Monday, 28 January 2013

Belinda Effah
Nollywood actress Belinda Effah has told NEWS-ONE that she is blessed to have worked with popular Ghanaian actor and Africa’s reigning Best Actor Majid Michel.
The two actors recently worked on a set in Nigeria and since then Belinda has talked about Majid more than any African actress did in the past.
Currently, the relationship between the fast-rising Nollywood wonder and the father of two is not clear. It is however certain that one of them is crazy about the other and that person definitely is the beautiful actress.
A couple of months ago, she was captured in some Nollywood reports openly professing her admiration for the fine Ghanaian actor.
She reportedly said out of all the A-list actors she had worked with, Majid remains the best she admires and respects.
Majid Michel
She reiterated this in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE.
“Working with Majid was amazing. He is very professional. He keeps to time. He is very friendly on set. When he is on set you don’t see a star, you see an artiste ready to be used. So I learnt a lot from him. He was always handy with his advice and tips. And I was blessed to actually have worked with him.”
When asked what advice Majid gave her, this was what she had to say: “Oh no, I can’t divulge that to you. It is for me. He gave me some wonderful advice that is still working for me. One thing I can say is Majid is impressed with my work and for me it is an honour that someone with that magnitude to say ‘oh Belinda you are good.”
Belinda was recently in Ghana for the shoot of a Frank Rajah directed movie, titled, “The Refugee.” It wasn’t her first time working in Ghana.
She is described as a wonderful actress in Nollywood. She began her acting career through a TV series titled, ‘Shallow Water’ and has since rise along the ranks. She was a contestant in the 2006 edition of the Next Movie Star reality show. She won the Best Upcoming Actress at Bon AWARDS, GIAMA Awards in US and also, a group in her home State Uyo honoured her.
Currently, she has a lot of movies to her credit. Among them are Mrs. Somebody, Azonto Girls, Bigger Ladies, Udeme mmi and more. She said all her movies are her favourites and she believes she is good at playing emotional roles.  She currently aims at being the number one in Africa one day. 
She is from Cross River State and from a large family. “My family is enough to make a football team,” she said.
She attended the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt and later studied Genetics and Bio-technology at the University of Calabar. But she finds herself acting now.
“I studied Genetic and Bio-Technology because as a child back then I think it was more like a norm for you to want to be a doctor.  Because then your parents will be proud of you. I know a lot of people who studied medicine but they are not practicing. That thing is tedious. It is supposed to be a six years course but it ends up ten years and you must love it. With time, I realized that I didn’t like it that much and had to find an alternative and nothing close to medicine and so I opted for Genetic and Bio-Technology. I love it but hey I don’t think we have the facility in Nigeria. So why should I be pursuing a dream that is dead,” she explained her switch to acting.
“Since I was a child, I used to write short stories and do a lot of acting here and there. I used to participate in church and school dramas and all of that.”
Credit:  NEWS-ONE



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