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I Don’t Know why I Look Like Will Smith-Tony

Ghana’s prolific Art Director Tony Prince Tomety is surprised at how he looks so much like American superstar Will Smith.   
He told NEWS-ONE that he could not explain the reason behind their striking resemblance, but he could perhaps unravel that mystery one day after meeting with Will Smith.                                                       Tony Prince Tomety & Kimberly Elise
                                                      Tony Prince Tomety
                                                                  Will Smith

“I always hear people call me Will Smith. It is getting crazy. It is like every day I wake up and I look more like him. I was in Europe two times and everywhere I went, every shop I went to, everybody wanted to take pictures with me because they say I look like Will Smith. And newspapers wanted to do the lookalike thing. “I don’t know why I look like him. Maybe he looks like me. It is funny but I don’t know how it happened. I have to meet Will Smith to know ho…

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