Friday, 17 January 2014

David Dontoh
Veteran Ghanaian actor David Dontoh has challenged the long-time assertion in movie industries across the world that there are “small” and “big” roles in acting.
 According to the Ghanaian actor who played a supporting role in internationally distributed movie, ‘Deadly Voyage’, there is nothing like that.
He explained that there are rather small actors and big actors who project the roles they play depending on the plot of the movie they are starring in.
“We don’t have small roles and big roles. We actually have small actors and big actors because an actor takes a small role and make it the biggest, depending upon the story. And so I don’t discriminate in the size of a role I play in a movie. Except that it is not that challenging enough for me. I will normally like to go in for challenging roles,” he told NEWS-ONE at Busy Internet when reacting to queries about why he accepted a “small role” in upcoming movie tilted, ‘Announcement’ which stars Adjetey Anang, Doris Sackitey, Kafui Danku and a host of others. 
Mr. Dontoh played the role of a church elder who does not compromise on the doctrines of Christianity.
His role encourages church elders to live exemplary lives because everybody looks up to them, in terms of their character, Christian and moral values.
Mr. Dontoh said he accepted the role because he wanted to help the director and producer of the movie, who is a new entrant.
“I thought the lady [the director and producer] was a new entrant in the industry, quite industrious and quite professional. She is someone who wants to do the right thing and I thought it is good for me to be part of it and support her and give her one or two directions that will increase our numbers in the right direction. That is why I decided to be part of this production.”

By Francis Addo (Twitter: fdee50)



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