Friday, 8 February 2013

Pascaline Edwards
It is no secret that more and more Ghanaians are getting frustrated by recent power cuts which is depriving the citizenry of electrical power for various activities.
Among the frustrated lot are some of Ghana’s celebrities. One of such celebrities is hot and beautiful actress, Pascaline Edwards, w
ho has made her frustrations public.
The Stab In The Dark actress, a few days ago, threw a question on social network twitter, indicating her rage over the power cuts.
She tweeted, “So ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) will not give us lights again or what?”
Many had thought she could have otherwise called ECG to find out for herself. But due to the power of social networks in recent times, there are those who believe she will definitely receive an answer to her question.    
During the political campaigns ahead of the 2012 general elections, current President John Mahama promised power cuts will stop under his tenure.
But a few months in his presidency and what is happening now, it appears Mr. President needs to tighten his belt for an electrical bumpy ride.   

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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