Wednesday, 21 August 2013

VIP poses with Stranger

Ghana’s long standing music group, VIP has affirmed its strong influence on the Africa continent, with the signing of former member of F.O.I duo, Stranger onto its Boogie Down Nima (BDN) record label.  The group announced the five-year deal that comes with a Toyota Camry and an apartment at a press conference last Wednesday.
Stranger was a member of F.O.I (Fruit Of Inspiration) duo, made up of Lil Kryz, born Abdul Hamid and Nuwame Apim Michael aka Double Eye, now Stranjah.The group’s works were inspired by VIP and also featured on a number of the trio’s songs as well as performed with
them on several big stages.
Its 2011 smash hit single ‘One More Time’ had a VIP influence.
But Lil Kryz is currently pursuing education in the United States of America and that was the reason why Double Eye, now Stranger decided to go solo until his pal returned.
Even before he got signed by BDN, he recorded two new solo singles. One is titled ‘Do it’ featuring VIP and the other, ‘Say Kulley’, which he was featured by Lizzard.
“We started by signing FOI three years ago and along the way, Lil Kryz has to go school in the United States of America, so he left. We have to renew the contract with them, so we decided to work with Stranger. He is coming up with a new album which has 12 songs. We shooting about four videos and we have one video already. By next week we are releasing a song on radio and a couple of weeks later, we will drop the video. This is what we are starting. We (BDN) are looking at working with up and coming artistes, both males and females. BDN is looking to getting into events. It is something that we have been doing long time ago in the United State of America where we organize concerts and stuff. We want to bring it back here in Ghana,” Zeal said at the press conference.
“We are not just going to sign people from Nima. We are going spread our wings all around Ghana. This is just the beginning of the movement and we need your support as people from the media. We have been doing this from our pocket since we started in 1999,” Prodigal added.
Stranger on his part expressed enthusiasm to be back on BDN as a solo artiste. “It feels great,” he said and added that he was ready for the music task ahead of him.
He is expected to release his first single under BDN as solo artiste this week. The single is titled, ‘Wa Tricki Wo’ and expected to make huge impact.    



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