Friday, 31 May 2013

Yvonne Okoro
Popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro is expected to meet her teaming fan base as she organizes a signing ceremony to officially release her first produced movie, ‘The Contract’ onto the movie market.
At the yet to be announced date, she will organize a special launching event to officially release the movie. Fans who will attend the launching ceremony will be the first to get copies of the movie.
She will also sign autographs on the copies of the movie and grant photo opportunities to fans who will buy copies of the movie.
Yvonne is currently in Paris, France and is expected to bounce back to town sometime next week to officially announce the release date for ‘The Contract’.
The movie remained one of Ghana’s best movies that have made headlines across Africa and beyond.
The award winning romantic comedy directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso was the first Ghanaian movie to open Canada’s ReelWorld Films Festival in 12 years.
Also, it broke a number of movie records in Ghana’s movie premiere industry with some of the most patronized movie premiering events. By popular request, the movie was recalled into Silverbird Cinemas after it was premiered at National Theatre in December 2012.

Ghana’s music industry is set to witness another remarkable event with the launching of the first ever, Azonto Festival.
Being organized by FlashMob Ghana, an independent entertainment company that specializes in flash mob dance, event organizing and modelling, the festival would be launched tonight at the Coconut Groove Hotel in Accra, where organizers will explain what Azonto Festival is all about.
The event, according to a release this week, was targeted at “creating a platform to market made in Ghana brands culturally through the Azonto dance around the globe”.
Funny Face on Azonto move
Majid Michel on Azonto move
Organizers assured Ghanaians, United Kingdom citizens and the rest of the world to watch out for diverse forms of Azonto with the upcoming festival.
Azonto is currently the first Ghanaian dance to get international attention. There is some kind of confusion over how it originated but today entertainment observers would always credit it to music icons, Gasmilla, Sarkodie and soccer-star-turned-musician Asamoah Gyan.
The dance involves a wildly excited or uncontrolled set of hand movements that either mimic everyday activities or are meant to signal an often amusing intention. It begun with one or two step movements but has been advanced to more complex and almost acrobatic movements. Just like most African dances, knee bending and hip movements are elements to dancing it.
The dance has effectively evolved from a few rudimentary moves to embrace depictions of ironing, washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming, and others.
Generally, the dance reflects the creativity and sense of humour of the Ghanaians. The dance is usually performed with an accompanying smile, evolved from the combination of several local dance moves. It has evolved with the fast pace dance culture of modern West Africa.
Hence, the upcoming festival is anticipated to give Azonto another definition.

By Francis Addo NEWS-ONE

Omar Sheriff Captan
Popular Ghanaian actor Omar Sheriff Captan has said he is not thinking about quitting acting any time soon.
Last week reports linked the actor to taking a French leave from acting to do God’s work after he had said he was going to be ordained a pastor very soon.
But he told NEWS-ONE that, “I am not quitting acting. I will act while I also do God’s work. I will do it hand in hand.”
Over the years, Omar has not openly displayed his Christian faith until two weeks.  His latest revelation that he would be ordained pastor has thus come as a surprise to many who did not know his religious side.
Omar is one of Ghana’s best actors, known for his roles in movies such as “Outrage’, ‘Dark Sands’, ‘My Sweetie’, hit soaps ‘Tentacles’ and ‘Broadway’, and ‘Tinsel’ among others.
He is an actor synonymous with captivation and dynamism. Once upon a time, he was the sexiest man to grace TV screens in Ghana and a lot of young men and women adore his good looks and smooth flow.
Omar just describes himself as a simple everyday person who goes about his daily chores diligently.
He used to be a consistent face on ‘Tinsel’ but he has not been that constant in mainstream Ghanaian movies like his younger pals in the industry.
But thank God fans will see more of him because he would still do God’s work and still make himself available in Ghana’s movie industry.  

Thelma flanked by 1st runner up Belinda and 2nd Runner up Rhoda

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Elephant man
Popular Jamaican dancehall icon Elephant Man, also known as the Energy God (born O’Neil Bryan) has confirmed he is currently rehearsing for his best ever stage performance in Ghana during the BASS Awards scheduled for July 6, at the Accra International Conference Centre.

It would be the debut performance of the Energy God in Ghana and his spokespersons say the mega star is excited about the trip and the fact that he would be performing at an event meant to celebrate and award reggae and dancehall music.

Elephant Man would be one of the several international artistes attending the programme.

Another name being speculated to be at the BASS Awards is Winston ‘Yellowman’ Foster, world-renowned Jamaican reggae (rub-a-dub) and dancehall deejay, widely known as King Yellowman.

The award ceremony is being organized by Rackus Productions in collaboration with Bullhaus Entertainment and Solid Multimedia to honour Reggae and Dancehall music stakeholders.
Elephant started out his musical journey as a member of the Scare Dem Crew, later continuing as a solo artist.
He was later characterized for several trademarks, such as his dyed yellow-orange hair, his unique low-key voice, and his stage performance, which included jumping and running, or even climbing on stage props and monitors. His acoustic trademark is marked by a light lisp.
He had his first international recognition when he and Puma settled a contract for using his single ‘All Out’ for its Olympics commercial campaign in 2004.
He also had a song called ‘Willie Bounce’ that appeared on several mixtapes in early 2006. It sampled the first few bars from ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor.
Recently, Bryan signed with New York-based label Bad Boy Records and released ‘Let's Get Physical’ on November 6, 2007. The first single is called ‘Five-O’ and features Wyclef Jean. Another track on the album featured Diddy and Busta Rhymes and was produced by Cipha Soundsand Solitair.
Many of his songs are found on various Riddim Driven albums by VP Records and Greensleeves Records’ Rhythm Album series. He performs on popular riddims such as "Diwali", “Coolie”, “Stepz”, and “Bubble Up.”
The Gully Creeper dance, for which Bryan created a song, was danced by Usain Bolt at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing after winning the gold medal and breaking a world record in the 200 metre sprint.

Credit: NEWS-ONE
Yvonne Nelson and her fans at Miss Universe
 Actress Yvonne Nelson had a rough time dealing with a section of her fans at the 2013 edition of the Miss Universe pageant on Friday.
The beautiful actress was one of the high profile judges for the event alongside international model, Veronica Varekova, 2011 Miss Universe winner, Leila Lopes, actress, TV host Benny Blanco and Brian D. Hogan, founder and partner of Paradigm Group Capital LLC.
Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson and George William

The Crowd
Abdul Salam, Jackie Appiah and Frank Rajah

Chichi Neblett
Uche Iwuanyanwu

Frank Rajah & Yvonne Nelson
The premiere of new Ghanaian movie, ‘Cheaters’ attracted an encouraging patronage at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra than expected last Friday evening.
Two of Silverbird Cinema halls were used for the premiere. Each of the halls screened the movie twice and on each occasion, the halls were fully packed.
“It is encouraging that movie fans came out in their numbers to see my movie. It is indication that Ghanaians still have interest in our local movies and we must improve the frontiers to heighten that attention,” director Frank Rajah said at the premiere.
“It is amazing,” CEO of Venus Film Production, Abdul Salam described it.
At about 6:00pm Friday evening, movie enthusiasts started trooping to Silverbird for the premiere event which had some of Ghana’s hottest actors passing through. 
By 7:00pm when the movie was about to start, all two halls of the cinema were packed. At the same time an interesting number of movie fans were waiting outside of the halls for their turn.
Also patrons’ reaction to some of the scenes of the movie during the screening ceremony indicated that they loved the movie.
Present at the ceremony sponsored by Baileys were top actors Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah and John Dumelo.
Among the cast were Chichi Neblett, Uche Iwuannyawu and Henry A. Asiedu as Adjetey Anang and Omar Sheriff Captan were conspicuously missing.  Also present were Gloria Sarfo, Roselyn Ngissah, Kweku Elliot, Nollywood’s Bobby Obodo, David Oscar and a host of others.   
‘Cheaters’ is described as the next romantic comedy to rock the movie scene.
It follows the stories of several young couples caught up in a web of love, lies and extramarital affairs. It throws more light on the assumption that marriage is the only war in which one sleeps with the enemy. If the couple is inseparable, it usually takes five people to separate it and ‘Cheaters’ reflects just that. In this film love is portrayed as a mysterious adventure that takes one through many twists and turns. 
One adds a bit of infidelity to the mix and he or she has the perfect recipe for disaster.

By Francis Addo NEWS-ONE
Kissi Kantios
Ghanaian rising reggae icon Kissi Kantios says he finds miming to be a cheap and appalling way of performing music, so he would rather mount a stage with at least a guitar rather than mime.
“ I’d rather perform with  a guitar or keyboard and percussion than mime my own song...but with the current trend of event organizing where organizers do not make provision for live bands ,well man might be compelled to bend his own rules just for the show to go on,” he told NEWS-ONE in exclusive interview.

After 15 years of recording in various studios across Ghana and 20 years of performing on various stages and concerts, the teacher-Rasta-presenter comes out with two singles ‘Ma No Nko’ and ‘Washe Me Time’ which are already making impact on the airwaves on stations such as Hits FM, Joy FM, Radio XYZ, Peace FM, Y FM and Windy bay among others.
The singles blend elements of high-life music with hardcore dancehall music to recreate and rebrand a hybrid of the two called Dancelife which is original to Ghana.
He worked with Zapp Mallet, one of the best sound engineers on the continent and Naa Elizabeth a voice major and teaching assistant in the Music Department of UEW doing the backing vocals. He hopes his Dancelife music rocks the continent.
‘Ma No Nko’ was the anthem of most clubs and shows in the just ended Aboakyir festival and continues to enjoy a dancing ovation of every ear that hears it.
Agyei Kissi Kantios was born in Asamankese in the Eastern Region. He completed secondary school at Aggrey Memorial A.M.E Zion Secondary School in 1997 as a science student, enrolled into Abetifi Teachers College of Education in 1999 to be trained as a teacher.
He completed in 2002 and was posted to teach at various places in the Western Region of Ghana. Later he underwent training as a radio broadcaster while still teaching. In 2006 he started working as a part-time radio presenter at Ankobra FM in Axim presenting reggae and showbiz programmes.
But his passion for reggae and highlife music has been a lifelong one; hence he decided to veer into doing music.
He wrote his first reggae music at the age of 10 after reading Bob Marley and other reggae lyrics from LP covers belonging to his father.
There were the days when he would run from home or school just to follow bands around towns and villages observing the DJ and sometimes asking to be allowed to operate the sound systems.
 In 2010 he left radio to enter the University of Education, Winneba, to continue his study of music.
A guitarist and a student keyboardist, Kantios has great passion for live music.
Aero Contractors officials in Accra
One of Africa’s leading airlines, Aero Contractors Company from Nigeria has emphasized its interest in promoting tourism in African countries, where it operates.
On Friday, the airline announced its 13th flight route to Douala, Cameroun and hoped to promote tourism in that part of Africa.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Gifty Ofori Miss Universe Ghana

It is a shame that organizers of the last edition of Miss Universe Ghana have refused to give the winner her prize package; yet they are organizing another event this evening to crown a new Miss Universe, with their sponsors closing one eye on this apparent fraud.
Insignia Experience and Roberta Annan Consulting (RAC LLC), organizers of the 2012 edition, are divided over which of the two companies is responsible to give the winner, Gifty Ofori, her full prize package.
It has emerged however that there is a written Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that explicitly explains what the winner’s prize package is and which company is responsible for giving it out.
While RAC is saying it has nothing to do with prize packages and event in general because it only played a ‘helping’ role, Insignia creates the impression that RAC is responsible for the credibility hitches.  
Meanwhile, a new queen is about to be crowned tonight at the  La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra where the 2013 edition of the concert is being organized by Roberta Annan Consulting [RAC LLC].
Sources say the fact that the 2012 winner has not received her full prize package is creating panic among current contestants for the 2013 edition.
A press statement issued by RAC on Wednesday said Ms Gifty Ofori deserves to receive her prize package.
However, the company said it was not responsible for the event and the prize packages for 2012 winner because it only played a ‘helping’ role during last year’s event.
It however didn’t go into details to explain what it meant by ‘help.’  
“Last year’s edition of the pageant was organized by INSIGNIA Experience with help from the RAC Group and based on their working agreement at the time, INSIGNIA was responsible for the event as well as providing the winner with the prize she deservedly won.
“RAC LLC however believes that Ms. Gifty Ofori deserves to receive all the full benefits that were promised her when she won the crown last year; and as such she is right to pursue the issue with last year’s organizers,” public relations manager for RAC, Derrick Addai said in the statement.
Meanwhile, a MoU sighted by NEWS-ONE on Friday indicated that the 2012 Miss Universe Ghana pageant was organized as a joint venture between Insignia and RAC.
According to the document titled ‘Joint Venture (JV) Agreement between Insignia and RAC’, RAC is also responsible for the prize packages.
A clause (4.1.1) of the said agreement stated: “That RAC shall use all legitimate means available at her disposal as afore-represented to facilitate the procurement of funding and sponsorship in the areas so agreed for The Joint Venture.”
As regards terms for termination, there are claims that “Insignia has received no documentation requesting the dissolution of the JV.”
There were also other issues of breach of confidentiality.
But in all this brouhaha, the innocent queen, Ms Gifty Ofori is the one who has been denied what she is legitimately entitled to.


Majid Michel trying a fist

Admired Ghanaian actor Majid Michel seems to be getting tired of playing love roles in movies.
Several years after he had played such roles next to great African screen goddesses as Mercy Johnson, Yvonne Okoro, Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah and Nadia Buari among others, he now seems to be telling African film producers, “I want something more challenging and different.”
The handsome actor’s first ever Best Actor in Leading Role award at the 2012 edition of the prestigious Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) was kind courtesy of his somewhat action delivery in Frank Rajah Arase’s directed, ‘Somewhere In Africa’ movie.
In that movie, fans had a totally different delivery from Majid.  His posture in one of his recent portraits only gave him out as comparatively wanting more of action roles and perhaps stunt roles as it pertains in Hollywood.
Last year, the father of two did not featured in too many movies but the reason was not blamed on his quest to cut down on love or romantic roles.
However, movie production had generally slowed down in both last year and this year. This year, Majid last featured in Yvonne Nelson’s produced, ‘House of Gold’ movie from the stables of Media GH.  But he is currently shooting in Nigeria. NEWS-ONE waits to see what his next role in his next movie will be.    


Days after winning Album of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, hot Ghanaian rapper and producer E.L is set to release another single titled ‘No Size’ today Friday, 24 May, 2013.
The song which has an afro pop feel, will be E.L’s first official single from his upcoming album set to be released later in the year.
No size proves E.L’s versatility, drawing emphasis on his growth and how far he’s come as an artist. This track is no doubt a hit and will definitely get fans dancing just like his other hits.
Publicist R. Davies of Rickie Davies PR commented: “E.L has come a very long way as an artist and I believe this song shares his success story so far. It’s already a hit.”
The rapper recently hosted the popular Xtra Talent show on BBC Radio 1xtra in the UK where he played some of the best music in Africa.
His upcoming show dubbed, “E.L and Friends”, will feature artists including C-Real, Raquel, J Town as well as Essi, a young talented singer.
Born in Accra, Ghana, Elom Adablah better known by his stage name E.L is an award winning Ghanaian Rapper and record producer. The enterprising young icon began music during his secondary education and despite the scepticism of close friends and family, E.L invested all his funds into building his own recording studio so he could focus on his music ca

As housemates of the 2013 edition of Big Brother Africa reality show dubbed, Big Brother; The Chase are about to be unveiled on Sunday May 26, certain names have been mentioned to represent Ghana.
Sunday will soon come for everyone to know the true identities of those who will be representing the country.
There are current questions being raised about popular Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, as to whether she will be one of the representatives from Ghana.
This is because the beautiful actress has been tweeting about the Big Brother reality show for past few days. Her tweets give one reason to insinuate that she has something to do with the upcoming event in South Africa.
She could not readily be reached yesterday as c
Stella Seal

Veteran gospel musician Stella Seal will Sunday May 26, bring back glorious memories to Christians as she is set to perform at the Osu Presby Hall in Accra.
The adorable singer has been off the music scene for a while, though she has been ministering behind the scenes.
Dubbed, Night of Healing in Worship, the concert is organized by her Stella Seal Ministries and UniBank.
It is expected to bring back the onetime hot gospel songstress onto Ghana’s gospel music scene while she wins more souls for Christ.
The programme will start at 4:00pm and run into Sunday evening. Stella Aba Seal, as she is called, is a gospel musician of many years with about nine soul-inspiring and uplifting albums.
The second of four siblings, she was born to Madam Violet Addo from Anum Boso and Mr. Theophilus Seal, (deceased) who was half British and half Cameroonian in the Eastern Region.
She started her primary education at the New Town 4 School and continued at the Kotobabi 2 Middle School. Stella trained as a secretary at the Accra Polytechnic after her GCE ‘O’ level in 1981 at the City Secondary and Business College at Caprice in Accra.
After Accra Poly, she went to a dressmaking school at the former Singer Sewing Company, now known as Kalbs, where she learnt how to sew. She later went to the Ghana Airways Training School where she passed out with AITA’s Basic Certificate in passenger handling, sales and reservations.
All that while, she was singing in the church—the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES) in Accra.
She subsequently joined the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) after five years at GES for another five years before she decided to record her first album.” She has since not looked back.

By Francis Add (@fdee50)-NEWS-ONE

Nigeria’s reigning music icon Wizkid has promised his fans in Ghana to watch out for great performances from him, as he joins the league of Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians who will be performing at the 2013 edition of Ghana Meets Naija concert being organised by Bola Ray’s Empire Entertainment.
The concert which is slated for June 29, at the Accra International Conference Centre was launched on Wednesday May 22, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra.
Artistes announced to perform at the anticipated  groundbreaking event are  R2Bees, who just won six awards including Artiste of the Year at the 2013 Ghana Music Awards, Edem, Okyeame Kwame, Raquel, E.L., Xo Senavoe, Dr Slim, Dobble  among others.
In the Nigerian line-up are Wizkid, Burna Boy, Timaya and a host of others.
Wizkid said at the launching ceremony that he wa

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Veronica Varekova

Gifty Ofori, Miss Universe Ghana

The cast

All roads are expected to lead to the Silverbird Cinema in Accra on Friday evening as the latest romantic comedy starring top actors, Omar Sheriff Captan, Adjetey Anang and Jackie Appiah among others, hits the big screens.
The movie will be unveiled at a red carpet grand premiere Friday evening.
In past weeks, various casts have been talking about their roles on various media platforms.
The calm-actor, Omar Sheriff Captan had last week created the impression that the movie will be his last before he moves on to his other dream of becoming a man of God.
The new movie, directed by Frank Rajah, is from the stables of Raj Films and Heroes Production.
It also stars USA-based Cameroonian actress Okawa Shaznay, Uche Iwuannyawu, Henry A. Asiedu and Liberian born Ghanaian actress, Chichi Neblett among others.
This group of actors and a number of others will be gracing the red carpet, come May 24.
The new film is arguably the first film that paired the two actors, Jackie Appiah and Adjetey Anang as lovers.
It is the next romantic comedy to rock the movie scene. ‘Cheaters’ follows the stories of several young couples caught up in a web of love, lies and extramarital affairs. It throws more light on the assumption that marriage is the only war in which one sleeps with the enemy. If the couple is inseparable, it usually takes five people to separate it and ‘Cheaters’ reflects just that. In this film love is portrayed as a mysterious adventure that takes one through many twists and turns. 
One adds a bit of infidelity to the mix and he or she has the perfect recipe for disaster.
Movie enthusiasts are encouraged to wait until May 24m to watch how these love-torn couples struggle to make it through another overrated love-fest called Valentine’s Day.   

Credit: NEWS-ONE 

Ebi Bright in her bikini on the runway

Celebrated beautiful Ghanaian actress Ebi Bright last Sunday celebrated her birthday in an unprecedented fashion when she decided to show off some skin at her birthday party.
 She joined a bikini show by Classic Modeling Agency as part of h
Promzy on stage

Popular Ghanaian music group VIP signed-off their performance at the just ended Vodafone Ghana music awards (VGMA) with a call on Ghanaian musicians to be united.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Yvonne Okoro & Richie
Among the shakers of Ghana’s entertainment industry that attended this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Award on Saturday evening was stunning star actress Yvonne Okoro.
She made a surprise appearance on stage to join Lynx Entertainment’s Richie Mensah to present the award for Hip Life Artiste of the year category.   
Yvonne came on stage looking very relaxed but beautiful with her adoring smiles.
She wore a white executive looking dress which interestingly matched that of Richie, who wore a white blazer. 
Yvonne Okoro, John Dumelo and Roseline Okoro
Richie tried to convince the audience that Yvonne Okoro was his match for the night as a result of their outfits.
But his demeanor only gave him away as either being shy of the actress or having a crash on her. 
Fascinatingly, Yvonne won’t talk much on stage, but only smile.

Source: Francis Addo (NEWS-ONE)

Omar Sheriff and Chichi at ETV on friday
Calm-looking popular Ghanaian actor Omar Sheriff Captan will likely take French leave from full-time screen acting in order to do God's work.
The actor, whose new movie Cheaters is scheduled to premiere on May 24 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra, revealed on ETV's Late Night Celebrity Show that he will be ordained as a pastor very soon.
According to him, before he went on Tinsel, he had a calling to serve God. Now that he is no longer on Tinsel, he is about to make his pastoral calling to win souls for Christ come to pass.
Omar also hinted that he would be walking down the aisle soon, hopefully in December.
Though he has been a ca

Sandra Ankobiah
Sexy lawyer and ex-Miss Ghana runner up, Sandra Ankobiah on Saturday celebrated another year of her existence on earth.
She had enough reason to be happy because she is part of the living.
On Saturday, she received loads of congratulatory messages from friends and family.
Earlier that day, she posted on BlackBerry how gifts were flowing from friends. Subsequently, she posted snapshots of dollars on her photo status.
It was not clear if she had a party to celebrate the day, but it was confirmed that she was at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.
The host of fashion TV magazine, Fashion 101, was recently called to the Ghana Bar after graduating from the Ghana Law School.
She told NEWS-ONE she won’t abandon the showbiz industry because she had been called to the bar.
When she started her Fashion 101 TV programme, many had thought it would be a nine-day wonder, and fizzle out soon. But she has proven herself and improved episode by episode.
Her biggest challenge now is staying on the top.

By Francis Addo (NEWS-ONE)

William Addo and some other cast
Some of Ghana’s one time hot actors who are now considered veterans are making a comeback in the new hit series Illusions.
Most veterans in Ghana’s movie industry hardly play major roles in recent movies. But a chunk of them are starring in the new series, NEWS-ONE gathered. 
Williams Addo, Kojo Dadson, Fred Amugi and a number of others are all enjoying a cool breeze in the series. Also in the series are new faces who no doubt are taking lessons from the veterans. 
‘Illusions’ is a satirical mini drama series that comes with very interesting episodes. It tackles issues and themes about peer pressure, boy/girl relationships in communities, parental neglect, bad parenthood, family war, AIDS and other sexual related issues.
The rest include drugs and its effect on the youth. Simply put it is themed on societal issues.
‘ILLUSIONS’ has three main story lines which emerge and split as the story unfolds. There is one for the youth, one for the parents and the last one for the growing adult. It is currently showing on GTV every Thursday.

By Francis Addo

Fred Nuamah
The 66th edition of the Cannes Films Festival began last Wednesday with film stakeholders from various parts of the world for the earth acclaimed event.
Ghana was officially invited for the opening of the festival and Fred Nuamah, CEO of Ghana Movie Awards was at the ceremony which also had other world stars walking the red carpet.

 It is yet to be authenticated, which other Ghana film stakeholders have made it to this year’s Cannes film festival. Currently it is Fred Nuamah seen on the red carpet. Indications were that some Ghanaian stars would be joining the festival this weekend.  

Larry Lizzard
Young rapper Larry Lizzard is hopeful of making it on huge music platforms as MTV Base and Trace Urban with his

Award winning music group, VIP has released its much anticipated video for its ‘Follow Me’ hit song from the group’s 7/11 album. The video was released three days ago ahead of Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA), the major event on the music calendar.
‘Follow Me’ song was produced by EL while the video was shot and edited by Phamous People. Its first day release on Wednesday on youtube had over 1000 views and keeps rising by the day.
VIP is hopeful of causing a stir at Saturday VGMA. The group was nominated for Artiste of the Year, Hip Life Song of the Year, Best Group of the Year, Hip life /Hip Hop Artiste of the Year and Best Music Video of the Year categories. 
Over the past 10 years, VIP has sold over 5 million records, making the group one of the best selling recording artistes in Africa.


The group is made up of Zeal (Abdul Hamid Ibrahim), Promzy (Emmanuel Promzy Ababio) and Prodigal (Joseph Nana Ofori). They are described as charismatic trio who have revolutionized the African music industry by creating award-winning compositions that blend High Life, Hip Hop and traditional African music.

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