Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Joycelyn Nketia

Before he started his Entertainment Review Programme on Peace FM last Saturday, ace entertainment presenter Akwasi Aboagye tried to mend what has been speculated to be a broken relationship between him and top contemporary high life musician Kwasi Pee.
He played one of Kwasi Pee’s latest songs and said he had forgiven Kwasi Pee, creating the impression that that was the reason he was playing the song.
“Kwasi Pee used to insult me but I have forgiven him. God forgive us our sins. So I have forgiven him but is he still in Fred Nuamah’s house or they found a new house?” he jovially asked.
NEWS-ONE couldn’t authenticate what has been the bone of contention between the two personalities.
A couple of years ago, Kwasi Pee allegedly refused to grant an interview on Akwasi’s programme and opted to talk to Channel R when he raised some issues about Charterhouse.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Unconfirmed reports say Nana Boroo and SK Blinks have settled their differences and have finished working on a project to be released very soon. 
Nana Boroo and SK Blinks made news in the past after the release of the hit song, ‘Ahayede’. Blinks said he recorded ‘Ahayede’ four years ago at a studio in Odorkor in Accra but Boroo pleaded with him that they remake it.
“The beat was unfinished when I reached studio…I ordered all the instrumentation, and sang the ‘Ahayede’ chorus right in the studio, and a verse; after 15minutes, I was done,” Ghanaweb quoted him.
He added that after recording his chorus, he (SK Blinks) was persuaded to add a verse to the chorus, which he did after a little hesitation.
He said after he completed his verse and chorus, he stepped out of the studio to get some water, but to his utmost surprise, he returned to be told Nana Boroo had left. He quickly tried reaching Boroo on his cell phone, but it was also switched off. SK said he did not set eyes on Boroo again until after the song started playing on air.
Somewhere last year, SK Blinks came out publicly to say he was hauling Boroo to an Accra court over a copyright brouhaha between them.
The reason for the lawsuit was a bit sketchy at the time but a source said Boroo included Blink’s voice in his new song for a malaria project without his consent.
After the lawsuit claims, SK went on radio and swore that he would make sure Nana Boroo was arrested.
His management stated categorically that it would ensure Nana Boroo was arrested, sent to court and imprisoned for at least 3years.
SK Blink told Happy FM on Saturday that he had forgiven Boroo for ‘stealing’ the Ahayede song; however, he wanted answers to why his voice was used on the new malaria song without his permission.
Manager David Sylvester said on the show that they contacted somebody from Boroo’s camp (name withheld) to meet with his management to find a lasting solution to the problem at stake.
However, he warned that Boroo had not done the right thing so his management would make sure that they dealt with him to serve as a deterrent to others.
While that was happening, Boroo was not in the country as he was then cruising in America.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

The maiden edition of the annual Ghana Gospel Music Awards (GGMA) is slated for July this year.
Though the actual date for the event is yet to be announced, Jaka Events, its organisers, has noted that it will recognize the enormous contributions of stakeholders to gospel music in Ghana, especially gospel musicians, song writers, producers, distributors, and other professionals who have diligently and industriously upheld gospel music in Ghana.
The awards have been necessitated by the organizers’ desire and determination to recognize excellence in gospel music that has won the hearts of fans across Africa.
Joseph Asare Kwabena Adjei, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jaka Events, said: “A lot of gospel musicians have complained that despite the exceptional and diverse talents that abound in gospel music in Ghana, it has not been accorded the attention it needs from the mainstream music gatekeepers, hence the awards.”
He explains that “the awards are unique in the sense that it’s an all-time and the entries for the categories will span 1990 to 2012.”
He emphasised that “it has become necessary because GGMA wants to bring to the fore pioneers who in the ‘yester-years’ showcased their classical talent in gospel music and aroused the appetite of the gospel loving public.”
Among the genres to be considered for the awards are local gospel music that are substantially based on orthodox Christian truth, contained in or derived from the Holy Bible; an expression of God’s worship or praise for His works; a testimony of a relationship with God through Christ and a piece that is prompted and informed by a Christian world view.
Seventeen categories have so far been identified for the awards.
The official launch is expected to take place in due course where organizers will take the opportunity to explain in detail the format the awards will assume.

 Credit: NEWS-ONE

Monday, 27 February 2012

Michelle Dekker –Winner

It was a thrilling affair last Saturday when the Exopa Modelling Agency staged the second edition of its monthly Exopa New Faces contest for the year 201
Wannabe model contestants selected after a rigorous audition put up some awesome performances to get the nod of judges Jon Germaine, KOD, Laryea Kingston and top model Jocelyn Nketia.
Judges KOD, Jon Germain and Laryea
All 10 models did the best they could but after four rounds of stylish catwalk and dancing, 18-year-old Netherland Ghanaian Michelle Dekker came out as the ultimate winner. 
She was the crowd’s favourite and as such the judges had no other choice than to adjudge her winner.
Michelle Dekker –Winner
Her catwalk was fierce and full of confidence. During the dance segment, she exhibited serious azonto moves. 
Twenty-two-year-old human resource management student of Valley View University, Rose Essah, and 20-year-old Gifty M. Gamor, a student of the same school pursuing the same course, were first and second runners-up respectively.
MC -Zion
Other contestants who represented countries like Nigeria and Burkina Faso did well on the runway but the Ghanaians and Dutch were far ahead.
The show started at 10:20pm, with model Zion and Janine Beathwaite as the emcees of the night.
Final three winners- Michelle Dekker with Rose Essah the 1st runner-up and Gifty M Gamor, the 2nd runner-up

They introduced the girls one after the other, reading their vital statistics. The girls at this point tried to show off some of the skills they had learnt within a week.
Some of them struggled while doing the catwalk for the crowd for the first time.
After the first break, emcees Zion and Janine entertained the audience with some jokes.
The second category, which was the dance segment, was indeed the real competition for skinny and fleshy models to prove a point. 
Final three winners- Michelle Dekker with Rose Essah the 1st runner-up and Gifty M Gamor, the 2nd runner-up

On the whole it was an exciting event. Movie producer Socrates Sarfo was at the event. Kofi Okyere Darko also passed through for the first time.
Michelle will get a modelling contract with Exopa Modeling Agency and other juicy souvenirs including cover page articles in NEWS-ONE.
The event will continue every last Saturday of the month at the Exopa Burg where the event always takes place.
Saturday’s event had music performances by Black Kat, Bofo and a number of upcoming artistes.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Queen Adedoyin Adisa

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson was one of the world’s top stars whose recorded voices and videos were played on Black Entertainment Television (BET) in remembrances of Whitney Houston.
Whitney, 48, was found dead by her bodyguard in luxury suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles last week Saturday afternoon. Houston was discovered submerged in the bath. The cause of her death is as yet unknown, with investigators awaiting the results of toxicology tests.
The death of the singer, who inspired a lot of stars, came as a shock to the world, who is still mourning the R&B diva.
Her funeral was held last Saturday and BET recorded special messages by influential figures of world entertainment in her remembrance.
Lydia Forson was the only Ghanaian female celebrity whose voice and video popped up. It is yet to be confirmed claims that three other Ghanaian male stars had their voices and video played on ‘BET Remembers Whitney Houston’ as well.
The funeral ceremony was attended by the world’s most influential superstars of all time and music directors and producers.
They included Alicia Keys, R Kelly, Beyonce, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and her mentor and former label boss Clive Davis, Stevie Wonder and cousin Dionne Warwick.
BBC reported on Sunday that the family of Whitney Houston was to attend her private burial in Westfield, New Jersey later.
The late singer was to be laid to rest beside her father John Russell Houston, who died in 2003, at Fairview Cemetery. Wonder, Alicia Keys, and R Kelly performed during the three-hour and 45 minute-long ceremony, while actor Kevin Costner, who starred opposite Houston in the film ‘The Bodyguard’, paid tribute to what he called the "sweet miracle" of her life.
Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, arrived at the service but left again shortly afterwards.
He later said in a statement released to US media that he and his children “were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions".
“In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene,” BBC quoted him.
Brown, 43, was on stage last night in Connecticut, performing with his original band New Edition.
“I want to give blessings to my ex-wife, Whitney Houston. I love you,” Brown e said as he pointed his finger to the sky.
Houston's godmother Aretha Franklin, whom Houston referred to as "Aunt Ree", had been due to sing at the service but the Houston family said she was not able to attend as she was unwell.
She told the Associated Press news agency that she had been suffering with leg spasms and sent her best wishes to the family.
Following the service, fans and onlookers gathered outside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark to catch a glimpse of the hearse as it drove in carrying Houston's body in golden coffin. Some called: “I love you”, as the hearse passed.
One of the biggest voices of the 80s, Houston sold millions of singles and albums worldwide.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Hollywood standard West African-set Zombie feature film, ‘The Dead’, written and directed by Ford Brother’s Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, which featured Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei, has been released on DVD.
Prince David Osei
It was released on February 14 in the USA.
It is yet to be confirmed if the film is also scheduled for Ghana or Africa release.
 ‘The Dead’ made news a couple of months after it was released for cinema premieres.
It also gave Prince David Osei’s career a major boost.
The Dead’ featured Prince David Osei and veteran actor David Dontoh as the only Ghanaian exports in the movie.
Prior to releasing it for a number of world cinemas, the film was premiered in Los Angeles which David attended.
Months later it was premiered in Ghana. Hopes are that the film provides David more successful continental projects. 
‘The Dead’ is a hardcore Zombie film with good effects and suspense. It has a very touching story told with a good cast, good sound quality, good setting and pictures.
‘The Dead’, shot in life-threatening regions of Burkina Faso and Ghana, takes audiences on a horrifying road-trip through a zombie-dominated terrain. An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a violent plane crash, maneuvers through the hostile, arid landscape while battling against the newly-risen living dead. Almost losing all hope, he encounters an African soldier desperately searching for his son in the chaos.
The mercenary and the soldier rise up together to forge their way through the unstoppable assault of the ever-hungry undead and into an uncertain future.
Along with its overseas theatrical run, ‘The Dead’, co-directed and written by UK natives Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, has been a festival favorite since its debut two years ago, garnering rave reviews from horror fans and mainstream media alike.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Monday, 20 February 2012

Ghana’s showbiz industry is expected to welcome another awards ceremony dubbed Ghana Glamour Awards. It is being organized by Shades and Powder.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Irene Logan

Inna Patty

The much-anticipated 2012 edition of the prestigious Miss Ghana pageant is expected to be launched in a couple of weeks.
Last year, Miss Ghana 2004 Inna Mariam Patty took over the franchise of the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant in Ghana.
As a result, no pageant was organised for 2011.  Everything was suspended for that year.
Inna has since promised to present a controversial-free pageant and raise the standards.
There is high media expectation on the new things Inna and her   Exclusive Events Ghana team are bringing on board the pageant which has in the past attracted criticisms and commendation.
Organisers are yet to announce the date for the event this year; however sources close to the production say it is going to be in a matter of weeks. 

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ghanaian songstress Efya Awindor yesterday dropped a fresh single titled ‘Best In Me’ purposely for lovers, as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.
The song preaches love and echoed what lovers do in special times like Valentine’s Day.
The single boasts of good a rhythm recorded by Richie of Lynx Entertainment.
Efya’s vocals were on point and showed maturity with her style of singing.
The singer also received a number of Valentine wishes from friends and fans on social networks, twitter and facebook.
“Happy valentine’s day people...make sure you appreciate your partner this and every other day for the rest of your lives together. It’s the little things that you ... enjoy the day,” she posted on both networks.
Efya is currently one of the hottest singers around. Her style is untouchable and she is in a class of her own.
The upcoming video for ‘A Moment Notice’ is expected to bring fresh style to music videos in Ghana. The video is expected to hit the screens very soon.
“The video comes out in about a week. Just hope for the best,” manager Kwesi David told NEWS-ONE earlier this week.

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Monday, 13 February 2012

NEWS-ONE sources say there are some skirmishes in the camp of award-winning Ghanaian trio VIP, over the release of their new track, ‘Which Kind Yawa Be Dis’.
The song features Ghana’s fastest Sarkodie.
The bone of contention among VIP members is whether to release the song as a single now or wait till their upcoming album, ‘Seven Eleven’, is ready.
Though a member of the trio did not subscribe to releasing a single, the two other insisted they should release the song.
For them, it was a good season for the song as the rhythm was good for any Azonto move. They believed that by the time the full album came out, the single would get the needed attention for the album.
The source said VIP members usually disagreed on issues but the current issue was dragging on.
NEWS-ONE had the opportunity to listen to it and indeed it has one of the best rhythms ever. It is a hot song and each member of the group made a point with the lyrics, with Sarkodie also taking his rapperholic antics to the next level.
The song’s rhythm is awesome, and Sarkodie tried to introduce a new catchy phrase into the music arena with the song. 
‘Which Kind Yawa Be Dis’ is produced by Nigeria’s Puffy Tee and mixed and mastered by Ghana’s hot sound engineer Kaywa.
Some industry stakeholders have given the song thumbs up and predicted it to be a hit.
VIP is known for hit songs and indeed their upcoming album will promise a lot more.
The group’s ‘Change Position’ is still making an impact at parties, nightclubs and airwaves.

Yvonne Nelson and Richard Amoako
Star actress Yvonne Nelson is on a rescue mission to restore the ailing eye of 22-year-old Richard Amoako, who is gradually losing his sight to Glaucoma.
Richard, a former student of NIIT and Akosombo Senior High School, has been living with Glaucoma for over eight years and is almost losing his sight.
Doctors say unless he is operated on, he may lose his sight.
“I feel bad. I wish to be in good condition but we still trying our best to get my sight back. I do hope and believe in God that things will be well. I can’t see clearly. It’s always blur. When someone is coming it is hard to identify who the person is. I hardly read too,” Richard told NEWS-ONE.
“I was young when it started but it wasn’t like how it is now. At times my eye becomes red and it itches me. I have been using drops but later, somewhere 2008, it started getting serious,” he added.
The leggy actress and her Glaucoma Foundation management team last week met with the boy and his family to discuss how to support Richard. The actress has been supporting Richard in getting drugs but it appears she needs outside support at this stage.  
“What my family is thinking about now is for Richard to gain his sight. In fact he has been a burden to me. He has completed senior high school and he is supposed to continue but because of his sight, he can’t do anything,” Richard’s dad said.
“So anything to be done for my son to gain his sight, I support it. If the surgery can make him gain his sight or there is any other alternative I support it. We have been to a number of eye clinics and the doctor told us that the pressure has gone up again. It is expensive to treat him but we have been supported by sister Yvonne Nelson for over a year now.”
Yvonne told NEWS-ONE that her foundation was raising some form of help for him but it would also need external support because the treatment for Glaucoma was expensive.
“YNGF has been there for him. We have been supporting him since day one, we met him. Ever since he got to us, we have been buying his drugs, doing the best we can to help support him. And everything we do comes straight from our accounts and people are not donating to us. Everything is from our own pocket. So we are appealing to people, corporate institutions, philanthropists and all who are touched to come on board. We are appealing to them to come on board and support Richard Amoako. He is not the only one; we have other Glaucoma victims that we are supporting. So I’m appealing to Ghanaians to come on board and help support Richard because the treatment for Glaucoma is very expensive. We need some support from the public.”
Yvonne Nelson’s Glaucoma Foundation was launched couple of years ago to campaign against the disease. She has organised a Glaucoma Essay competition among basic school pupils to get them to know about the disease and always get themselves screened.
To support Richard Amoako or Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation, one can call 0302817658, 0243859367 or 0243468567.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The 20-year-old winner of the January edition of Exopa New Faces contest, Makedah, is celebrating her reign with all the excitement a winner deserves.
She has confessed to NEWS-ONE that she was indeed happy to have won the contest.
“When the show started, I thought I may not win but as time went on, I realized that I have a chance. So I was really happy to emerge winner. I will definitely tell my friends that I joined an international modelling agency in Ghana. I am really happy at what I am doing and in future I am sure I will continue with modelling.”
The January edition of the Exopa contest was indeed exciting. All 10 female contestants were determined to win but after four rounds of fierce catwalks and dancing, 20-year-old UK based Jamaican Makedah proved herself worthy of the crown as the best model of the night.
Twenty-seven-year-old Ugandan model and Business Administration Degree holder from the University of Makerere, Nissi Susan Onyok, and South African Jacqueline Mhlange placed second and third respectively. 
Makedah said her passion for modelling was the main reason she joined the contest.
“Modelling is my passion. I love modelling. You know being in front of the crowd in the modelling clothes gives you a chance to show what comes naturally. So I enjoyed the Exopa show,” she stated.
Makedah is a Jamaican but was born and raised in the UK, where she also studied music technology, psychology and music performance.
She said she was in Ghana for the first time for a long vacation and while in town, somebody told her about Exopa and soon after she had a text message prompting her about the Exopa New Faces contest. So she decided to be part of it and eventually became a winner.



Award-winning Ghanaian rapper/song writer Asem is making a comeback after what looked like a hiatus.
Asem has been working behind the scenes and is currently set to release his new album titled ‘Solid Ground’.
The album will be available online at from February 10. CDs will also be available in stores from February 17.
The video for the first single off ‘Solid Ground’, ‘No More Kpayor’, won best hiplife video at the 2011 4syte Music Video Awards and best West African video at the 2011 Nigeria Music Video Awards. The album showcases beat productions from producers in Ghana, South Africa, and USA.
It has songs as ‘Bye Bye’, featuring Kwabena Kwabena, ‘1000 Fights And Make Ups’ featuring Irene Logan, and ‘Show Something’ featuring DJ Black and South African artiste JR.
The album will be distributed in Ghana by WBDN Records and distributed throughout Africa and worldwide by distribution partners in South Africa and the UK.
This is a follow-up to Asem’s groundbreaking first album ‘Better Late Than Never’, which revolutionised urban music in Ghana with the controversial ‘Give Me Blow’ and club banging song ‘Pigaro’ which was also the most played song in Ghana in 2009- 2010. Asem won discovery of the year at the Ghana Music Awards 2009. The following year, he won the World Bank Music for development Award for socially responsible artistes with his song ‘School Dey Bee’.
He is still active in his role as World Bank Ambassador for education in Ghana.
Asem is now working with Ghana Library Authority, supporting regional reading clinics and mobile libraries for basic schools in deprived communities in Accra.
The Asem foundation, in collaboration with Accra Library Board, is determined to help increase reading and literacy levels in Ghana, with the main focus on basic school children.  
“It is vital for children to be educated and expand their mind through reading for social development,” said Asem.
“This new album ‘Solid Ground’ is testimony to my own development within Ghana music to date.  It has been enduring and challenging but has been extremely important in my progression. I am now ready for the rest of the world.  I am now seriously on solid ground,” he added.
Asked why he chose such an album title, Asem explained, “Success and living your life under the spotlight comes with a lot of merits and demerits and one needs to be strong and stand firm on Solid Ground or else he/she might be swallowed by sinking sands”.                          
He went on further to say he had been through his own trials and tribulations and he had matured into a better and wiser man.            


Monday, 6 February 2012


There is a growing argument over whether Ghanaian hip life musician Guru’s latest hit single, ‘Lapaz Toyota’, should be rated 18.
This follows claims that the song has some profane notes, with emphasis on a controversial and popular line somewhere in the lyrics which some music observers interpret to mean “Lick my dick”.  
However, the young rapper has raised objections, saying the song has got nothing profane in it and denied

Akumaa Mama Zimbi
Ace broadcaster Akumaa Mama Zimbi is resisting two bills before the Parliament of Ghana, which she thinks will not be good for society when passed into law.   
The two new bills before Parliament include the Property Rites of Spouses Bill and Intestate Succession Bill. A key provision of the Property Rites of Spouses Bill, which deals with cohabitation, states that a man and woman who live together for five continuous years are regarded as married in the eyes of the law, and are enjoined by the provisions of married persons.
“Section 3 (1) states: Cohabitation refers to a situation in which a man and woman hold themselves out to the public to be man and wife. (2) Persons who have cohabited for a period of five years or more shall be deemed to be spouses and have the rights of spouses for the purposes of this Act.”
But Akuma is not happy about the bill.
“When people are asked why persons who have cohabited for a period of five years or more should be deemed to be spouses, they refer to the sufferings some of our mothers have been through because of some of our fathers’ refusal to perform their marriage rites. But is the bill meant to compensate the mistakes of the past or to guide us and our children for a fruitful future? If it is for the past, then it is vindictive and will become an albatross that will create more monsters than good marital relationships in Ghana,” she told NEWS-ONE.
 How can a woman be regarded as your wife with full marital rights under any circumstance when you have not asked for her hand in marriage? This is unacceptable in Ghana. What happened to our family system and their relevance in our marital unions in Ghana?”
Akumaa Mama Zimbi
She suggested, “More emphasis should rather be made on the importance and the need to really get married. In fact, one could break off cohabitation after 4 years to avoid the full extent of the law. What if the young men decide to live with our beautiful young ladies for only 4years, with its related abortion issues and other sacrifices?”
“No marriage no sex habit should rather be our tag not cohabitation. For there is a way that seems right unto man but the end leads to destruction. Let’s guard our own foundations, our own African identity and personality, and keep our cultural and moral values for posterity. That is what makes us unique. That is our pride...medaase…” she concluded.
Akumaa, born Joyce Dongotey-Padi, is the CEO of a widow’s organization called Widows Alliance Network (WANE) which has over the years focused on sustaining the economic development of widows and educating them as well. She has done a lot of social responsibility projects which have won her international awards.

 Credit: NEWS-ONE

TV3 and Sparrow Productions are rolling out a new TV series titled ‘Peep’, which will be airing on Tuesdays at 8:30pm.  
The television drama series is a collaborative production between Sparrow Productions and TV3.
It tells the story of a trendy online publication company ‘Peep Online’, set up by a dynamic trio, two young guys and lady whose aggressive approach to unearthing the truth about a bank and its operations turns out the biggest scandal of the decade.
The ambitious three, along with their equally driven office team, will go to any lengths to get the news first, making ‘Peep’ the new sensation of the fourth estate.
However, their insatiable appetite for scandalous stories will also make them the target of vengeful victims. This fast-paced investigative drama combines exciting stories with cutting edge resources and dangerous antics to bring a fresh angle to the new age of journalism.
It stars Senanu Gbedawu, Nii Odoi Mensah, David Oscar of Laugh A Minute fame and Jasmine Baroudi.
Last Thursday, the first episode was premiered for special guests including the media to see it before it hits the big screens.
Shirley Frimpong was enthusiastic about collaborating with TV3 on the new series.
“Sparrow has had many partners with our productions throughout the years. For us, this would be the most significant by far considering the impact it carries for productions and television in Ghana for the future.  Basically TV3 has provided us with the support to go wild and dream beyond our limitations.”
“This means that finally television which carries the biggest impact on our society will finally be able to provide quality entertainment which will go a long way to shape our norms in a positive direction,” she added.

Credit~: NEWS-ONE folder as

Friday, 3 February 2012

Star actress Lydia Forson will be sharing a stage with some top world stars, as she makes a debut appearance in the latest edition of the Face2Face (F2FA) Magazine in the United State of America. 
The magazine targets re-branding Africa, globally.  It is described as a vibrant high-end magazine that uses creativity and expertise to explore the facets of politics, development, culture, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and how Africans and global citizens are using these facets to affect change, progress, and development.
With the goal of being the most convenient and accessible Africa focused magazine, F2FA will serve as a strong advocate of Africa’s potential in the 21st Century, while meeting the global community’s demand of a more positive and balanced representation of the continent.  F2FA will be available for digital and print subscriptions as well as in stores and online purchases.
It will have an official launch at Pranna Lounge in New York, United State of America on March 30. The event will also form part of Face2Face Africa’s one year anniversary.
The historic cover of F2FA will be unveiled at the launching. Currently, it has not been made public who is making the cover page. But Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson is gaining some prominence on the events flyers across the USA and some African countries.
Face2Face Africa ceremony will also announce and introduce for the first time the 2012 Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence who will be honored at the FA.C.E. List Awards later this year. 

Credit: NEWS-ONE

Jon Germain

Sleek singers Jon Germain and Chemphe have teamed up to give their fans a good reason to enjoy the Valentine season with the release of their latest single titled ‘She Makes Me Better-Real Man’s Anthem’.
It is Jon’s first collaboration with Chemphe and both musicians made extensive use of their soothing voices on the song.
The new song also has good lyrics and rhythm.
The song, produced by Kayso and C Tea in Tema, was released a couple of weeks ago.
Jon Germain said the response the song was getting wasn’t bad.
“I think it something that’s never happened in Ghana. A few hours and there is over a thousand download. So I think it’s good,” he told NEWS-ONE.
In the song, Jon and Chemphe talk about their women, who make them better. They also talk about issues of marriage and how special love can be.
“Me and Chemphe was an accident. I was in C Tea and Kayso studio picking up a song I did some months ago. Kayso was playing a song and I liked the beat. So I started singing a song. Chemphe was there too and he suggested we do something on the song. We were just joking and it came out good. So we decided to put it out,” he said.
The song is gradually receiving airplay, and music fans are loving it, ahead of the Valentine season.
It’s being awhile since Chemphe made the headlines but Jon was in the news this week for losing his elder brother, Nana Agyanin Boateng.
His demise occurred a week ago at the Okomfo Anokye Hospital in Kumasi.
It is currently not known what ailment took his life but sources said he had been ill for a while.
Currently, the Germain family, including the singer and his sister, Mabel Germain, actress and award-winning costumier, is mourning.

Creidt: NEWS-ONE

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