Friday, 30 August 2013

Award winning Ghanaian rapper EL born Elom Adablah has been receiving threats on social network twitter from an unknown stalker, who wants the ‘Kalu’ crooner to voluntarily quit Ghana’s music industry.
The rapper’s assailant has not given clear reasons why he or she wants the rapper out of the music scene.
However, the attacker said he or she purposely created the twitter account with handle @kobeewale to purposely deal with the rapper and his BBnZ team.
The account tweeted severally at the rapper’s @ElrepGH handle, threatening to make sure that EL and his BBnZ team who the account described as Sakawa boys never know peace in the music industry. 
 ‏@kobeewale tweets: “@ELrepGH the Ghana industry music don’t [doesn’t] need you and your group people! We shall destroy you all, think say I'm joking! Fakeraps.”

“@ELrepGH you no go Fi talk som? Why de make ur [your] people's talk for you, fake bich fuckin maharaja guy, I go spoil you all, u think I'm joking.”

“@ELrepGH fake rapper!! You and your people i Will have time for u!! Sakawa boys,” are some of the tweets directed at EL.

EL is yet to make an official statement about his tormenter. But, he expressed shock over the attacks on twitter. 
“Usually I’d chill but ooOh I can’t wait to meet this Coward, don’t know who u [you] playin [playing] with,” the Airtel ambassador also replied to one of the messages.
He also tweeted captured photos of an offensive chat he had with the person via text messages.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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