Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Popular and award-winning Ghanaian music group VIP has responded to certain allegations in the media that its fans had allegedly attacked certain entertainment personalities at this year’s edition of Joy FM Night With The Stars which was held last Saturday.
Below is a press statement issued by VIP under Bullhaus Entertainment, headed by Bulldog, otherwise called Hanson Lawrence: 

The management of Ghana’s award winning group, Vision In Progress, popularly known as VIP, is calling on its fans across the country and beyond who are outraged by some unfortunate developments that occurred at the Night With The Stars Show organized over the weekend by Joy Fm to calm down and exercise maximum restraint no matter the level of provocation they may encounter.
VIP has received reports of an alleged attack on some persons after the show and certain entertainment personalities including one Commotion, also alleged to be one of the attacked persons.

Though without any evidence whatsoever, some persons have accused fans of VIP of being responsible for the attacks.

If indeed it was true that VIP fans were behind the attacks, VIP categorically condemns such incidents and is calling on its fans not to engage in such behaviour. VIP does not subscribe to using violence of any form for any reason. The group believes in dialogue as the best means of addressing challenges.

The group has over the years maintained a reputation as one of Africa’s non-violent entertainment group. Truly, it has never been cited in any form of violence or any violent act. Also, it has a track-record of never disrespecting anybody in the Ghana’s entertainment industry.
VIP is recognized as Ghana’s earliest hip life group that derives its unit and purpose from a small community called Nima.

They are not violent and have further proven that by representing Ghana and African on various continental stages. Never have they been indicted for any violent acts.

VIP assures fans it would not do anything to compromise of the respect the brand has earned over the years.

The group expects persons fuelling these attacks to put an immediate stop to it. It was regrettable that, Promzy, a VIP member, had his car vandalized at the venue just after the Night With The Stars event.
Though the group has a fair idea where this is most likely to have come from, the group trusts Ghana Police Service to best handle the matter.
Once again, VIP is grateful for the support it has enjoyed from the fans, public and media over the years. May God bless our music industry and the entire nation as we are preparing for 2012 General Elections.

Bulldog (Bullhaus Entertainment)

 credit: NEWS-ONE



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