Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Actress Salma Mumin has revealed that she is single because she has not found the right man who will understand her.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE, she described what she meant by ‘the right man’ as “a man that will love you for who you are, no matter how you look; a man that will cherish and adore you; a man that will take very good care of you and make sure that you don’t lack anything; a man that wouldn’t take you for granted.     
“I will go in for a tall dark looking African man. Yes of course you have to have a good job in order to support me in what I do. A man, who won’t criticize me…a man who will love me for me. That’s all.”
Salman joined Ghana’s movie industry in 2007 when she was featured in the movie ‘Passion &Soul’. She has since starred in a number of movies including ‘The Will’ by Venus Films, ‘Seduction’, ‘No Apology’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Five Brides’.

Below is an excerpt of the interview with Salman Mumin. She also spoke about her love for acting from infancy and how her parents’ split affected her.    

So who is Salma?
Salma is a 25-year-old girl. I’m from the Upper West Region of Ghana, very reserved and a little bit out-going. I love sharing and above all fear God.

Do you have siblings?
Yes, I have two siblings; I am the second

Which schools did you attend?
I attended SDA, Insaniya Second & Business School (ISBS)
and I’m applying for NAFTI now.

How was growing up like?

My childhood wasn't smooth; very rough because my parents split.

How rough and has it contributed to who you are now?
Yes, it has really contributed a lot because it gave me strength to push hard.
It always draws me back to my senses whenever I’m going wrong.

How did your parents’ split affect you as a young girl growing up?
Hmm, it did...But I really don't want go into details.
It is a very sensitive part of my life so I hate talking about it.

What will be your encouragement to any parents out there who are planning to separate?
Simple…they should not do it just for their interest.
They should think about the lives of their kids after the split before taking that decision.

What did you want to become in future whilst growing up?
Exactly what I’m doing now. I got inspired back in the day when I was little, by Liz Benson.

So how did you start acting?
It all started when I got to SSS. I had passion for entertainment and even became an entertainment prefect in school. So I started acting right after SSS. I was introduced to Venus Films’ Abdul Salam Mumuni by a friend who used to work at my school canteen and was also a sound guy at Venus Films

So which movie was your first major movie?
My first movie ever was ‘Passion & Soul’ and my first major role was in ‘Leave My Wife’.

What role did you play in ‘Leave My Wife’?
I played a lead character.

What year would you say you joined the movie industry?
Around 2007.

How many movies so far?
Not much but I have lost count. I did movies like ‘The Will’ by Venus Films, ‘Seduction’, ‘No Apology’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Five Brides’, ‘Passion & Soul’, ‘College Girls’ and more.

How do people react when they meet you?
People are always happy to meet me. Everywhere I go people love me.

Who do you look up to as your role model in this business?
Angelina Jolie.

Has anybody told you, you remind them of Suzzy Williams?
Yes, just a few people sometimes.

What exactly do they say?
They say I have her legs and face.

What Does Salma do for fun?
I stay home and watch movies.

You don't like clubbing?
Not really. I club but that is not what I do for fun.

What has been your biggest challenge as an actress?
My biggest challenge as an actress is when I’m supposed to be on three different sets at the same time. You can just imagine; it is very stressful.

What's your favourite colour?
Black and red.

Any reason?
Just because they look good on me.

Any favourite designer wear you like?
I like LV and also my personal designer, Adoley's Couture

A beautiful lady like you can't be single?
Hahaha but I am.

What are you waiting?
I have not got the right one.

Are there right ones?
There are paaa.

What is your definition of the right man?
A man that will love you for who you are, no matter how you look; a man that will cherish and adore you; a man that will take very good care of you and make sure that you don’t lack anything; a man that wouldn’t take you for granted.      

What qualities do you look for in a man?
I will go in for a tall dark-looking African man. Yes of course you have to have a good job in order to support me in what I do. A man, who won’t criticize me… a man who will love me for me. That’s all.      

 Credit: NEWS-ONE

Sassy Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson is back in town weeks after working in South Africa on the set of international series, ‘Scandal’.
Lydia touched down in Ghana on Wednesday and is ready for another job with 2012 Ghana Movie Award’s Best Actor in lead role, Van Vicker. She is at the moment on set with Van Vicker.
It is Lydia’s first time acting with Van Vicker who has often worked with Nadia Buari and Jackie Appiah.
Both Lydia and Van began this year on a good note and there is no doubt the new movie they are working on together will attract a lot of attention.  

Credit: NEWS-ONE

 Ghana’s R&B sensation Fianko Bossman, popularly known as Chase, has returned to the studio with R2bees lead singer, Mugeez.
Sources told NEWS-ONE that the two talented musicians were currently recording a song which would be a hit.
Chase aka Fianko Bossman
It is the first time Chase and Mugeez are teaming up for a project after Chase worked with R2bees’ Paedae on his first single, ‘Tell Me Ur Name’.   
There are high expectations for the upcoming song since both musicians are talented and accepted by Ghanaian music lovers.
Less than a week ago, Chase released a romantic single titled, ‘Marry Me Tonight’, for lovers.
The song was released February 14, and was comprehensively downloaded across the country and beyond including Nigeria, UK and United States of America.
It is still enjoying a lot of airplay. The song is backed by some soothing and cool rhythms and still climbing high.

Credit: NEWS-ONE 

Lil Flippers
It is obvious that the patronage of highlife songs has declined for some time now due to the introduction of several contemporary genres of music.
But music group Lil Flippers is hopeful of influencing the youth to revisit the music genre which is tagged as “the music for the elderly.”
The amazing singers who made significant impact in the Highlife music era back in 90s as Nyansafo is back with a new song titled, ‘Sika Asem’.
Restructuring and rebranding have gone on within the group and it is back again as Lil Flippers.
The group believes Highlife still reigns even though the attention has been drifted to today’s Azonto and Hip Life. 
The group, which is made up of Carl Okoe Tetteh, William Gyasi and Ottopah Appiah, is back to rejuvenate the quest for good highlife tunes in Ghana and the Diaspora.
“Highlife is what made Ghanaian music well appreciated on the world music arena and it needs to be rekindled. We are back again to stay,” said Carl.
Lil Flippers is in the studio recording some nice highlife tunes for all good music appreciators and also preparing for an album launch this September.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Kafui Danku

Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku is the latest to join the list of actors who are going behind the scenes to produce their own movies.
The beautiful and tall actress has quietly produced a movie titled ‘Letter To My Mother’.
The movie stars John Dumelo, Adjetey Anang, Paulina Oduro and Solomon Sampa among others.
The movie is expected to re-launch Solomon Sampa’s career this year since most veteran actors of his type have been relegated to the background except for the likes of Kofi Adjorlolo and Rev. Eddie Kofi who once in a while get father and elderly roles to play. 
The movie is set to premiere on March 6 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra. 
It tells the story of Mike who returns home after a five-year sojourn overseas with Angie, his wife-to-be and mother of his unborn child. He is greeted with such hatred in his mother’s eyes that leaves him gaping and searching for the truth; a truth he however cannot find and not without bloodshed.
With faces masked, secrets buried and hearts broken, Mike embarks on a journey to where it all began; to a world where the tides of time and fate play the ugly game he calls destiny.
The premiere is expected to attract industry stakeholders and movie enthusiasts.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lizzard Larry
After the emergence of award-winning music group VIP from Nima, and subsequently FOI duo, no other talent from Nima has really been accepted by Ghanaian music fans.

But young talent Lizzard is hopeful of being the

Monday, 18 February 2013

Yvonne Okoro
Popular Ghanaian English actress Yvonne Okoro and Twi actress Rose Mensah, popularly known as Kyeiwaa, according to information gathered by NEWS-ONE, would be starring together in a movie.
Even though talks are still ongoing to get the two to be part of the movie, sources are sure the deal will go through. 
Both stars are interesting characters to watch and have both won awards.
Yvonne was a co-winner of 2010 Ghana Movie Award’s Best Actress in lead role (English Language) while Kyeiwaa took Best Actress In A Leading Role (Local Language) award the same year at the GMA.
What separates them is their different target audience and perhaps their approach to acting. Kyeiwaa is publicly known for acting as an extremely quarrelsome person in movies.
Getting the two stars to feature in the same movie will go a long way to deepen the friendship ties industry holders want between English and Twi actors.
Last year, Agya Koo acted with Van Vicker after Lydia Forson did it with Katawere.

 Credit: NEWS-ONE
Samini and Kelly Roland

Sonia Ibrahim
Sonia Ibrahim, younger sister of star actress Juliet Ibrahim, is making a debut appearance in acting via her sister’s upcoming first produced movie.
Sources from the movie’s set told NEWS-ONE that Sonia didn’t do badly at all as she displayed some amazing acting skills.
She reportedly played the role of a lady who had been stalking her neighbour who later caused her arrested.
The beautiful lady is a model who speaks fluent French, Spanish and English. She started modeling some eleven years ago while at Chemu Senior High in Tema.
After high school and furthering her studies at the IPMC, and taking courses in airline ticketing and reservation, it was anticipated that she would give up her modeling dream.
She keenly followed in the footsteps of her sister Juliet who was also a model. She, together with Juliet, modeled for the Dolfins Modeling Agency. Later, they both moved on to model for Face One.
Though her actress sister said bye to modeling after stumbling into Ghana’s movie industry, Sonia still models.
She has modeled for Exopa Modeling Company and was one of the beautiful models who graced the runway during the first Exopa Fashion Weekend event which changed the face of modeling in Ghana.
She eventually became the face CFAO Tyres and Laurel Calendar.
In 2009, NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo asked her if she would one day follow her sister into acting.
This was what she said: “Honestly, I am a crazy person. People look at me and say I am just natural, I should try my best and act. But I just don’t want to get there because I just want to act. I really want to take my time and see what people want, before I start acting. Besides I am waiting for my sister Juliet to start her own production, then I will start.”
She indeed waited four years to make that dream come true. It is yet to be confirmed if she will remain in the industry.  

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Darlington Michael Seddoh
Darlington Michael Seddoh, a Ghanaian born South Africa-based model, was on Saturday night named among winners of this year’s Mr. JNR Tourism South Africa.
He beat several other contestants to become the second runner-up of the reality show which was organized by Pageants South Africa, the biggest pageant company in South Africa.
Michael and the other winners will be representing South Africa at the international event as part of the prize package.
Also, he received a certificate of participation including a six-month gift voucher and a contract with Vogue Catwalk South Africa and other attractive packages.
Darlington Seddoh
Darlington is doing well in South Africa’s modeling industry and is at the threshold of becoming one of the world’s most celebrated models.
Both a model and an actor, he is no doubt raising Ghana’s flag high out there.   
He has been part of major modeling events in South Africa and award winning TV commercials.
He is currently a model with Platinum Blue Modeling Agency, one of South Africa’s top modeling agencies.
He is working full time for the agency for his skills in acting and modeling, as well as his fluent use of English Language as an ambassador.
In South Africa, he is described as an outstanding photographic model and actor, having already done television adverts with Platinum Blue Modeling Agency. He also has an outstanding attitude.
Born in Accra, Darlington now lives in South Africa. He is 5ft 9.7 inches tall and weighs 71kg

Credit: NEWS-ONE

AJ Nelson

Ghanaian rapper AJ Nelson has released his latest single tiled ‘Aden’, featuring Stone of Bradez fame and Kodi, two of Ghana’s finest rappers.
The single is an inspirational hip-hop tune that encourages the down-trodden to be hopeful in the face of backbiting and discouragement because God makes everything possible. The rhythm and instrumentation of the song has authentic Ghanaian roots.
AJ Nelson said his experiences in life inspired him to make ‘Aden’.
In life, we have two kinds of people, firefighters and fire lighters. Fire lighters will encourage you and pray for you to make it to the top. They help you to get back on your feet when you fall, and fire fighters will talk about you, discourage you and paint you black before your enemies. No matter what you do or say, they are against it simply because you are good at what you do and they find you unstoppable. So basically what ‘Aden’ is saying is, ‘go ahead and talk about me, it does not matter what you say am still here and popping because God made that possible’,” he explained.
 “‘Aden’ is a personal issue and more like a true story. I was labelled as vagabond, stubborn, disrespectful and didn’t listen to advice. Whenever a bad thing is done around my neighbourhood, they always mentioned my name,” he said. He added, “Whatever I do, they always criticised me. Why don’t they mind their own business?”
 AJ Nelson is urging his fans to watch out for more amazing singles this year.
 “This year my fans are going to hear a lot from me. I’m not going to layback anymore. I just dropped a mixtape called ‘Bar Series’.
The next ‘Bar Series’ is going to be a true story song called ‘My Step Mother’.
 AJ Nelson is hopeful the message of ‘Aden’ will affect the lives of Ghana’s youth positively.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Friday, 15 February 2013

CEO of Kennis Music, Kenny Ogungbe last moments with Goldie

Nigeria's foremost online entertainment media, has reported that late Nigerian pop star, Goldie Harvey had complained of severe headache before she died on Valentine's Day.
 This was  included in a statement issued by Kennis Music, Goldie's label before her unfortunate death.     
Goldie at the Grammy
“With a deep sense of loss, we announce the shocking death of our darling music star, Goldie Harvey. Goldie, 31, died on Thursday after she complained of a severe headache shortly after her arrival from the United States where she went to witness the Grammy Award. She was rushed from her Park View, Ikoyi, Lagos residence to her official hospital, Reddington, Victoria Island, Lagos, where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival at exactly 7:30pm in the evening," the statement said.
"We consider this period a gloomy moment for us and the entire Nigerian music industry in view of the circumstance in which she passed away; the abundance of talent she exhibited in her short but eventful music career and the various opportunities her trip to the United States of America would have availed her. She is survived by her father, step- mother, brothers and sisters. We deeply sympathise with her family and fans all over the world and very grateful to all and sundry, especially, the vibrant Nigerian media for their concern and prompt reportage. We shall keep everybody informed as events unfold as we are devastated by the sudden loss.” Goldie's remains has been deposited at the mortuary. I'm not blogging today...will only bring you update about her untimely demise. Let's use the whole day to mourn her. Goldie and I recently became friends after she called me for a heart to heart. She was also best friends with one of my best friends, Denrele. RIP, angel. Only God knows why this happened."

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