Monday, 10 October 2011

It is exciting what actors do when they get their first lead role. While some spend all night in front of their mirrors in a bid to master their acts and impress directors, others will not allow their scripts to rest.
Rising Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku has said that aside the above, ahead of her first lead role in yet-to-be-released ‘A Little Affair’ by AA Productions, she spent a whopping sum just to get a good hairstyle for the production.
“I was really excited about the role. I went to get a very expensive hair because I was really excited about the role and it was worth it. Kalsum Sinare actually paid for my eyelashes. That made me relaxed because it was expensive,” she told NEWS-ONE in a short exclusive interview after a critic screening of the upcoming movie at the Maxlot Hotel in Accra.
Asked how much it cost her to get her hair done for the movie, she added, “Wow, you don’t wanna know. (Laughs)…You just don’t wanna know. Very expensive, may be you will get to know some other time.”
Directed by Ghana’s youngest director Kobi Rana, the movie features Adjetey Anang, Kalsum Sinare, Eddie Nartey, Ebi Bright and others.
The movie was centered on Kafui’s character and played the role of Dzifa, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Newton.
Her father, Mr. Newton died out of shock when he got to know that his wife was having an extra marital affair with Professor Ken (Adjetey Anang) who was also Dzifa’s lecturer.
He left her his property but she can only take charge when she is 27.
Dzifa didn’t know she had a property and huge money left for her until she overheard her mother discussing it with their family lawyer about how they will steal the money.  
There, the intrigue and suspense started as with help of her friend Estela (Ebi), she devises a plan to claim what rightfully belongs to her. Movie enthusiasts will have the chance to see the movie when it finally hits the screens.
“It is ok. I think it can only be better. I featured in other movies but I think it is getting better,” Kafui said.
“I was really challenged. It is a big role and this is my first time handling a role like that with ace actors like Adjetey Anang and Kalsum. But it was really nice; they were helpful,” she added.
Kafui started acting a few years ago and her first movie was ‘Agony of the Christ’ after she was introduced to Venus Films by Roger Quartey.  Since then, she played minor roles in a handful of movies.
The reason, she said, was “I have not been consistent. I travel out of the country like twice every year. So it makes my acting career shaky a little bit. You know how it is.”
Kafui, a Voltarian and graduate of Cape Coast University, has featured in other movies as ‘4play Reloaded’,’ Shadows In The Dark’, ‘A Reason To Kill’ and yet-to-be released ‘Hotel Babylon’. 



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