Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Inna Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events

While Exclusive Events, organizers of Miss Ghana 2012, has denied selling hair to contestants during the pageant which ended in November, Best Looks Company Limited, the company that partnered with organizers to provide hair for Miss Ghana contestants, is saying otherwise.  
The company, which is one of the official sponsors of Miss Ghana 2012, is currently not happy about ongoing talks about its dealings with organizers in a section of the media.
After the pageant, one of the controversial issues that popped up was an allegation of organisers forcefully selling hair to contestants instead of providing the girls with free hair.
In the heat of the debate, Exclusive Events public relations officer Obed Boafo said Best Looks took care of contestants’ hair and none of them bought hair with their personal money.
His comment reportedly generated some uproar among contestants, some of whom reportedly swore to go back for monies they paid for the hair.
Henry Treku, Managing Director of Best Looks Company Limited, has however denied the claim by Exclusive Events.
He told NEWS-ONE that hair was indeed sold to contestants. But it was a package given to the ladies based on an agreement his outfit had with Exclusive Events and the contestants.
It however didn’t force contestants to buy the hair. Rather, he said, his company gave the ladies the choice of using a sponsored wig-cap which they would have to return after the show or buying weaves from Best Looks Company Limited at a discounted price. And the ladies opted for the weaves.
“We want to clear the air that, yes we sold hair but we didn’t force the ladies into buying it and it wasn’t compulsory because we gave them a choice to use wig-cap.      
Henry Treku of Best Looks Company Limited
“We actually went to Exclusive Events and we told them what we can offer. After Exclusive Events agreed to have a sponsorship partner thing, we had a meeting with the girls. So we did tell them that the sponsorship will cover the fact that we will give the hair, obviously put the hair in wig-caps so they could actually use the hair for the event. When the event is over then they will return the hair. Somehow, we found out that some people wanted to keep the hair. So we said we were going to waive off 10 percent of the total value of the hair. For the girls who wanted to keep the hair, instead of putting it on wig-caps, we actually just did the weave-on for them, because obviously they will be keeping it. We also said to them, ‘well you are not obliged to pay everything  upfront because we understand it’s a competition and probably you might  have spent money and all that’,” he explained.

 Credit: NEWS-ONE



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