Friday, 8 February 2013

It came as a big blow to many Ghanaians when the country’s national team, the Black Stars were beaten by the 'Stallions' of Burkina Faso. The defeat dashed Ghana’s hope of winning the tournament.
Stakeholders in the entertainment industry appear to be the hardest hit. Even though they love showbiz, they did not hide their affection for soccer. Some of them took to social network sites to express their frustrations.  

“I don't think we need good players, we just need confidence.... Next coach, try and build that.”

In all honesty we know the Burkinabes deserved this victory. Kudos to Black Stars. Still, what an excuse to get wasted lol”


“Well after all the ref did......we still lost so yeah....moving on! Now aba (about) the music links you can tweet them will listen.
“So are we firing our Coach or what? I need some answers? Lol”

Leonora Okine 

“So glad I ate before the…like Charley! Yes, this is personal. I'll go marry one of the Black Star players so he can pass on my messages.”

Wanluv The Kubolor 

“Burkina Faso was chanting to their gods and we were praying to white Jesus. Ghana I never go watch u play ball again...even children playing small poles.”


“I still love Ghana and the Ghana Black Stars. If that game was normal n we lost I would have wanted Nigeria to win but what Burkina have been through I want them to win; it’s only fair!”

Confidence Haugen 

“Well done boys come home is ok. I will not cry.”

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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