Monday, 24 October 2011

Latest information about actress Luckie Lawson indicates that the top actress has been robbed.
It is not clear when it happened but source said some robbers broke into her Spintex home and made away with belongings worth huge sums of dollars.
The actress cum movie producer hurriedly flew down to Ghana a week ago to officially file for divorce in court.
NEWS-ONE broke the story last week that the actress was on the verge of splitting with her husband, Michael Gyan, after they tied the nuptial knot two years ago.
The paper can confirm that she quietly sneaked into town from her USA base last Saturday purposely for the divorce. But Luckie’s yet-to-be-divorced husband left Ghana for France just when the actress arrived.
Our sources said Luckie had complained that if Michael was not ready for the divorce as they planned, he should have informed her rather then get her to travel from America to Ghana. Though not proven beyond doubt, sources said the move by the husband was to delay the impending divorce and possibly get their differences resolved. This speculation is however not backed with evidence.
Luckie refused to talk about her collapsing marriage on eTV’s Late Night Celebrity Show last Friday, when host Deborah Vanessa asked her. Rather she said the media could say anything they wanted to say about her marriage but they should leave her son out of it.
The robbery issue is a developing story as sources told NEWS-ONE that those involved could be people around the actress.        
Lawson is undoubtedly one of Ghana’s actresses known for her ghetto lifestyle in movies such as ‘Desperate To Survive’.
But behind the ghetto roles and lifestyle, Luckie presents quiet an influential and unique lifestyle at home and with friends, especially when it comes to handling issues of marriage and relationships.



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