Monday, 18 February 2013

AJ Nelson

Ghanaian rapper AJ Nelson has released his latest single tiled ‘Aden’, featuring Stone of Bradez fame and Kodi, two of Ghana’s finest rappers.
The single is an inspirational hip-hop tune that encourages the down-trodden to be hopeful in the face of backbiting and discouragement because God makes everything possible. The rhythm and instrumentation of the song has authentic Ghanaian roots.
AJ Nelson said his experiences in life inspired him to make ‘Aden’.
In life, we have two kinds of people, firefighters and fire lighters. Fire lighters will encourage you and pray for you to make it to the top. They help you to get back on your feet when you fall, and fire fighters will talk about you, discourage you and paint you black before your enemies. No matter what you do or say, they are against it simply because you are good at what you do and they find you unstoppable. So basically what ‘Aden’ is saying is, ‘go ahead and talk about me, it does not matter what you say am still here and popping because God made that possible’,” he explained.
 “‘Aden’ is a personal issue and more like a true story. I was labelled as vagabond, stubborn, disrespectful and didn’t listen to advice. Whenever a bad thing is done around my neighbourhood, they always mentioned my name,” he said. He added, “Whatever I do, they always criticised me. Why don’t they mind their own business?”
 AJ Nelson is urging his fans to watch out for more amazing singles this year.
 “This year my fans are going to hear a lot from me. I’m not going to layback anymore. I just dropped a mixtape called ‘Bar Series’.
The next ‘Bar Series’ is going to be a true story song called ‘My Step Mother’.
 AJ Nelson is hopeful the message of ‘Aden’ will affect the lives of Ghana’s youth positively.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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