Monday, 10 October 2011

G.P Limited, organizers of Ghana Movie Awards (GMAs), last Wednesday collected the GMAs prize car from actress Roselyn Ngissah and gave it to actress Juliet Ibrahim.
The move was in line with the organizers’ commitment to make sure that all four actresses who won the Ghana Movie Award prize car in December made equal use of it without any difficulty.
The presentation ceremony was held at TV3 on Wednesday where Roselyn, assisted by Ghana Movie Awards general manager Prince Tsega, presented the car to Juliet Ibrahim.
The car was jointly won by Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Ngissah.
Roselyn was first to be given the car in August and she used it for over a month-and-half.   After the car was released to her, executive producer of the awards Fred Nuamah, came out to publicly render an unqualified apology to actress Juliet Ibrahim.
His reason was that Juliet was the first to request for the car but he refused to present it to her, thinking that all four actresses would come to him so he presents it to them and they decide on how to use the car.
However that didn’t work, so he decided to present the car to Roselyn, who approached the organizers of the award at the time.
“I think I must be fair to Juliet. I want to say I am sorry. We apologize for not giving her the car from the initial stages. She was the first to ask and even bring the idea that the four of them can drive the car to events to together to show how united they are. I am sorry Juliet. We have not been fair to her on that so we apologize,” Fred said. 



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