Monday, 17 December 2012

Minister of Communication, Haruna Iddrisu
It has become trendy for some mobile telecommunication companies to broadcast news reports to clients on their network but this seems to be generating some discontent among a number of Ghanaian celebrities.
The news reports broadcast by the telcos usually contain entertainment news flashes about Ghanaian celebs but the celebs have started to raise red flags that the telcos hardly crosscheck the veracity of the news that they broadcast.
According to the stars, though the telcos broadcast the news for a fee, they did not bother to authenticate the source of the reports they lifted from online sources and whether or not the said reports met journalistic standards.
In several instances, the articles they send to their customers are rather fabricated and half baked news. Therefore, they end up promising to send updates later. But that never happens because the original sources of their defamatory stories can’t justify their claims.
A number of Ghanaian stars NEWS-ONE spoke to under anonymity were not happy about what is going on and called on Government and the Minister of Communication to help regulate that aspect of the industry effectively.
Some of the stars, who are themselves users of these telecommunication networks, said they got shocked when they received some of the news updates from the companies and they had no idea about the stories the usually carried.
“It is joke and it is because we have not made it a point to sue any of them, that is why they keep doing that,” one popular musician said.
“Just mention one of these companies and see how they will come after you because they have an image to protect. But for us, we don’t have any image to protect. You just go ahead and pick unbalanced stories from people who are paid to run others down and you want us to be happy,” another star said, adding, “It is just unfortunate.”

|Credit  NEWS-ONE


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