Monday, 6 February 2012

TV3 and Sparrow Productions are rolling out a new TV series titled ‘Peep’, which will be airing on Tuesdays at 8:30pm.  
The television drama series is a collaborative production between Sparrow Productions and TV3.
It tells the story of a trendy online publication company ‘Peep Online’, set up by a dynamic trio, two young guys and lady whose aggressive approach to unearthing the truth about a bank and its operations turns out the biggest scandal of the decade.
The ambitious three, along with their equally driven office team, will go to any lengths to get the news first, making ‘Peep’ the new sensation of the fourth estate.
However, their insatiable appetite for scandalous stories will also make them the target of vengeful victims. This fast-paced investigative drama combines exciting stories with cutting edge resources and dangerous antics to bring a fresh angle to the new age of journalism.
It stars Senanu Gbedawu, Nii Odoi Mensah, David Oscar of Laugh A Minute fame and Jasmine Baroudi.
Last Thursday, the first episode was premiered for special guests including the media to see it before it hits the big screens.
Shirley Frimpong was enthusiastic about collaborating with TV3 on the new series.
“Sparrow has had many partners with our productions throughout the years. For us, this would be the most significant by far considering the impact it carries for productions and television in Ghana for the future.  Basically TV3 has provided us with the support to go wild and dream beyond our limitations.”
“This means that finally television which carries the biggest impact on our society will finally be able to provide quality entertainment which will go a long way to shape our norms in a positive direction,” she added.

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