Friday, 1 March 2013

Despite the rise and fall of many upcoming artistes in Ghana, new and talented artiste Alberto, born Albert Koomson, is hopeful of staying around in the music industry for a long time.
He is the newest musician to announce his presence on Ghana’s music scene with enough energy and those who have listened to his stuff have attested he is good.
Born in the early 90’s in Nigeria, at Imo state, where he spent five months, he was brought to Ghana in April 1992. He lived in Accra at a town called Swalaba for two years and relocated to Tema in 1994.
His mother is Beatrice Boahmoah, a Ghanaian from the Ashanti Region, and his dad, Fred Igwe, is a Nigerian from Imo state in Igbo. He was named after his step-dad of blessed memory, Prince Koomson. He was also a musician who played the trumpet in a band with A.B. Crentsil called ‘Sweet Talks’. He is the last of four children.
Alberto lived in Tema Community 9, attended his nursery school at Sharon in Tema Community 9, and has his primary and junior high education at Firstar Academy, in Community 12 Tema. He attended Chemu Senior High School in Community 4 Tema, and completed in 2008 and later took a course in Graphic Design at NIIT.
Afterwards, he decided to go into music.
In 2012, Alberto released his first two singles; ‘Hands In The Air’ and ‘Logoligi’, produced by Strawberry House Entertainment (SHE), after he hooked up with an executive producer and the two have recorded a couple of singles which are beginning to spark up major interests.
“Working with Chemphe and his business partner, producer and co- founder S.H.E, Mr. Ishmael Dawutey (UK)  has given me the freedom to be myself and to make music exactly the way I want to make it,” he stated.
‘Hands In The Air’ video peaked at number 11 on Gh-One’s new artiste video chart. Other singles include ‘Shekome’ and ‘Hands In The Air’ remix. He has other singles coming out soon featuring stay Jay, Chemphe, Tony Harmony and a few others.
By the end of 2013 and early 2014, Alberto believed he would steadily, with hard work and good music, take over the industry and be noted as one of the fastest growing and successful musicians. “Making good music, topping music charts, featuring and doing collaborations with some big artistes, plus touring the world and most importantly making the people who have accepted me happy through any means, would be my focus,” he enthusiastically noted.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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