Friday, 14 October 2011

Twenty-seven-year-old Ghanaian actor Eddie Nartey who recently told NEWS-ONE that he has never had sex or seen the nakedness of a woman, may have a little more convincing to do as compromising photographs of him are now making the rounds.
It is amazing how a 27-year-old virgin would be having unrestrained fun with near-naked sexy models and expect not to be turned on but a picture, they say, is worth a thousand words.
 “Yes, any lady who says I had sex with her should come forward. No one can come because I haven’t. There is no need to prove that I am a virgin. I don’t think any doctor can come and tell me but the fact is I am a virgin. I have dated before but haven’t had sex before. Romance yes, but no sex; I’m proud to be a virgin,” he said.
“I am preserving myself for my wife,” he added.
As to whether Eddie can withstand the temptation of beautiful ladies in the movie industry, only time will tell.
The photos are of Eddie with sexy models dressed in provocative bikinis and skimpy pants.
They strongly suggested that the actor wished to have the ladies or other ladies of their caliber in bed. What was not clear was if he had already gotten such kinds of ladies in his bed and was wishing for more.  
Efforts to reach him to explain the circumstance that led to the photos proved futile.
A lot of movie enthusiasts did not believe Eddie’s declaration that he was a virgin.  But whatever it is, he has thrown a challenge and NEWS-ONE is waiting if any lady would pop up to debunk his claim that he is virgin.
 Eddie is known for his roles in movies such ‘Wedlock of the Gods’, ‘Return Of Beyonce’, ‘Fantasia’ with Rita Dominic, Van Vicker, and Yvonne Nelson, and ‘Shakira’ with Mercy Johnson and Majid Michel.
He has also received nominations for awards including the just-ended NAFCA awards in the United State of America.
He made his screen debut in ‘Wedlock Of The gods’ by Venus Production, and since then, the acting profession has been refreshing for him.
Prior to screen acting, he acted on stage. His last drama group was David Dontoh’s Kozi-Kozi.



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