Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike made a surprise appearance in Ghana over the weekend and thrilled a section of Ghanaian music and movie fans with some Azonto dance moves while she showed off a rather large tattoo on her back.
She was not in town for her usual acting business. She came to co-emcee the much touted Stand Up GH concert by Imajin Advertising which brought in American stars Keri Hilson and Bow Wow.
Before the show, organizers at a press conference stated that they were keeping the identities of the show’s emcees a secret to surprise the audience and the media.
However a few hours to the show, Tonto and Keri Hilson granted an interview on Yfm fm, where it became obvious that she was going to be on stage that night.
She did not make too many appearances on stage as one may have thought. NEWS-ONE cameras recorded her twice on stage after she was introduced.
Despite the few appearances she made, Tonto managed to get the audience loving her when she tried to do the popular Azonto dance.
It was quite obvious Tonto prepared for the Azonto and no wonder she impressed the audience. It was James Gardner, who started it all, when he coaxed the actress into doing the dance that has gone international.
Tonto’s tattoo was however a subject of discussion among the show’s audience.
“It is a tattoo of herself; she must be really obsessed with whatever reason she got that big tattoo for,” somebody said from the audience.

Also, critics were not too happy with her makeup. Though they thought her outfit was to
Fred Nuamah and girl friend in France

Producer and CEO of Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah, last week caused a stir in France when he also represented Ghana at the 65th Cannes International Films Festival which paraded world super stars.
The subject of current discussions among industry players in Ghana is whether he went there to fight a cause for Ghana’s movie industry or he just went there for his personal reasons.
Some snapshots that reached NEWS-ONE over the weekend captured Fred erotically resting his hands on the waist of a certain beautiful lady, who could pass for an actress or a model.
He walked the red carpet with the same lady as though they were a couple and this is generating some sort of controversy as the identity of the lady remains unknown. Fred is not married yet.
NEWS-ONE can confirm that a lot of his friends in Accra tried to find him a wife but he always opposed it.
Now speculations are rife on whether Fred might have a lover in Europe, and thus the reason for his numerous travels to the continent.
Rumours indicate that this could be the lady Fred walked the red carpet with.
He is currently in Paris and it was difficult contacting him to disclose the identity of the lady.
Fred first attended the 65th Cannes Film Festival red carpet on Wednesday, May 23 alongside other world stars, when four times Oscar nominee, Brat Pitt’s latest movie ‘Killing Them Softly’ was screened at the international festival.
Popular Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah earlier walked the red carpet during the festival’s opening on Wednesday May 16. 
Fred and a number of other Ghanaian stars such as John Dumelo, Prince David Osei, Roselyn Ngissah, and others joined the festival last week courtesy  Ghana Movie Awards.
Fred went to watch Pitt’s new movie and had the opportunity to share the red carpet with him. 
The movie is described as a gangster movie with a difference that reflects economic crimes. It is currently one of the major movies in the US media.
 “Pitt tells audience in Cannes that the film about underworld reflects criminality underpinning the US's financial crisis.
“Brad Pitt’s latest film is a gangster movie, but with a difference. As the action plays out against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis, with its final scene taking place on the night of Barack Obama’s election victory, Pitt's character Jackie bleakly assesses the state of the nation: America is not a country, it’s a business,” The Guardian reported.
Australian director Andrew Dominik, who was behind ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’, was the movie’s director while Pitt also produced it.
The 65th Cannes Film Festival kicked off in France last Wednesday May 16 and climaxed on May 27 2012.
A lot of top rated films have been screened at the event.
Stars such as Chris Pine, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Ewan McGregor, and Bill Murray have all walked the festival’s red carpet.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

The much-anticipated ‘Dress Code’ fashion event will finally be hitting the fashion industry this July, where young designers will be given the opportunity to showcase their talent.
The show was scheduled to take off some months ago but organizers, The Domain, had to postpone the event to a subsequent date with the aim of presenting a standard class show.
On July 20 the event will be held in grand style with many fashion aficionados passing through.   
The ‘Dress Code’ fashion event is aimed at promoting the local fashion and the textiles industries.
Organizers said ten fashion illustrators from five of the nation’s polytechnic fashion departments had been selected through auditions. They would use illustrations to design trendy garments, using our local fabrics.
They will be mentored by experienced designers like the legend Kofi Ansah, Kwasi Nti, Yvonne Exclusive and many others.
This will also help to raise the falling standards in polytechnic institutions and also bring a healthy competition among the students to increase the creativity level in the fashion industry.
“It is a platform for exploring and creating more jobs, while aiming at sustaining the local industry (the textile industry). It is a national duty for all to help fight. There are too many foreign products on our market. It is killing our businesses,” Mercy Takyie, CEO of The Domain stated in a press statement yesterday.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Monday, 28 May 2012

Though popular songstress Mzbel was billed to perform at the Keri Hilson and Bow Wow concert last Saturday, she simply did not turn up on stage when she was called by MCs for the night, actor James Gardner and actress Tonto Dikeh.
Mzbel was dolled up for the concert and was backstage waiting to perform but simply did not appear on stage when it was her turn to rock. This made the audience go wild as they yelled her name, just wanting to see her do her thing.
When her name was mentioned, her DJ started playing her song but after a while, when she didn’t come out, the DJ stopped and started playing a different song.  
From the audience, popular actor Majid Michel, who was sitting at the VVIP section, shouted, “Where is Mzbel” but Gardner asked him to shut up.
A few minutes after the incident, Mzbel took to social network twitter and blackberry to explain herself: “My dancers performed with an artiste right before me and were not done changing to perform with me, I asked for the running.”
It is not clear if her dancers had a different contract with the organizers of the show. Almost all the Ghanaian artistes who performed used the same dancers, who repeated the same dance routine for every performance.    
Meanwhile, fellow Ghanaian artistes Chemphe, Kaakie, Guru, Kwaw Kese, Edem, Buk Bak and Rana took turns on stage to thrill the audience.
Kwaw, Guru and Edem had rotational performances, such that one performed and then left stage for the other and then returned later. 
Saturday night’s Stand Up GH Concert was organized by Imajin Advertising at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre.
The show’s attendance wasn’t that encouraging considering the publicity about the show. Some entertainment observers blamed it on high ticket rates of GH¢150 for VIP and GH¢80 for ordinary people.
But that did not deter Bow Wow and Keri Hilson. Bow Wow hit the stage after midnight and rocked for over 45 minutes. He was full of energy and got the audiences singing along with him. Bow Wow, before he reluctantly signed out to make way for Keri, said he would return to Ghana with Bird Man and a number of top American artistes.
Keri was the last to perform. She came on stage at a time when the audience was already exhausted. But she proved her dexterity by intermittently getting the audience to respond via dancing, cheering and singing along. Song after song, she thrilled but the fans would not let her leave the stage until she performed ‘Knock You Down’ featuring Kanye West.  

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Eunice Banini
Actress Eunice Banini used to be one of Ghana’s most-talked-about and perhaps controversial actresses.
She was also one of the adoring characters TV audience loved to watch in the series ‘Efiewura’.
However, she has been missing in action lately.
Last Saturday, she made a rare appearance at the grand launching of Unique Hair Styles Beauty Salon at Community 18, Baatsona.
Her demeanor at the event showed she was not really enthused about the paparazzi attention she was attracting. Her facial expression, after NEWS-ONE lens flashed, largely exposed that.
Eunice was in the company of her son, Selassie Banini, a model. Obviously, age is catching up with Eunice like every other human being.
Eunice is well remembered for her friendship with late actress Suzzy Williams. Both were described as strong characters. Suzzy died in a fatal accident.
Eunice was last in the news for saying she preferred to be called a stubborn Christian.    
She had said on ‘Onie’, an entertainment show on TV3 in 2009 that she would not describe herself as a Christian and that she would rather be comfortable saying she was a “stubborn Christian”.
She explained it was because in her heart she believed in God and did His will but unfortunately she did not go to church regularly.
On that show, she also spoke of some occupational hazards she had encountered as an actress. She recalled a situation where, due to her outgoing nature, a soldier friend mistook her friendliness to mean she was interested in him.
She said on one occasion, the soldier, whose identity she did not disclose, came to pick her up and their next stop was a hotel. According to her, she felt very sorry about the incident.
She advised single parents, especially mothers, to be strong and dedicated to working hard no matter what they went through in taking care of their children, though it was not easy doing that.
She indicated that she was a single mother herself but did not let that situation bother her as she did well in raising her children.
The actress has been out of mainstream acting for years, but has been entertaining her fans via ‘Efiewura’.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Thursday, 24 May 2012

American superstars Keri Hilson and Bow Wow will touch down in Ghana for the first time on Friday, May 25, ahead of their gig on Saturday night at the Dome of the Accra International Conference for the Stand Up GH Concert being organized by Imajin Advertising.
Organisers announced at a conference on Friday that the international musicians would spent 48 hours in Ghana.
Keri Hilson, according to Kwame Karikari, General Manager of Imajin Advertising, was coming down with a 13-member crew while Bow Wow would also come with a 5 members.
They include dancers and management teams and DJs. Both Keri and Bow Wow will each perform for at least 45 minutes during that evening while Ghanaian artistes combined would perform for two (2) hours.
Imajin Advertising anticipates that the show won’t go beyond 12 am.
Currently, the company is yet to conclude talks on an impending autograph session by Bow Wow at the Accra Mall on Saturday morning as result of security demands by the artiste’s management. 
“We have best of security. National Security and State Protocol are in charge so no worries,” organizers assured.   
Keri Hilson and Bow Wow will be sharing a stage with top Ghanaian acts such as Rana, Chemphe, Kaki, Mzbel, Guru, Buk Bak, Kwaw Kese and Edem.  The show is expected to thrill Ghanaian music lovers beyond expectation.
Reacting to questions from journalists, organizers refused to announce the amount involved in bringing down Keri and Bow because per their contract, they did not have to make that public.
In a bid to prevent a possible fray with the Ga Traditional Council at the event premises over the ban on drumming and noise making, Imajin said it had sought audience with the authorities.
“We are seeking audience with Osu Traditional Council tomorrow to rectify this situation. They heard the advert and before we even go to them, they said they were going to come to us. This is because they don’t want any antagonistic behaviour to happen at the venue. At the moment, we have an appointment with them to talk about it,” Kwame Karikari hinted.
NEWS-ONE is yet to obtain information about the outcome of that meeting if indeed there was such on Saturday.
Organizers revealed that multiple award-winning act Samini, and dancing trio Rana approached them to do collaboration with Keri Hilson and Bow Wow respectively. However, that move was not concluded since that was not part of their contract.

“The contract that we signed with them says nothing about collaboration. So this is a new thing; we have asked the agents. The agents now have talk to the management and the management will have to get back to the agents and then to us. Now they have not confirmed. Two artistes approached us- Samini and Rana. We have to send their profiles to them. They want to be satisfied about all those things before they can stick their neck out as to whether they can do a collaboration or not. Besides, they will be here for 48 hours. So is the song ready? You get to email it to them to learn their part and it needs to be scored. It is not like Ghana where you go to the studio and start recording. They ask all those questions. For now yes, Ghanaian artistes made the approach but the contract didn’t state we have any studio session before they leave. If they agree, then we will have to fly our artistes to the states. That will be their private arrangement. So the approach has been made but there is little we can do about it.” The Keri Hilson and Bow Wow show is expected to be unprecedented.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

 Fred Nuamah, CEO of the prestigious Ghana Movie Awards on Wednesday graced the red carpet at the ongoing 65th Cannes Film Festival in France alongside other World stars, when  four times Oscar nominee, Brat Pitt’s latest movie, Killing Them Softly was screened at the international festival.
Popular Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah earlier walked on the Cannes red carpet during the festival’s opening on Wednesday May 16. 
Fred and a number of other Ghanaian stars such as John Dumelo, Prince David Osei, Roselyn Ngissah, and others yet to be confirmed joined the festival last weekend courtesy  Ghana Movie Awards.

The CEO went to watch Pitt’s new movie and had the opportunity to share the red carpet with him.  

The movie is described as a gangster movie with a difference that reflects economic crimes. It is currently one of the major movies in the US Media.

 “Pitt tells audience in Cannes that film about underworld reflects criminality underpinning the US's financial crisis.
“Brad Pitt’s latest film is a gangster movie, but with a difference. As the action plays out against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis, with its final scene taking place on the night of Barack Obama’s election victory, Pitt's character Jackie bleakly assesses the state of the nation: America is not a country, it’s a business,” The Guardian reported.
Australian director Andrew Dominik, who was behind The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, was the movie’s director while Pitt also produced it.
The 65th Festival Cannes Film Festival kicked off in France last Wednesday May 16 and would climax on May 27 2012. A lot of top rated films have been screened at the event. Likewise top world stars as Chris Pine, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Ewan McGregor, and Bill Murray have all walked the festival’s red carpet.

Talented Ghanaian actresses Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro are the new faces of BO-16, a popular hair relaxer from local manufacturer Ghandour Cosmetics.
The two stars, who are best friends in Ghana’s movie industry, will lead most of the company’s publicity drives and will be the cover girls in most of their branding materials to boost sales.
Their billboards have started surfacing at strategic points in the country, with smaller ones located at the Accra Mall.
It is yet to be confirmed the amount both stars were paid for endorsing the brand. 
For the next few years, the faces of the Yvonnes are expected to amplify clientele demand for the product with their impeccable celebrity influence across the African region and beyond.
Ghandour, no doubt, made an excellent decision in choosing the beautiful ladies to represent its brand.
The two are forces to reckon with in Ghana’s entertainment industry and they have a large following and are widely loved in Ghana and beyond.
Both of them are award winners and celebrated for their dexterity and versatile deliveries on the silver-screens.
It is however the first time two stars of their stature have agreed to be the faces of a brand.

Eddie Watson
Actor Eddie Watson has joined Ghanaian celebrities who are celebrating their birthday in May.
Yesterday, Tuesday, May 22, the actor, who has featured in a number of Ghanaian movies and a few in Nigeria, celebrated his birthday. He turned 32 and he received congratulatory messages from his pals and teeming female fans.
Eddie was full of thanks to God for giving him the opportunity to come this far. “Limitless, thank you Lord, You are so amazing,” he posted on BlackBerry yesterday.
Eddie’s birthday follows that of Chris Attoh’s and Selassie Ibrahim’s who celebrated their birthday last week.
Eddie makes an annual donation to orphanages as part of his birthday celebrations. A few months ago, he made a donation at an orphanage at Kasoa. It is not clear if he will be making another donation. He is also yet to announce if there will be a party to celebrate with his friends.
Eddie was one of Ghana’s exports to Nigeria’s Nollywood late last year where he shot a couple of movies, starring alongside Ngozi Ezeonu, Queen Owoye, Lola and more.
He is best remembered for his role with top actress Yvonne Nelson in Abdul Salam’s ‘4play Reloaded’ movie. He had a stint with Ghana’s movie industry three years ago. His first role was in a movie by Bandex Productions titled ‘Million’, where he played a security guard of Kofi Adjorlolo.
He was also in ‘Masters of The Game’ as a detective, followed by a scene in ‘Turn Me On’ by Roger Q production. Subsequently, he got a script for ‘Somewhere In Africa’. He went for a single scene but he ended up doing more. He was also in ‘A Reason To Kill’ by Venus Films. Eddie is a former student of College of West Africa. He later attended the University of Liberia where he majored in Economics.

credit: NEWS-ONE

 Ghanaian actor Eddie Nartey is currently in Italy where he is on set for his next big movie project.
It is the first time the actor is shooting in Italy and reports from the set say he is putting up a sterling performance.
Nartey arrived in Italy sometime last week with actresses Roselyn Ngissah and Kafui Danku to join other acclaimed actors in Italy for the production.
The movie is a Ghana-Italy collaboration production, with Ghanaian actor cum producer, Roger Quartey of Roger Q Production spearheading the Ghana side.
The movie’s working title, according to a NEWS-ONE source, was ‘My Wife’s Husband’.
The story is said to be a Ghana-Italy story; therefore the set had to be moved from Ghana to Italy to continue shooting. 
Nartey is playing a major role as one of the main characters. NEWS-ONE is yet to confirm the roles of the other actors on the set.
Eddie is one of Ghana’s few natural actors in the movie industry.
He has been in the movie industry for more than 6years.  He made his screen debut in the movie, ‘Wedlock Of The gods’ by Venus Production, and since then, the acting profession has been refreshing for the young man.
Currently, he has featured in over 30 movies. Prior to movies, he used to act on stage.
His last stage work was with David Dontoh’s Kozi-Kozi.
Among his movies are ‘The King Is Mine’, ‘Crime To Christ’, ‘Tears of Womanhood’, ‘Agony of the Christ’, ‘Passion & Soul’,’ The Bible’, ‘In The Eyes of Husband’, ‘Girls Connection’, ‘Kiss Me If You Can’, ‘4play Reloaded,’ and ‘Somewhere In Africa’.

credit: NEWS-ONE

Majid Michel
Award-winning movie ‘Somewhere In Africa’ is selling like hot cake on the local Ghana movie market, sources in the movie business have said.
‘Somewhere In Africa’ is the movie that earned Ghanaian actor Majid Michel the 2012 Africa Movie Academy Award Best Actor.
The movie’s sales have shot up, weeks after it was released onto the movie market.
There are no specific figures to prove the claim but sources told NEWS-ONE that the movie was in high demand.
The increase in sales has been attributed to Majid’s award.
The movie topped Ghanaian movies that made it to Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards (NAFCA) with 12 nominations last year.
It tells a gripping story of Yusuf Mumbasa (Majid Michel) who, after escaping an assassination attempt by the King of Kimbala, managed to capture power via a coup d’état and ordered for the killing of all previous government appointees.
The minority including students went on the streets to demonstrate, but Yusuf would have none of that.
The movie, which recaptures the heinous stories of how leaders of some African countries maltreat their citizenries, is a total deviation from the normal love-dominated movies that have flooded the Ghanaian and African movie markets.
The crème de la crème of Ghana’s movie industry in the movie included Majid Michel who played a dual role of a journalist and military leader.
The rest included David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Amornabea Dodoo, Eddie Nartey, Roslyn Ngissah, Martha Ankomah, Eddie Watson, Helen Asante, Gloria Sarfo and Eve Asare.
Director Frank Raja Arase described the movie as one of his best and said it was a significant movie for Africans.
“The message and scenes from the movie were to bring people’s (Africans’) mind to the realization that this is not just a movie but something that is really happening. It is an awakening call. The movie is not just to entertain but mirror you and see what is happening. Let it reflect on you as Africans.”

Credit: NEWS-ONE 

Friday, 18 May 2012

There is no smoke without fire, therefore there must be a reason why Yvonne Okoro’s brand new Mercedes Benz (new C-Class Facelift edition), which she has been spotted driving, is rumoured to have been a gift from Tottenham Hotspurs top striker Emmanuel Adebayor, her alleged lover.
Not long after being linked to the international superstar, Yvonne started to put on weight and then the talks shifted to “oh Adebayor has impregnated Yvonne Okoro…they are about to get married.”
This juicy speculation has continued for several months but has recently become an issue again.
In a rather touching interview, Yvonne almost broke down in tears when NEWS-ONE pushed an audio recorder in her face and asked her to explain the Adebayor connection, including the alleged pregnancy.
“Yes I have put on weight but I don’t think am pregnant. I am not pregnant. I don’t know why people come out with such lies,” Yvonne said, sounding downhearted. 
“At first, I thought it was just a joke. My friends in the United State of America, UK and other countries called to ask me about it. I told them to stop joking because I heard similar rumours in the media some months back about Yvonne Nelson. Now it is me. They must be joking.”
“It is so so so not true. I am not pregnant. I guess when you see a pregnant woman, you will notice it. I don’t know how long that rumour has been going round but I’m not pregnant. I know Adebayor but he is just a friend. He is not my man. I’m repeating, he is not my man.”
Yvonne sounded as though the rumours were spoiling something good in her love life. But she would not go there and NEWS-ONE pushed further.
“I like to keep that a secret or probably say no comment. It is up to you to find out whether I’m dating or not. I don’t want to be the one telling you those things about me. You guys think we don’t have private lives, but we also have the right to think they way we want to think. So I reserve that right,” Yvonne added.
The beautiful actress has been in the news in recent times for various reasons. But the juicy one which got public attention was her outfit at the last African Movie Academy Awards. The dress gave a broader view of her boobs which got many, especially African men, talking.  
Yvonne is described as an award-winning actress. She is a pretty-faced lady of Ghanaian and Nigeria descent.
She is co-winner of the Best Actress award at the 2010 Ghana Movie awards. Two years in a row, she was nominated for the Best Actress in Leading Role and Best Actress in Supporting Role slots at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAAs).
She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ghana and has studied Press Civilization, Drama and Marketing at the Universite' De Nantes in France.
She made her screen debut in 2002 in 'Sticking to the Promise' produced by Nigeria's Theo Akatugba and then starred in some of the best movies in contemporary times. It is no doubt that she is loved for her riveting roles in ‘Adams Apples’, ‘4play’, ‘The Return of Beyonce’, ‘The Game’, ‘Agony Of Christ’, ‘Single Six’ among others. She had her basic education at Achimota Preparatory School and then at Lincoln Community School before moving to Faith Montessori. She had her secondary education at Mfanstiman Girls Senior High School. Yvonne has come a long way and contributed to the African movie industry.

 credit: NEWS-ONE

Actor cum MC Chris Attoh yesterday May 17 added a year to his life. He has since been receiving tons of congratulatory messages from his fans and friends both at home and outside of the country.  
NEWS-ONE wishes him a happy birthday and prays that God continues to grant him long life to continue his good job on the screens.
It is not clear how he celebrated the day but strong indications were that he thanked the Almighty for granting him life to enter another year.
He is yet to announce if there will be a birthday bash to celebrate with his celebrity friends.
Chris is one of Ghana’s hottest TV stars and actors.
He is making a comeback on the silver-screens with a topnotch role alongside popular actresses Yvonne Nelson and Nadia Buari in a new movie titled, ‘Single & Married’.
He finished shooting on Monday and indications were that he was jetting out of the country that evening.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

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