Monday, 31 October 2011

News filtering in says Ghanaian actresses Roselyn Ngissah and Helen Asante have finally entered Nollywood.
Helen is currently playing a lead role in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ‘Adams Apples’.
She entered Ghana’s movie industry in 2004 after Senior High School.
Her first role was a palace maiden in Venus Film’s ‘Wedlock Of The Gods’.  The same year she played the role of a prostitute in ‘Crime To Christ’.
Roselyn co-won 2010 Ghana Movies Awards Best Actress and things have since been good for her. A graduate of University Ghana’s School of performing Arts, she is known for her roles  in ‘Reckless’, ‘Broadway’ and ‘I Stand Accused’, ‘Princess Tyra’, ‘Power of the gods’, ‘Last Victory’, ‘My Sister’s Honour’, and ‘Sin Of The Soul’. She also starred in Sparrow production’s ‘A Sting In A Tale’ ‘Adams Apples’.
A source told NEWS-ONE that the actresses, who are best friends, sneaked out of the country recently for a production in Nigeria. The source said they were keeping the deal under wraps and didn’t want to make noise about it.
The production was Roselyn’s first. But that couldn’t be said about Helen as there were previous reports that she was once in Nollywood for ‘About To Wed ‘TV series.
NEWS-ONE is looking for more details about the production. The two actresses are not the only Ghanaians to make an entry into Nollywood this year.
Sexy-looking Eddie Watson had his break last month, with actress Lydia Forson being the earliest to make an entry this year.



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