Monday, 10 October 2011

Ghana’s latest export to Nollywood, Eddie Watson, seems to be enjoying filming in Nigeria.
Just last week, he told NEWS-ONE that he felt great filming in Nollywood for the first time.
 “I can say that my experience in Nollywood has been great so far. It’s been great. The crew and artistes have been very respectful and friendly. They treat you with lots of respect and you forget your were in a working environment with people you don’t know or have never worked with.”
This week, Eddie was caught in a compromising pose with one of Nollywood’s finest actresses, Queen Nwokoye, in some photos making the rounds.
The snapshots of the two actors are raising eyebrows as they come in different styles. Obviously they were enjoying some kind of good chemistry on set.
 Eddie had said earlier that he was on set with not just Queen but others including top actress Ngozi Ezeonu.
He is yet to speak about the photos.
Eddie is not married and little is known about his love life. He recently denied having a love affair with actress Ebi Bright. Another actress, Sika Da Diva, also told her friends she was in love with Eddie and his reaction to that was a “no comment”.
Queen on the other hand is yet to be confirmed a married woman. She had said in March 2010 that her “wedding bells will ring when it will. I have always believed in that but you cannot force the wedding bells to ring; it will ring when it has to ring. But the thing is, when it comes to marriage, I have always believed that there is no hurry in life; no need to rush because when you rush into something, there is always the tendency that you rush out and I am one person that does not believe in divorce. I don’t believe in it and I will into want to do it, so the only alternative for me is to look before I leap. So, right now I want to do all the looking. Because when I enter, I am not coming out, so they should just allow me to look first and I promise them that once I finish my looking, definitely, the wedding bells will ring”.
She also said her man should be “fun loving and quiet. I have always had this feel for quiet guys; I love guys that are quiet; fun to be around with; understanding and God-fearing. That is what I am looking for; that is what I want actually. I am not looking, that is what I want”.
Eddie Watson has all the qualities but it is not clear if he meets Queen’s standards.
Queen Nwokoye is an actress who made her entry into the make-believe world some years ago with her first movie titled ‘Nna Men.’ She has since starred in several others.
Eddie, the Liberian-born Ghanaian actor, is also known for his role with top actress Yvonne Nelson in Abdul Salam’s ‘4play Reloaded.’
Eddie joined Ghana’s movie industry less than three years ago. He first starred in Bandex Productions’ ‘Million’ where he played the role of Kofi Adjorlolo’s bodyguard. He has also starred in movies like ‘Masters of The Game’ and ‘Turn Me On’. Subsequently, he got scripts for yet-to-be-released ‘Somewhere In Africa,’ and ‘A Reason To Kill’.



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