Anokye Hospital in Kumasi. It is currently not known what ailment took his life but sources said he had been ill for a while. Currently, the Germain family, including the singer and his sister, Mabel Germain, actress and award-winning costumier, is mourning. “My brother’s death has broken me. I have lost interest in everything. It is 4 years since I lost my dad. I was very close to both of them but now I’ve lost all of them. I have been home since,” Jon forlornly confirmed the sad incident to NEWS-ONE over the weekend. The sad incident happened at a time when Jon was working on the release of his new single in February. NEWS-ONE expresses its condolences to the Germain family and urges them to be strong.
Credit: NEWS-ONE

Kelewele Party For Kobi Rana On Birthday

Ramsay Nouah Ousts Ghanaian Stars On New Poster

I Kissed Slim Busterr & So What -Ghanaian actress Sika Da Diva

Why I’m Called The Gingam- Efya

Singing sensation Efya has said she adopted the name ‘Gingam’ as one of her musical accolades because it makes her feel good when she is called by it. A search for the word Gingam on the worldwide web linked it to a wide range of things including companies. Efya said her aunt actually gave her the name and she was comfortable with it. “Gingam is a young warrior; that is what it is. It is also a definition for somebody who believes in what he or she is doing.” She added, “It’s a movement and it makes you feel good about yourself; you do whatever you do well. It does not matter if you are not a leader. If you Google Gingam you probably found out it is designing a company. But my auntie started calling Gingam when I was young. I believe in it because when I say it, it makes me feel good. Gingam is not bad, we still pushing it.” The songstress has wrapped up the shoot of her impressive upcoming video for her hit single, ‘A Moment Notice’. Her main album is expected to hit the music scene in …

Morris D’ Voice Endorses Nino

No Show For Nana Quame: 5 Years After He Dares Ofori Amponsah

Ghanaian singer Nana Quame has been missing in action for over four years since he threw a challenge that he would quit music if Ofori Amponsah beat him on the musical stage. In December 2007, Nana Quame threw a challenge on GTV’s Showbiz hosted by Prince Tsega, now the General Manager of Ghana Movie Awards, that he was better than Ofori Amponsah in terms of live performance. “If you want to know who is better, put the two of us on a stage and give us a live band. “If he beats me, I’m gonna quit music. I’m not bluffing; I respect him but he’s no better than I am,” Nana Quame reportedly said. Ofori however refused to engage Nana in any stage competition. Nana Quame’s comment generated a lot of public interest at the time as he tried his best to justify himself on stages that found himself. It was thus on record that in his bid to outshine Ofori Amponsah, he tried to break all the rules in stage performance. And one of such was his surprise performance On December 29, 2007 at the Lumba Bro…

Fashion 101 Goes On Multi TV’s CineAfrik

Fashion 101 programme on TV3 is set to debut on pay-per-view channel CineAfrik, on Multi TV, from tomorrow Saturday, January 28.The fashion-oriented show, which currently airs and will continue to air on free-to-air network TV3, has in the past few weeks received reviews from a cross-section of the Ghanaian viewing public. Moments after the show had hit mainstream television four weeks ago, the producers were inundated with requests to have it shown on multiple networks, hence the addition of CineAfrik. Fashion 101 will air on CineAfrik, 9:30 pm every Saturday. “The overarching purpose is to ensure that on whichever platform you are on, you can get to enjoy the goodies Fashion 101 is offering, and also be part of that big club of dedicated viewers. Your Saturday evenings just got better. “I am excited at this arrangement, and can’t wait to see the maiden edition air. This is a good step millions of Multi TV viewers can bask in and identify with. Fashion 101 is all about you,” said Sandra …

Big Brother Alex Biney In A New Reality Show

After his promise to start a trade in Ghana’s fashion industry and subsequently appearing in a local movie, Ghana’s male representative at the last Big Brother Amplified reality show, Alex Biney, will now be starring in a reality TV show. The ‘Bomaye’ man is currently involved in a new reality show dubbed ‘I'm In Love With...?’ It is being put together by Access Media Productions in collaboration with DSTV and is expected to show on a local TV station after everything is done. The show is centered on Biney and his quest to find his African queen. The show is however modeled loosely after successful shows like 'The Bachelor' and 'Flavor Of Luv', as 12 carefully selected women from some selected African countries will compete to win the heart of Bineyover a period of 13 weeks in a house. With the help of viewers and friends, ‘Bomaye’ must select the right girl who will choose him over the $20,000 cash prize at stake. Alex earned the title ‘the ladies man’ when four of …

Luckie Lawson Celebrates With Baby Boy

Star actress Luckie Lawson celebrated her (God knows how many years) birthday on Monday, January 23. She celebrated her milestone three days after her son Jayden also celebrated his. NEWS-ONE is yet to confirm any impending party to commemorate the mother-and-son celebration. The actress and her son have since been receiving congratulatory messages on Blackberry, Facebook and Twitter from friends and family. A rumoured surprise party for the actress however turned out to be a hoax. Currently she is on set busy doing what she knows best. Luckie was reluctant to disclose her age when contacted but she was happy that God had added another year to her life. Last December, Luckie opened her new restaurant at East Legon, adjacent Del International Hospital. It is a few minutes’ drive from the PH Hotel, the former Protea Hotel. Like her former Villa Garden, the place is becoming the hub for some of Ghana’s celebrities who pass through to have lunch. The new place is called ‘Mangoase’ and it’s on…

Piracy War Hits Ghanaian Video Rental Shops

The Dress Code Fashion Show In April

Ghana’s fashion industry is about to get a facelift with the introduction of a new show fashion event dubbed ‘The Dress Code’. ‘The Dress Code’ is an anticipated annual competitive event aimed at promoting local fabrics. It is a show for young designers from mostly polytechnics to battle for who can use local fabrics to sew a wide range of styles including wedding gowns, and dinner and swim wear. The event, being organised by The Domain, is scheduled for the National Theatre on April 28. Auditions will however start in earnest sometime next week. Ten contestants will be picked after the audition for the event which will be divided into segments. Among the segment will be designing, catwalk, and documentary and education. Also, some yet-to-be-confirmed Ghanaian stars will be on the catwalk. Some musicians will also take the stage to do what they are known for. Last week, the event was launched at the Dubois Centre in Accra. Mercy Tekyi, fashion designer and CEO of The Domain, organisers …

I Don’t Sell Fake Stuff -Yvonne Nelson

STAR ACTRESS Yvonne Nelson is in shock over media reports that she is selling fake and imitated brands of Louis Vuitton (LV) and Gucci bags in her Dansoman-based YV Closet fashion shop.
The actress said she initially took the publications as a joke and decided to ignore it but changed her mind when reputable television stations also started spreading the report without contacting her for her side of the story. “I believe the persons behind these stories have other motives and the way they keep repeating it makes me suspect they want to give my fashion shop a bad reputation just to collapse my business for reasons best known to them. "I’m shocked because I do not even sell Louis Vuitton (LV) or Gucci. Any person who has been to my shop can attest to this. I don’t even have more than 5 bags in my shop. All my bags are Aldo and they are sold out," Yvonne noted. She explained further: “Ask other persons who sell designer stuff and they would tell you that most people …

Azonto Can’t Stop Me-D Flex

There is no doubt that a number of Ghanaian musicians are forcefully changing their tunes to suit the latest Azonto dance craze that has been thrilling Ghana’s music industry.Hiplife musician, D Flex, has said he won’t stop the move to release his newest album because of Azonto. Hence he is releasing his latest album, titled ‘Paradise’, without any fear of being sidelined by the Azonto flavour which is also generating a lot of attention beyond the shores of Ghana. “My album is unique. Anytime I do a song I don’t listen to it but my management listens to it and the engineers also listen to it. We have critics who also listen to the songs to make sure we do the right song. This album took me like a year. I go to the studio and they tell me no go back and do this. So when you listen to the album you will know why the album will stay. I am telling you, 2012 is for D Flex,” he added in a shot conversation with NEWS-ONE last Friday after an album release press conference at Afrikiko in Accra. …