Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Selassie & VEEP

Ghana’s Vice President John Mahama has made a rather interesting revelation about the pretty lady who keeps his bed warm at night, Lordina Mahama, Ghana’s Second Lady.
John Mahama has confessed that his dear wife is a “jealous” woman who is always on guard to prevent any other woman from snatching him from her.
The Vice President disclosed further that he has however been a very responsible husband who respects his wife and has therefore not given her much reason to get worried or even suspicious that he would go behind her.
“She (Lordina) picks a few knockouts to make sure that nobody is coming too close. If you have something precious, you make sure where you put it, you keep an eye on it to make sure nobody takes it (laughs). So she just keeps an eye but I am good person,” John Mahama noted when he appeared on Smart People, a television programme hosted by actress Selassie Ibrahim.

Though Lordina was not on the programme to explain why she keeps the “few knockouts” as being alleged by her sweetheart, she had in a previous interview explained some few secrets about John Mahama.
She confessed being aware that her husband is perceived as a 'woman's man' but she is not worried about it because she is well-adjusted to that 'hazardous' life of being married to a handsome man.
“That is the hazard of being married to a handsome man; even my friends tease me and say that I am lucky to have caught him (John Mahama) when I did, else if they had met him first, I would not have had him,” Mrs. Mahama revealed.
Lordina also revealed why her husband has other children apart from hers: “John was a bit wild in his more youthful days. It happened at a time we had some turbulence in our relationship and I had returned to Europe where I lived many years before we got married.
“But we have managed to build a stable relationship. He joined me in worshipping at the Assemblies of God Church about seven years ago and it has imbued in him a sense of confidence and made him a loving and responsible father.  He is at peace with himself and God and if I were young and had to marry, I would marry him all over again,” she indicated.
Smart People TV magazine is produced by Selassie’s Smarttys Management and Production.
The actress caught up with the Vice President while he was working out in his gymnasium and aside Lordina, he spoke about his love for music and said he had an iPod which had a lot of music of a number of Ghanaian musicians including Kojo Antwi.
“I like dancing but I don’t go to Kojo Antwi’s show because I like dancing. I love Kojo Antwi; I think he is one of Ghana’s best musicians. I can understand why all the Ghanaian women love him. His songs are very powerful and very romantic.
“One of the popular artistes I have on my iPod is Kojo Antwi. These are from albums he personally gave me. But there are other artistes I like. I like Amandzeba Nat Brew. I like Gyedu Blay Ambolley and I also like some of the younger artistes. I like Shasha Marley. I also like some of the gospel music. I like songs by Cecilia Marfo, Christiana Love and a number of others,” he concluded.
Selassie Ibrahim’s TV programme is an exclusive, personality-profile interview which targets businessmen, lawyers, pastors, traditional rulers, politicians and more. It brings to the fore what they have had to go through and how hard they have had to work to achieve their present status.

Citizen Kofi Edifice
Citizen Kofi entertainment centre will tomorrow play host to top Ghanaian and Nigerian artistes billed to perform at Empire Entertainment’s Ghana Meets Naija mega concert scheduled for July 1.
The pre-gathering at the plush centre is to give the artistes a platform to meet and familiarize ahead of the main event. The event is not considered a mere concert but a platform for both Ghanaian and Nigerians musicians to prove their worth on stage.
Reks Brobbey
 Among names expected to be at Citizen Kofi tomorrow night include 9ice, J Martins, Wande Cole, Naeto C, and 2face from Nigeria. From Ghana will be VIP, Dr. Cryme, 4x4, Sarkodie, R2bees and a number of other top notch hip-life artistes.
Information available to NEWS-ONE indicates more local artistes are queuing up to get billed for the show.    
The main event will take place at the Dome of Accra International Conference Centre on Friday, where thousands of fans are expected to gather.
The event has been described by organizers as the biggest musical event to take place between Nigeria and Ghana.
J Martin

Naeto C
Tickets are said to be almost sold out with a couple of days to go and it seems the show will live up to its successful billing.
The Ghana Meets Naija concert is sponsored by RLG Communications, Smirnoff Vodka, Jaguar and Digital Innovation, with support from Y Fm, Joy Fm, 4syte TV, Advertising and Media Communications.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

                                          Frank Raja and Majid Michel on set
                                                   a scene from the movie
                                           A scene from the movie
                          A scene from the movie
Award-winning director Frank Rajah Arase has stated that his upcoming movie, ‘Somewhere In Africa’, will be significant to all Africans.
The movie, which will be premiered at the National Theatre in Accra on July 30 and recaptures the heinous stories of how some African regimes have been maltreating their citizenry, is a total deviation from the normal love-dominated movies that have been flocking the Ghanaian and African movie markets.
Speaking with BEATWAVES after the movie’s 30-minute premiere at the Silverbird Cinema last week Wednesday, the director and writer said, “The message and scenes from the movie were to bring people’s (Africans’) mind to the realization that this is not just a movie but something that is really happening in Accra. It is a wake-up call. The movie is not just to entertain but mirror you and see what is happening; let it reflect on you as African.”
The movie tells the story of Yusuf Mumbasa (Majid Michel), who after escaping an assassination attempt by King of Kimbala, captured power via a coup d’état and ordered the killing of all previous government appointees. The minority, including students, went on the streets to demonstrate, but Yusuf would have none of that.
The movie stars the crème de la crème of Ghana’s movie industry, with Majid Michel playing a dual role as a journalist and military leader. The rest include actors David Dontoh, Kofi Adjorlolo, Amornabea Dodoo, Eddie Nartey, Roslyn Ngissah, Martha Ankomah and others.
The story has a striking resemblance to Ghana’s political history but Frank Rajah said he researched most African governments before coming up with the script.
“The movie is intended to call Africans to return home and put themselves together and help build the united state of Africa that we all yearn for and leave peacefully as well as build a future for African children,” he added.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ghana’s prolific Art Director Tony Prince Tomety is surprised at how he looks so much like American superstar Will Smith.   
He told NEWS-ONE that he could not explain the reason behind their striking resemblance, but he could perhaps unravel that mystery one day after meeting with Will Smith.
                                                      Tony Prince Tomety & Kimberly Elise
                                                      Tony Prince Tomety
                                                                  Will Smith

“I always hear people call me Will Smith. It is getting crazy. It is like every day I wake up and I look more like him. I was in Europe two times and everywhere I went, every shop I went to, everybody wanted to take pictures with me because they say I look like Will Smith. And newspapers wanted to do the lookalike thing.
“I don’t know why I look like him. Maybe he looks like me. It is funny but I don’t know how it happened. I have to meet Will Smith to know how it happened,” he told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.        
Tony, a former student of National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), has worked in Ghana’s movie industry as production designer and arts director for the past seven years.
He has worked on a couple of Ghanaian movies that made it to the international market including ‘No Time To Die’, ‘Sinking Sands’, ‘Warrior Queen’, and a number of others including Leila’s new movie ‘Ties That Bind’. He also works on TV commercials and music videos and has a number of awards to his credit, including Best Art Direction award at NAFTI (2006) and Ghana Movie Awards (2010). 
Tony’s dad hails from the Volta Region and his mum comes from Prampram. He started school from Deks Preparatory School in Tema and continued at the Osu Salem Boys’ Boarding School. He subsequently moved to the Presbyterian Boys High School at Legon.
He entered NAFTI in 2002, where he majored in Production Design in Art Direction. He graduated in 2006, after which he has since been working in the creative arts industry.



Though Sima Ibrahim, CEO of Exopa Modeling Agency is behind bars, charming sexy models from his outfit last Saturday proved beyond doubt that the agency is alive.
The models thrilled a packed audience with an extraordinary bikini show which left a lot of the audience asking for more.  
“I want to tell everybody who thought Exopa is dead that the agency is not dead. Exopa will not die, Exopa is still alive and Exopa will fly higher than it ever did nsha Allah,” Benjamin Nana Addo Asideu, otherwise called Zion, one of the agency’s top models, told NEWS-ONE after the show.
“Now if you mention Exopa, every little kid and everybody know about the Exopa. Even if they have a little negative mind about the name Exopa, I want to remind everybody that we are doing good things to support the modeling and fashion industry,” he added.
The exciting runway show, which was held at the Exopa Burge behind the Trade Fair, was part of a graduation ceremony for a number of new models who underwent training.
The models proved Exopa is still in top shape with some creative catwalks on the runway to display clothes by Slim Designs.
They wowed the audience with some attention-grabbing steps as they showcased clothing from office wear to evening wear.
But the icing on the cake was when models came on the runway in their bikinis.
Indeed, the event had an encouraging attendance as it attracted a number of models from other agencies who came through to support their colleagues.
Soccer star Laryea Kingston, Nii of Project Fame, Tinny, actor Zimran Clottey and Kwaw Kese including other celebrities were not left out.
“I like the bikini display,” Tinny and Laryea said in separate interviews with the MC, Naa. 
Zion confessed that though it was not easy putting up the show, he was happy with the turnout.
 “It got to a time when we called our sponsors, the way they talked to us was very demeaning. I don’t know what really happened but the sponsors turned their back on us but a few of them are kind of coming back to team up with us for the way forward,” he added.
He said Exopa is currently registering for a new set of models at the Burge.


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