Sunday, 27 January 2013

Okawa Shaznay
U.S based Cameroonian actress, Okawa Shaznay has expressed interest in producing more movies in Ghana.
The beautiful and talented actress came to Ghana last year for the first time for a movie titled, The Refugee, which was directed by popular director, Frank Rajah.
She expressed enthusiasm in producing more movies in Ghana, which she described as similar to her country, Cameroon.
“Definitely, I foresee myself coming back here again to do a movie and by God’s grace, I hope to do more projects here. I actually like Ghana. It is a little laid back country. It has security and it is kind of like my country, Cameroon. So that’s why I like here,” she told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.
Okawa is popular figure in Cameroon and the African community in US, especially Houston, Texas. She is a budding actress and commercial print model based in Houston.
Shaznay, a former Miss Cameroon USA, started her career in Cameroon with movies like “The Eighth Commandment” by Sarabi Pictures.
She continues to explore more acting opportunities in the U.S and appeared in some African productions.
She also partook in Miss Africa USA 2010 but didn’t win. 
Aside acting in the USA, she worked professionally as an accountant. But she is ready for full time career in acting.
Commenting on her background, she said, “I hold a bachelor degree in accounting but I love to act.
“I was raised in Africa but currently live in the Houston, Texas for the last seven years.  
Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor but funny enough when I turned 15 things changed. Upon the proliferation of home vide
os in Cameroon, I got inspired to become an actor. So I started attending movie workshops in Cameroon. By the time I turned 18 years, I did two movie projects before relocating to America. In the USA, I joined a Nigerian African Theatre group and that is how it all began in USA.”   

 credit: NEWS-ONE


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