Friday, 7 March 2014

Soraya Mensah

Beautiful actress Soraya Mensah Kukubor is one of the phenomenal actresses Ghana has produced so far. She went off the big screens to have her baby and also further her education at the university.
In this exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo yesterday, Soraya confirmed earlier reports that she was no longer with the father of her baby, explaining that they were not married but only in a relationship.
Where has Soraya been?
I have been trying to complete university, now in my final year at GIMPA and also doing my own business.
Reports say you have quit acting.
That's not true, I was on a hiatus.
When are you returning?
This year certainly. I am looking forward to working with some great producers and with good scripts. So I will be selective with the scripts I decide to do now and go all out to give my best.
Can you refresh readers’ minds about who Soraya is?
Soraya Mensah is half Ghanaian, half Lebanese. A young and driven individual who is passionate about anything I set my mind to do. I am very God-fearing as well. I came into the industry in 2009 and did my first movie with Sparrow Productions. I have featured in movies like ‘Scorned’, ‘Prince’s Bride’, ‘Supremo’, ‘Material Girl’, ‘Dairy of Imogen Brown’, ‘No Sex No Marriage’ etc. I am now working on two series which are yet to come out.
What year did you go on hiatus?
I was exploring other ventures, doing my own business and went to Acting school for a bit and also finishing up my course at GIMPA. I just needed a break from all the drama.
Really? Was there a drama? Can you share with us?
I will rather not talk about it now. We in the industry know what I’m talking about anyway.
Just give us a tip of the iceberg?
Keeping up with the celebrity life and the hustle from some producers. The rest I will keep to myself.
My checks revealed you went to marry and had your baby.
Oh yes. I left that out…I like to make this clear; I was never married, never got married and I am very much single now.
If you are single now then previously what were you?
 Yes I had a child with someone I had a serious relationship with and I was hoping to marry but God had different plans for me.
What happened?
We had conflicting opinions on how our lives were supposed to pan out. My career.  Plus it was a mutual decision to go our separate ways.
You mean he did not want you to continue acting?
Yes, to some extent. That's what happens when you rush into a relationship without knowing the person. Also there were too many people involved in our relationship; the press, enemies, friends and family and everyone trying to make decisions for you and giving bad advice. My advice is, people should lay low with their relationships and not get too many people involved. But I have no regrets being in a relationship. He taught me a lot and pushed me to further my education. Man proposes and God disposes.
Have you learnt some lessons with the experience?
Sure, I have learnt a lot. My experiences have made me a stronger person, some of the traits of men I never knew. Also, it has prepared me for another relationship and how to go about it.
So you are not in a relationship now?
No, I am searching for a prospective husband (lol). I look up to God. As I said earlier, I love my family and I’m looking for a God fearing man, I stress. And a man who will stand by me and support the path which I have chosen, including my career.
Which part of Ghana do you come from aside your Lebanese background?
Volta Region, I am a proud Ghanaian. Ewe woman.
Tell me about your family?
We are four siblings; two girls and two boys.
You have been away from the industry for some time; do you monitor what goes on in there?
Sure I do, as I still keep up with some of my colleagues and still in touch with others in the industry. I read a lot in the news. I did a few adverts too which have kept me on the screens as well.
Do you have any opinion on any particular issue or any of the news that you read?
No comment. I want to stay out of people’s businesses.
What did you miss about the industry?
Fun times on set and working with some of my colleagues.
Your daughter has grown fast.
Jamyllah is her name, she is three years now. Yes, she has grown fast and is very smart and interesting. She is already started showing off her acting skills and I won't be surprised if she got into the industry. She gives me a reason to smile each day. I wish the best for her.
Wow you wish she becomes an actress?
Not really ... What will be will be, but I won't push her into it. I want her to be better than me and aim higher. Acting isn’t a promising career. I will want her to focus on her education and other talents. She can then do acting on the side.
Thanks for your time.
You’re welcome.

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