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Luckie Lawson Talks Trokosi Ahead Of 'Like Cotton Twins' At IFFI

Ghanaian filmmaker and actress Luckie Lawson is hopeful ‘Trokosi’ will be a topical issue at the 2016 edition of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) as Leila Djansi’s directed film about the subject ‘Like Cotton Twines’ screens at the festival this week.
‘Trokosi’ is a practice in rural Ghana, Togo and Benin where traditional religious shrines take young girls, usually virgins, in payment for services or as religious atonement for a supposed offense of a family member still persists.
The actress who played a role in the film is expected to leave Ghana today for the festival in India.
She described the practice as critical and unfortunate, and it needs world attention to stop it.
“It is great opportunity for me attend to this year’s IFFI. It is a big platform for filmmakers from around the world and I am hopeful to network with others who will be attending. ‘Like Cotton Twines’ is a great film which is already making headlines from previous festivals. The issue of Tro…