Monday, 28 January 2013

Yvonne Okoro's movie, The Contract has hit another cinema jackpot. Over the weekend, the movie had a successful public premiering event in Kumasi at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology.
According to organisers of the premiere, iSolveAfrica and Happenerz, it was the first time students came out in their numbers to see a local movie.
“It would have been even bigger if the cast had attended the ceremony,” the stated.
However, Saturday’s event made it the third successful premiering ceremony after The Contract was released for the cinemas in December last year.
The first was the huge turnout at the main premiere in Accra at National Theatre and the subsequent showings at Silverbird Cinemas.
The Kumasi event was held at the Social Science Auditorium, a 1,200 capacity auditorium.
There were three showings in all and each showing had more patronage than the organizers anticipated.
The first showing had over eighty percent patronage while the second screening had a full house. The numbers of the third screening was quite surprising and amazing, according to organisers. It had a little over 90 percent patronage.
It was late but patrons waited to see the movie. The premiere thus closed at 2:00am Sunday January 27.
Credit: NEWS-ONE

Dr. Dre and Dencia
Sensational songstress, Dencia’s latest photo with ace American record producer, rapper and actor Dr. Dre, is the latest buzz on most celebrated African blogs and social networks.
The beautiful songstress faced a similar situation barely a month ago when her photo was tweeted by Ghanaian international soccer star, Michael Essien. 
The incident enjoyed huge public attention and many people even tried to give it different twists to suggest that she was romantically involved with Essien.
But the claims died some kind of natural death when she refused to comment on it.
The Dencia and Dr. Dre photo is the latest to attract reviews but it is not enjoying the Michael Essien kind of attention.
She reportedly had a meeting with Dre, Joe Exclusive and Daniel and co at famous Hollywood restaurant, Katana.
And the twist being given the photo is that, Dre is likely to drop a beat in Lagos soon, according to unconfirmed rumours.
Dencia is half camerounian and half Nigerian but based in the United States of America. She is not just an award-winning artiste, she is doing great with hot tracks such as ‘Super Girl’, ‘Beri Beri’, and ‘Me & U’ among others.

Lydia Forson new looks
Aside her beauty, Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson is widely respected for always maintaining her natural looks.
But news filtering in from South Africa indicates she let go her natural looks for her new role in award winning South African TV series Scandal. Hence she is now wearing a weave-on.
Indeed photos of her new looks from the set is generating a lot of talk and excitement on social networks.  
But it is indistinct how the beautiful actress is taking the sudden switch.
She tweeted about it a couple of days ago saying: “Well apparently my natural hair makes me look more South African than Ghanaian, so this is my look for the show cuz (because) the impression is Ghanaians girls wear a lot of weaves. True? Anyway what do you think?”
Lydia is one of Ghana’s few actresses known for their natural looks and she has over the year’s won herself a lot of fans because of that.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Belinda Effah
Nollywood actress Belinda Effah has told NEWS-ONE that she is blessed to have worked with popular Ghanaian actor and Africa’s reigning Best Actor Majid Michel.
The two actors recently worked on a set in Nigeria and since then Belinda has talked about Majid more than any African actress did in the past.
Currently, the relationship between the fast-rising Nollywood wonder and the father of two is not clear. It is however certain that one of them is crazy about the other and that person definitely is the beautiful actress.
A couple of months ago, she was captured in some Nollywood reports openly professing her admiration for the fine Ghanaian actor.
She reportedly said out of all the A-list actors she had worked with, Majid remains the best she admires and respects.
Majid Michel
She reiterated this in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.
“Working with Majid was amazing. He is very professional. He keeps to time. He is very friendly on set. When he is on set you don’t see a star, you see an artiste ready to be used. So I learnt a lot from him. He was always handy with his advice and tips. And I was blessed to actually have worked with him.”
When asked what advice Majid gave her, this was what she had to say: “Oh no, I can’t divulge that to you. It is for me. He gave me some wonderful advice that is still working for me. One thing I can say is Majid is impressed with my work and for me it is an honour that someone with that magnitude to say ‘oh Belinda you are good.”
Belinda was recently in Ghana for the shoot of a Frank Rajah directed movie, titled, “The Refugee.” It wasn’t her first time working in Ghana.
She is described as a wonderful actress in Nollywood. She began her acting career through a TV series titled, ‘Shallow Water’ and has since rise along the ranks. She was a contestant in the 2006 edition of the Next Movie Star reality show. She won the Best Upcoming Actress at Bon AWARDS, GIAMA Awards in US and also, a group in her home State Uyo honoured her.
Currently, she has a lot of movies to her credit. Among them are Mrs. Somebody, Azonto Girls, Bigger Ladies, Udeme mmi and more. She said all her movies are her favourites and she believes she is good at playing emotional roles.  She currently aims at being the number one in Africa one day. 
She is from Cross River State and from a large family. “My family is enough to make a football team,” she said.
She attended the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt and later studied Genetics and Bio-technology at the University of Calabar. But she finds herself acting now.
“I studied Genetic and Bio-Technology because as a child back then I think it was more like a norm for you to want to be a doctor.  Because then your parents will be proud of you. I know a lot of people who studied medicine but they are not practicing. That thing is tedious. It is supposed to be a six years course but it ends up ten years and you must love it. With time, I realized that I didn’t like it that much and had to find an alternative and nothing close to medicine and so I opted for Genetic and Bio-Technology. I love it but hey I don’t think we have the facility in Nigeria. So why should I be pursuing a dream that is dead,” she explained her switch to acting.
“Since I was a child, I used to write short stories and do a lot of acting here and there. I used to participate in church and school dramas and all of that.”
Credit:  NEWS-ONE

Nii Odoi Mensah president of the Ghana Actors Guild
Nii Odoi Mensah, President of Ghana Actors Guild (GAG), the umbrella body of actors in Ghana, has congratulated President John Mahama on his first step to help the creative arts industry.
The president, in his ministerial appointments and creation of new ministries, gave the creative arts industry some level of attention with the creation of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts Ministry. He subsequently named Mr. Rashid Pelpuo Minister-designate for the ministry but replaced him with Mrs. Elizabeth Ofosu-Agyare.
The announcement of the new ministry was received with great excitement by the majority of industry stakeholders while others wondered if it wasn’t just a nine-day wonder, to appease stakeholders who supported the president’s candidature during the 2012 general elections.
But Nii Odoi Mensah, in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE, said the decision of the government came on the heels of incessant calls on governments to support their industry and also a crusade led by the Ghana Actors Guild at a conference in Kumasi to discuss issues affecting the industry with the president.     
“We made an appeal and by the grace of God, it worked. When he won the election he invited us to his inauguration. We went there in our numbers and just after he was inducted we went to the castle to congratulate him. There and then he broke the news to us that he has really formed a new ministry for the creative arts industry and everybody was happy because at least our efforts have been seen and we believe that the way we started from Kumasi has really led the way for them to see eye to eye with us.
“He has promised us that he is going to make sure that he gives us some good money that will be put in a pool where all of us can go and access and use. We thought it is laudable idea and we are very happy that he has listened to us. If they say there are listening governments, we have seen one.
“We are praying that the new ministry they have formed for us will also look at us with an eagle eye and make sure that they really shelter us very well and put us in the limelight.
“Then we can also contribute our best to the growth of our country by marketing the country very well with our movies and performances. So we want to thank the government for listening to us.
“For those who think that the Ghana Actors Guild was dead, this crusade was led by the Ghana Actors Guild and by the grace of God, government listened to us.
“So we are calling on all actors who are still not members of the Guild to come back to where they belong. They should come and join forces with us, so that we can push as one voice.”
Mr. Odoi Mensah said though the creation of the new ministry was laudable, it wasn’t enough. “Government should do extra to help the industry by focusing on good policies for the industry because the industry is of great value to improving the national economy,” he said.
He mentioned that a Film Bill was one of the major things to look at. The Film Bill, he revealed, had been in parliament for over 10 years but politicians bypassed it every now and then to pass new bills. He described it as unfortunate and urged the new government to do something about it.
Meanwhile Mr. Nii Odoi has denied his association’s involvement with any specific political party.
“We are actors we don’t need to associate ourselves with any political party. We should always be neutral and work with any political party. We, the Ghana Actors Guild, we are saying we work with any government who is ready to work with us. But we don’t have political affiliations. Individual members may have political affiliations but the GAG itself has not pinpointed any party that we joined this party. We work with any person who thinks he needs our services.”
He thus pleaded with government, business men and women to come to the aid of the creative arts industry.
“We want to plead with everybody to come on board. Don’t sit on the fence, come on board and let us move the creative arts industry forward. We say kudos to government for listening to our plight and doing this for us; but not just doing it but implementing policies they have for us, to work for us,” he added.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lydia on set in yellow outfit

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has confirmed reports by NEWS-ONE that she has joined South Africa’s award-winning soap opera, Scandal.
The beautiful actress is busily shooting in South Africa and she described her first day on set as a great experience.
“Just got of first day was great, thanks to the amazing cast and crew @etvScandal,” she tweeted via social network twitter on January 23.
Latest photos of the actress from set indicate she may be carving a new niche in that country. She looked very different in the photos with her new long hair.  
Lydia is the first mainstream Ghanaian actress to gained the opportunity to work with a South African production.
Many industry players are wondering how she made it. Many predicted Lydia’s career would end after she stopped featuring in Shirley Frimpong Manso productions.
Last year, she was part of a number of great and influential productions across Africa, which made her to travel to some African countries including Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya and Sierra Leone.   
She has begun this year with a South African production and her fans can only hope for another great step in her career.
Scandal is a popular production that is aired on both South African and Ghanaian television stations.
It is produced by Ochre Media and is centered around people who work for the fictitious Johannesburg-based newspaper The Voice, with their pressurized deadlines. It premiered in 2005.

 credit: NEWS-ONE

Okawa Shaznay
U.S based Cameroonian actress, Okawa Shaznay has expressed interest in producing more movies in Ghana.
The beautiful and talented actress came to Ghana last year for the first time for a movie titled, The Refugee, which was directed by popular director, Frank Rajah.
She expressed enthusiasm in producing more movies in Ghana, which she described as similar to her country, Cameroon.
“Definitely, I foresee myself coming back here again to do a movie and by God’s grace, I hope to do more projects here. I actually like Ghana. It is a little laid back country. It has security and it is kind of like my country, Cameroon. So that’s why I like here,” she told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.
Okawa is popular figure in Cameroon and the African community in US, especially Houston, Texas. She is a budding actress and commercial print model based in Houston.
Shaznay, a former Miss Cameroon USA, started her career in Cameroon with movies like “The Eighth Commandment” by Sarabi Pictures.
She continues to explore more acting opportunities in the U.S and appeared in some African productions.
She also partook in Miss Africa USA 2010 but didn’t win. 
Aside acting in the USA, she worked professionally as an accountant. But she is ready for full time career in acting.
Commenting on her background, she said, “I hold a bachelor degree in accounting but I love to act.
“I was raised in Africa but currently live in the Houston, Texas for the last seven years.  
Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor but funny enough when I turned 15 things changed. Upon the proliferation of home vide

Fredrick Leonard
It is generally believed that most male celebrities, especially those with handsome physiques that make them look like ‘sex icons’, are promiscuous.
In most cases, this turns out to be a true observation and an award winning Nigerian actor, Fredrick Leonard, has spoken to NEWS-ONE about this.
Fredrick denied being involved in such tendencies and made more interesting revelations about his personality that not many of his fans are aware of.
“I enjoy what I do. I am an extrovert but I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t womanize either. I am a strong Christian and a God-fearing person. I love good people and I love honest people,” Fredrick said in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE in Ghana.
“I don’t even see myself as a celebrity, I’m sorry. I see myself as a working man who does some kind of work, except that my work puts me in front of the camera. It does not make me any special than anyone,” he said.
The handsome actor has been in the Nollywood film industry for over a decade and has featured in a lot of movies including Ghanaian movies.
He started acting since 2001 but left to finish school and returned in 2006. Again, he went off the scene for a while and finally returned in 2008.
Among his tall list of movies are ‘Indian Doctor’, ‘Disclosure’, ‘Marriage War’, ‘Wanted Love’, ‘100% Secret’, ‘Deadly Plot’, ‘Ladies Man’, ‘Cobra’, and ‘Spirit of Assassin’.
“My first lead role was in ‘Indian Doctor’. It made an introduction while the movie, ‘Disclosure’ made an impression. I can’t really point out which one of the movies gave me my break but I know that I have done a couple of movies,” he added.
He believes African movies are doing well but there is a need to work on improving quality. That way, the continent’s industry can boldly compete with Hollywood.
Currently, African movie industry players should not even think about comparing Nollywood or other industries to Hollywood. This is because he thinks Hollywood is even older than some African countries and there is no way such a thing will happen anytime soon.
He said it would take an industry like Nollywood 20 years to get to the level of Hollywood, in terms of producing quality movies, if it has good structures.
 “I believe that Africa can get better so that the present-day youth will correct the impression the outside world has about our continent and paint a better image of who we are,” he added.      
Fredrick is the first of two children in his family. His father is dead but his mother is alive. Though a graduate of Biochemistry, he ends up in the creative arts industry.  
He explained why he abandoned his field of study saying, “I’m sure you are wondering, why acting? Passion comes before money and I enjoy acting.”    

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Yvonne & Hlomla in one the scenes
After a successful premiere in Accra, actress Yvonne Okoro will be routing to Kumasi this weekend to outdoor her first movie as a producer
Arrangements have been concluded to premiere the movie at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology on January 26.
Some of the crème de la crème of the movie industry and the cast are expected to show up at the premiering event to enjoy the movie with fans who attend the event. 
The Contract, directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso, is still making a huge impact in Accra. Its premiere at the National Theatre and subsequent screening at the Silverbird Cinema attracted one of the biggest crowds ever. Tickets for the National Theatre event were sold out.
 The Contract tells the story of a successful businessman Peter Puplampo (Homla Dandala), the ultimate alpha male.
He is 40 years old, rich and a staunch bachelor. Despite his mother’s persistent attempts to find him a woman, Peter sticks to his rule of non-committal casual dates, freedom and being in control of his life until the desire to have a child arises.
In his quest to find the woman who will take his money, have his child and disappear, Peter begins a roller-coaster, contractual relationship with Abena Boateng (Yvonne Okoro), a crude but clever local girl who is anything but impressed with Peter’s affluence.
With a clear definitive contract from his lawyer outlining the dos and don’ts of bearing Peter Puplampo’s child, these two opposites must exercise every ounce of willpower not to kill each other until the child is born.
The movie is an unsuspecting romantic comedy with unusual twists that expose the flaws in being in control of one’s life.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Basil Anthony

Night life in Accra has gradually taken shape and one of the biggest events driving that success is no doubt the Chicken-N-Beer Party organised by Silky Entertainment.  
It is an entertaining weekly event held on Sundays at Rockstone’s Office to provide entertainment and offer revellers a platform to overcome their Sunday boredom.
Within a short period, it has become talk of the town event, such that every Sunday, it gathers one of the biggest revellers in Accra.
Currently it is the longest running weekly party. Sometime this year, it will enter its second year with more strategies to take partying to the next level.
The face behind this unique idea of partying is Basil Anthony otherwise called CEO Extraordinaire.
Basically, he is a brilliant young man with creative and lucrative ideas. He fits into any environment he finds himself in and no wonder he is rocking the hospitality industry with his Chicken-N-Beer.
Basil was trained in Information Technology & Web Development in the United Kingdom at the Highbury College in Portsmouth. He has worked for a wide range of international and local companies including the London Palace Casino (U.K), Prestige Security (U.K) and Top Industries (Ghana).
He moved to Ghana in 2006 and in April that year he established Silky I.T. Production which is Ghana’s second to none Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Website Development and I.T. Consultancy Company.
In 2010, he added Bulk SMS to the list of services Silky I.T. Production offers and named it
In 2009 he developed which he later incorporated as “ Ltd.”
TicketGhana is the first and most preferred ticket vendor in Ghana. It is a platform created to make selling and purchasing of tickets easier. TicketGhana has been the business of printing tickets, securing tickets and distribution of tickets across outlets such as Koala, Silverbird lifestyle store, Melcom shops, Batsonaa Total, Tema Community 11 Shell, and other shops and supermarkets.
TicketGhana has the best social media promotional platform in Ghana using media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blackberry Messenger, etc. to promote and advertise products, services, events, etc… and has a very successful track record for all content promoted till date.
In 2011, he co-founded Silky Entertainment, a company with a deep understanding of the local entertainment market.
Silky Entertainment can boast of their trademark event, the “Sunday Chicken-N-Beer Party” which is Ghana’s longest running weekly event.
The CEO Extraordinaire has expertise in all services the companies offer. He has also been interviewed about topics relating to his background in Information Technology, Social Media and Entertainment on radio and television programmes such as Business Drive on Sunny FM, Management Minutes on TV3, Xpress Lane on Xfm, Drive Of Your Lyfe on YFM, The One Show on Viasat 1, The Morning Show on Viasat 1, TV3 Sunrise, Entertainment Review on Joy FM and many more. He has also written articles for the Legon Business School Magazine and been interviewed by a number of newspapers, magazines and online news websites.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Bob Okala caught in the act

Ace Ghanaian comedian, Samuel Kwadwo Buabeng, popularly known as Bishop Bob Okala, is indeed a versatile man. He is known for doing many other things apart from comedy.
But not many people know he also enjoys tapping women’s buttocks or simply caressing buttocks in public.        

Leonora Okine

Actress Leonora Okine has returned to Nollywood early January, after holidaying in Ghana during the Christmas festivities.
For the major part of last year, the beautiful actress had acted on Mnet’s award winning series, Tinsel. In December, her contract with the production expired and she bid the production farewell.
It is yet to be confirmed if she has entered into a new contract to act in the series. What is certain is that she is currently in Nollywood shooting. But it is unclear if it is for the same Tinsel or a different production.
While on Tinsel, sources told NEWS-ONE earlier, she had a number of Nollywood movie producers bombarding her with scripts.
When she returned to Ghana during the festive season, she was heard on a number of media platforms. She was on Awake, eTV and also hosted a programme on Radio Gold.
She was also at the 2012 Ghana Movie Awards and was on the red carpet, looking extremely beautiful in her outfit. 

credit: NEWS-ONE

Faceless pregnant woman

Rumours making the rounds indicate that one of Ghana’s top movie actresses, whose name is being withheld, is heavily pregnant and she has been in hiding because of that.
NEWS-ONE sources said she doesn’t want the public to know about her pregnancy hence she has been hiding. Weeks ago, she finalized plans to travel out of the country to secretly deliver there.
NEWS-ONE is followin

Monday, 21 January 2013

Lydia Forson

Celebrated Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson is definitely making a crossover to the South African movie scene following reports that she is joining the cast of the country’s hit TV series, Scandal.
Scandal is a South African television soap opera produced by Ochre Media about people who work for the fictitious Johannesburg-based newspaper The Voice, with their pressurized deadlines, the chaos of breaking news, the fight for increased circulation and advertisement, and their (no longer) private lives and personal angst. It is shown on eTV South and Ghana as well.
The award winning Ghanaian actress, according to unconfirmed reports had already touched down in South Africa to join the other cast members for the series.
“She left Ghana Sunday night,” sources said.
Other details about her role on Scandal are yet to be confirmed. Efforts to personally reach the one time African Movie Academy Awards Best Actress yesterday proved futile. Her phone contacts were not going through.
 However Ghanaians are assured of her raising the country’s flag high with her acting talent in South Africa. She is good at what she does.    
Meanwhile, Scandal, according to is not only about the behind-the-scenes drama that goes into breaking today's hottest story - it's also about the intriguing personalities in this intense, character-driven drama.
The storylines revolve around very different characters, each one linked to The Voice newspaper and brought by unique circumstances. Their beliefs, egos and actions constantly influence each other's lives while their personal aspirations, noble and dishonourable, colour their everyday realities.
Lydia Forson is possibly the new cast on the series and much will be expected of her.

Jon Germain and Yvonne Okoro on air

It is always difficult for a celebrity to stick their neck out to publicly endorse the brand of a fellow celebrity.  
However top Ghanaian musician & presenter, Jon Germaine dammed the consequences when he publicly endorsed the acting prowess of popular actress Yvonne Okoro, stressing that she is one of the few natural actors Ghana has produced.

Richie Memsah

Luckie Lawson

      Star actress Luckie Lawson added style to beauty when she popped up at the premiere of fellow actress, Yvonne Okoro’s first produced movie titled, The Contract.
Luckie looked her best during the night. She wore a multicolored Walter Baker dress to match with her Tory Burch bag and shoes.
The beautiful actress has been out of the news for awhile.
Later last year, she maintained some kind of low profile after she returned from the United States to bury her granny.
But sources told NEWS-ONE that she was involved in a number of movies and had been busy on set.
Currently she is preparing for her next personal production and also busy with her restaurant business.
Luckie has already produced two movies, Silence Is Golden and Familiar Strangers. But sources close to the actress said her next production will be a total deviation from the normal movie production.

Nana Amankwa Tiah

Nana Amankwah Tiah otherwise called Oterans is another award winning gospel musician based in the UK.
He is about to take Ghana’s gospel music industry by surprise with his debut gospel album titled, Ekaa De.
Songs on the album are not just interesting but inspirational, with great messages to win souls for Christ and also encourage believers to remain in the Lord.  
Nana started singing at a tender age. He considered going commercial when he and some friends recorded their first songs and sent it to Big Ben to listen in 1994. However their aspirations were not met.
In 1998, he found himself doing rap music with Okuraseni Samuel and others including one, Sly Cobby. Later, he sat down and decided to do gospel music.
“I went ahead to do a mix album made up of gospel, highlife and funeral songs. But my friends encouraged me to take a particular genre of music and do.  So I decided on gospel.”   
Officially Ekaa De literally meaning, “nearly” is his first gospel album.
It is an inspirational seven (7) track album. The songs include Joseph, y3nim no, Mene Hwan, Hu Me Mmobo, Mama, Yonko Ben and title track Ekaa De.  
He explained why he chose the title saying he had gone through a lot of near death experiences in life and that informed the title of the album.
“At age 11 I broke my leg and I was told I couldn’t walk again. Today because of God I’m able to walk. A lot of things happen to me. A dog even bit me and I’m still alive. Still I was bitten by snake. The devil was still after me, I was bitten by scorpion and also fell from a tree. Everybody thought I was dead but it is by God’s grace that I’m not dead by now. So that informed my decision to pick Ekaa De (nearly) as the title.”
The album was launched in UK on December 15, 2012 at the Elephant & Castle SDA Church (London). The huge event attracted big Ghanaian names in UK and other Ghanaian showbiz names.
Amankwa hails from Sekyere Kwamang in the Ashanti Region. He schooled at the Kumasi Technical Training Institute but ended up being a musician.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Constance Okoro

One may think that because she has not done many movies in Nollywood, beautiful Nigerian actress Constance Okoro will accept any script that comes her way. But she says ‘hell no.’
She tells NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that she does not cast for just any movie.
Though she has not done many movies, she has rejected some scripts in the past.
“I for one, if I wanted to do something it has to be standard movie, strategic and challenging. If I don’t get such scripts, I kind of relax. I am ready to do more movies but it has to be standard, then I will be part of it,” she said.
From Imo State, Constance is described as an amazing actress. She brings some freshness to Nollywood and is gradually making a name for herself.
She started school at Our Lady of Fatima Primary School and then to Federal Government Girls College before going to University of Lagos.
She studied Business Administration but ended up enjoying a career in showbiz. Now an actress and also a business woman who is into buying and selling, she entered showbiz as a model.
She started modeling some eight years ago, doing a lot of modeling jobs for top Nigerian companies like MTN-Nigeria, Black Pearl- an international hair weave-on, Firestone and a number others.
“Growing up, I always see myself as a career person but in between I love to do the modeling thing. So that was where I got the dream,” she revealed.
But some six years ago, she decided to try acting. Her first movie was True Sacrifice starring Ramsey Nouah, Nonso Diobi and Ernest Obi.
“It was an ok movie,” she described it. “It was more like I’m having fun. I was just having fun on that set. It was a normal Nigerian movie. I played the main character, Ernest Obi’s sister.”
According to her, it wasn’t a big challenge for her perhaps due to the fact that she had flirted with showbiz for awhile. That probably has taken the frightful experiences new actors usually encounter.
After True Sacrifice, she had scripts to act in other movies. However, she turned them down. Her reason was because she wanted standard and more technical movies to star in.
Her second movie was Spirit of Assassin, directed by Andy Boyo and starring Yemi Blaq and Fredrick Leonard. That movie was premiered in Ghana recently.
“I accepted to act in Spirit of Assassin because I like it. It was different. It has stunts and I knew I could do it,” she added.
Constance did most of the stunt parts in Spirit of Assassin. Her role and stunt became talk of the town when the movie premiered in Ghana somewhere last year.     

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Friday, 18 January 2013

Richie Mensah

Stay Jay

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The final edition of the Exopa New Faces reality show dubbed Face of Exopa 2012 came off with all the fashion excitement one could imagine.
It could be described as the mother of all shows put up by the Exopa modeling agency within last year. It was a night of amazing modeling, tight catwal

Hot U.S-based songstress, Dencia was supposed to visit Ghana for the first time during Christmas but she couldn’t make it as promised.
The beautiful musician, actre

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