Friday, 23 August 2013

Promzy of VIP
Promzy, one of the popular members of award-winning music group VIP has told NEWS-ONE that contrary to public perception, he does not smoke or take alcohol.
The rapper who recently sustained injuries from a stunt during his group’s video shoot was rather criticized for the incident, as his injury was blamed on an alleged smoking and drinking habit.
However, Promzy has been talking to the issues after the incident, saying he was wrongly judged for the accident that occurred.
According to him, he is not the kind of person people think he is. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink,” he declared.
“Actually I did jump… I got a deep cut on my arm and my thigh also hurt, but I’m ok now. I was just trying to do something out of the box. I heard people asking, ‘Why, he went to smoke or he went too high?’ No, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink,” Promzy had told NEWS-ONE after a VIP press conference to announce its new artiste on its Boogie Down Nima record label last Wednesday.
He said he decided to jump from a 40ft-roof, because, “I am that type of person who believes in seeing and believing it… I don’t like to fake. I like to be real. I was just trying to do something differently. That was why I jumped,” he explained.
Born Emmanuel Ababio, Promzy is one of the members of VIP, a group which has contributed immensely to Ghana’s music industry.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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