Monday, 15 April 2013

Aysha Buari & Beverly Afaglo
 Aysha Buari, the half sister of popular Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari, has made her first public appearance at a programme after she made the headlines with her quest to act.
She popped up at the premiere of ‘House of Gold’ at the National Theatre in Accra last Friday evening.
She entered the venue, with actress Beverly Afaglo following her. It wasn’t clear if they were together.
However she caught the attention of some media personnel, some of whom granted her interviews, while others took photographs of her.
Barely a month ago, Aysha told NEWS-ONE she had lived in Minneapolis for the most part of her life and that she was quitting her profession as a licensed Pharmacy Technician to enter the movie industry in Ghana.
Aysha Buari
“I want to act. I think acting is my world. I don’t see myself doing anything else apart from acting. I have tried other stuffs like pharmacy tech. I got a license for it but I didn’t like it and quitted my job. I worked as a bartender, I didn’t like it and quitted. I always quit my job. But acting is what I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.
Aysha Buari
Many had thought that she was not serious about that dream, but she seemed to have made up her mind. She was supposed to leave Ghana weeks ago but she is still in town purposely to get her movie links before going back to the states.
It is unclear if she has made some progress but the smiles on her face Friday indicate that something positive might have happened.  
The Saturday premiere was the first movie event she was spotted at in Ghana. None of her other family members was captured by NEWS-ONE cameras.
Meanwhile, the premiere attracted quite a number of movie fans and stakeholders including producer Abdul Salam, Frank Rajah, Fred Nuamah, actress Salma Mumin, Trigmatic, Chase and a host of others.
Leggy actress Yvonne Nelson was there to pose and take pictures with her large number of fans.

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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