Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chichi Neblett
Liberian born Ghanaian actress Chichi Neblett is not among the list of actors who have been announced to make up the cast of the sequel for Frank Rajah’s directed series, ‘Cheaters’. Chichi, according to information available to NEWS-ONE had been taken off the Book2 of the series which will premiere tomorrow Thursday August 8, at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra as part of Muslim festivities. 
Specific reasons have not been given for her exit and it is not clear if she will be returning in subsequent books of the series. However, it was confirmed she won’t be in Book2. The beautiful actress was in the Book1 and was reported to have openly said she was amazed at how she was exceptionally kissed by fellow character, Omar Sheriff Captan.
Unfortunately or fortunately she won’t be returning in the second book of the romantic comedy. 
Meanwhile, the director has introduced a new character, sassy actress Salma Mumin. Salma is one of the fortunate hot entrants who have managed to win the hearts of movie enthusiasts.
She did not just get included in the Book2 of Cheaters but she had a spot on the series’ poster, which has become a subject of competition among the actors.

Salma Mumin
NEWS-ONE reported this week that director Frank Rajah was under pressure from his cast over who should be on the movie’s poster; the reason he has decided to design different posters to serve all interests.
All roads are expected to lead to the Silverbird Cinema on Thursday evening for the premiere.
 ‘Cheaters’ follows the stories of several young couples caught up in a web of love, lies and extramarital affairs. It throws more light on the assumption that marriage is the only war in which one sleeps with the enemy. If the couple is inseparable, it usually takes five people to separate it and ‘Cheaters’ reflects just that. In this film love is portrayed as a mysterious adventure that takes one through many twists and turns. 
One adds a bit of infidelity to the mix and he or she has the perfect recipe for disaster.
It stars top actors Omar Sheriff Captan, Adjetey Anang, Jackie Appiah, USA-based Cameroonian actress Okawa Shaznay, Uche Iwuannyawu, and Henry A. Asiedu.

Credit: Francis Addo-NEWS-ONE


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