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Luckie Lawson and Marie Humbert
Season one of the series, Poisoned Bait wrapped in Accra a week ago and, although no release date has been announced, excitement for the series is mounting

Ama K

Mary Remmy Njoku

Ms Chioma Ude

Actress Priscilla Mawuena

New actress Priscilla Mawuena is a 22-year-old graduate of the University of Ghana, who majored in Psychology and also resides in Accra, Ghana.
She got into Ghana’s movie industry recently through Yvonne Nelson’s Single Married & Complicated.
In this exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, Priscilla spoke about herself, her career as an actress and how she went to an auditioning just to watch Yvonne Nelson but in the end got a movie role.
Priscilla said she was currently considering acting as a full time career. She was at the movie’s premiere last week in a long beautiful dress by Harian, styled by Tobi.

How did you get to be part of Single Married & Complicated?                 

I still can’t believe how it all happened, but let me make it short: I heard Yvonne was having an audition for her new movie; and since I’m a fan of hers but haven’t met her in person, I decided to dress up and move to the audition grounds. I didn’t intend to audition but rather just to see Yvonne personally. I was seated and sipping my drink when a guy approached me and asked why I was not auditioning... I told him I was just there to admire Yvonne Nelson. He then begged me to assist him audition. He asked me to pick a role from the script he was given. I felt very reluctant because that wasn’t my main aim for my appearance there...Well, I decided to help a brother; so I picked the role and read through. We joined the queue waiting to be auditioned. It got to our turn and we did what we had to do. Coming so close to Yvonne, I almost forgot my lines. And guess what happened? Out of the three of us who auditioned at that moment, Yvonne picked me. Well, thanks to the guy; he brought me closer to my dream...and that was how it all started.

What character did you play in the movie?
I was called “Dian”, a two-faced deceit. I assisted my boyfriend, who was James Gardner, in duping a lady who all that while thought I was James' kid sister...

How was your experience on set like?
It was amazing. I mean this was me, centred on by all these celebrated actors and Yvonne Nelson herself. But obviously I was much tensed with the fear of not getting my lines in front of the camera and all; but God willing I sailed through.

Did your role come out the way you expected?
Watching the movie for the first time left me in tears, even though I played a two-faced character in the movie and it was all pretence. I still felt my talent being unearth because if not for this movie I never even knew I could act that well, you know?... So it was an amazing feeling and at the same time very emotional for me as my maiden appearance in a movie.

Prior to the auditioning, have you ever acted?
No, I haven’t...Never in my life have I mounted such a platform.

 But you love acting.
Yes, I love acting...and actually want to go into it full time...I want to devote a lot of my time to it because of the passion I have...After Single Married & Complicated, I realised  it wouldn’t be a wrong profession for me.

Does your family support this decision?
Well, you know there are a lot of controversies when it comes to choosing a profession like acting...But thanks be to God, my family is a modern one and not the type that infringes on the decisions of their wards. So yes! Yes! Yes! They are in full support.

Beyond passion, what motivation did you get from Single Married & Complicated to want to continue acting?
What every artiste looks up to is for people to appreciate his or her art. The compliments I received at the premiere and after actually motivate me to want to continue acting. So aside the passion which is intrinsic, I have been extrinsically motivated as well...

Was the pay good?  Some people say new faces don't get paid.
Priscilla Mawuena
Well... Whatever I did, I did for the passion; but obviously passion doesn’t put food on my table, does it? So yes, I was paid but of course not as much as the other popular actors because even in our corporate jobs and all, the new employees receive lesser pay-checks than the older staff. So it’s just same with acting too, the greater your demand on the screens the greater your pay.

Where are you from?
I’m from the Volta Region, Tafi to be precise.

Do you have siblings?
Yes, I am from a family of four; my dad, mum, kid sister and myself. I love my mother so much because it’s like she single-handedly took care of me…I’m motherly attached…(laughs)

Is Priscilla married? If not are you available?
I’m not married…and hey young guys, I am definitely not searching.

What are your hobbies?
I love reading, swimming and mirror dancing.

Which schools did you attend?
I had my pre-school education at Dolly Memorial at Labone way back in the 90s; and proceeded to Christian Home to attend my primary education, then from there to Seven Great Princes Academy for JHS. I had my senior high education at Ola Girls Senior High School, after which I enrolled at the University of Ghana where I graduated successfully with majors in Psychology.

Do you have favourite actors?
I love all the actors and actresses but I think movies that have Yvonne Nelson fascinate me the most... and she’s my role model.

Will you act nude if the money is big?
Errr... hmm, charlie! It’ll depend on the script and the production house. If it’s a great storyline for a renowned production house then why not, but I’m not sure I’ll pose nude on any mediocre stage. Lol... I’m not desperate. Ha hah... Even wait oo, how many times have you seen any of these celebrated actors go nude in movies, it’s really rare to find that.

Do you have any advice for new and young actors?
The little advice I have for any young one who wants to take acting as a profession is that first and foremost, there must be the passion for it, because if there’s no passion for it then there’s no zeal to want to commit yourself to the job. And secondly, they should slow down in wanting to get the money and fame too quickly. When it’s your time to make it big, you’ll surely reap the benefits.

By Francis Addo (Twitter:  @fdee50    Email:

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