Friday, 27 January 2012

Nana Quame
Ghanaian singer Nana Quame has been missing in action for over four years since he threw a challenge that he would quit music if Ofori Amponsah beat him on the musical stage.
In December 2007, Nana Quame threw a challenge on GTV’s Showbiz hosted by Prince Tsega, now the General Manager of Ghana Movie Awards, that he was better than Ofori Amponsah in terms of live performance.
“If you want to know who is better, put the two of us on a stage and give us a live band.
“If he beats me, I’m gonna quit music. I’m not bluffing; I respect him but he’s no better than I am,” Nana Quame reportedly said.
Ofori however refused to engage Nana in any stage competition. 
Nana Quame’s comment generated a lot of public interest at the time as he tried his best to justify himself on stages that found himself.
Nana Quame
It was thus on record that in his bid to outshine Ofori Amponsah, he tried to break all the rules in stage performance. And one of such was his surprise performance On December 29, 2007 at the Lumba Brothers re-union show held to support the Ghana/Beijing Olympics games.
 Nana uncharacteristically went down on his knees before music fans, begging them to cheer him up and sing along with him. However, the crowd remained seated and watched him perform.
Ofori Amponsah
So he moved into the crowd and begged them to join him. “If I have to kneel down to beg you before you will get up to dance with me then I have to do it because yesterday some people said I did not do well,” he said and went down on his knees.
It has been over four years since that brouhaha and Nana Quame is nowhere to be found. Ofori on the other hand is not the shining star he used to be. But in 2011, he released an album which is gradually catching up with fans.
Unconfirmed   reports say Nana Quame is currently in the UK. It is not clear if he is still doing music as nothing has been heard from him in the past few years.
NEWS-ONE is still working on getting in touch with Nana Quame to find out what is going on with his music career.



 Credit: NEWS-ONE


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