Friday, 13 September 2013

Eddie Nartey and Bianca
 Ghanaian actor Eddie Nartey says he is surprised one of his best pals and fellow actor, Prince David Osei is one of the people spreading rumours that he is dating his new manager.
Prince David Osei
Reports say that he is ‘screwing’ his sexy sassy manager, Bianca Thelma Briandt, barely a year after reports that his ex-lover had stabbed him after she caught him in bed with a different lady.
However, Eddie Nartey, ‘as expected’ has sworn he had nothing amorous to do with Bianca, who he described as his manager, business partner, distant family member and a sister.
“This came to me as a surprise. First and foremost, apart from her being my manager and my business, she is like a sister to me. Her sister is like a daughter to me and her mother is like my mother. I call her, we talk so she is like a sister to me but she is my business partner,” he told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview yesterday.
According to him, they were both working on an upcoming TV programme dubbed ‘Family Fun Time’ and as result, they always hang out together while working on the project. They also attend shows together and that could be the reason people are suspecting they are clandestinely in love.
“Thanks be to God, I have set up EN Entertainment and Bianca is on board. We are doing other projects together. We are coming out with a family fun game show called Family Fun Time being hosted by Kofi Adjorlolo and Sheila Boakyi Dankwah. We are currently editing it. So because of the project we are working on, we are always together. When I take a picture, she is part of it and when she takes a picture, I’m part of it. When we go to places, people see us together, and that could be the reason people think we are dating. But I don’t know where this dating thing is coming from,” Eddie Nartey added.
Eddie’s best pal and fellow actor, Prince David Osei and YFM’s Caroline Sampson are two people who, to a large extent, confirmed Eddie and Bianca relationship publicly.
Prince David commented on one of Eddie’s numerous instagram photos with Bianca, saying, “Eddie and Bianca get married period …lmao.”                                                                                                          
Eddie Nartey and Bianca

But Eddie said he was shocked Prince David has gone to that extent.
“Listen! It is not just Prince David, Famous Atitsogbe and others also called me. But it is not true. We are just business partners. But Prince David shocked me. Prince paaaa. I am very single. I am not dating anybody. I told you I am maintaining myself for my wife in the near future,” Eddie further denied.
The actor was last year allegedly stabbed by his estranged lover Miss Abali after she found him in bed with another woman. The incident took place not long after he told NEWS-ONE he was a virgin. Meanwhile, the identity of the second lady he was caught with is still not known.

By Francis Addo



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