Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Hollywood standard West African-set Zombie feature film, ‘The Dead’, written and directed by Ford Brother’s Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, which featured Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei, has been released on DVD.
Prince David Osei
It was released on February 14 in the USA.
It is yet to be confirmed if the film is also scheduled for Ghana or Africa release.
 ‘The Dead’ made news a couple of months after it was released for cinema premieres.
It also gave Prince David Osei’s career a major boost.
The Dead’ featured Prince David Osei and veteran actor David Dontoh as the only Ghanaian exports in the movie.
Prior to releasing it for a number of world cinemas, the film was premiered in Los Angeles which David attended.
Months later it was premiered in Ghana. Hopes are that the film provides David more successful continental projects. 
‘The Dead’ is a hardcore Zombie film with good effects and suspense. It has a very touching story told with a good cast, good sound quality, good setting and pictures.
‘The Dead’, shot in life-threatening regions of Burkina Faso and Ghana, takes audiences on a horrifying road-trip through a zombie-dominated terrain. An American mercenary, the sole survivor of a violent plane crash, maneuvers through the hostile, arid landscape while battling against the newly-risen living dead. Almost losing all hope, he encounters an African soldier desperately searching for his son in the chaos.
The mercenary and the soldier rise up together to forge their way through the unstoppable assault of the ever-hungry undead and into an uncertain future.
Along with its overseas theatrical run, ‘The Dead’, co-directed and written by UK natives Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford, has been a festival favorite since its debut two years ago, garnering rave reviews from horror fans and mainstream media alike.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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