Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nollywood comedian John Okafor, otherwise known as Mr. Ibu, has lamented that the Nigerian movie industry is currently being ravaged by a virus called homosexuality.
He disclosed in a recent interview that some guys had been after him, trying to harass him sexually.
He said: “One idiot came toasting me o! That is true, as funny as it would sound…Something is happening in this Nollywood. These upcoming actors are being used by some of the established producers who are gays. If you want to get a job as an up and coming actor, you must sleep with them. They must sleep with you to get a job.
“We are no longer in the era of the female actresses suffering from sexual harassment; it is now man to man. Abomination! God has a lot of things to judge.
“Man to woman is also bad, but we can easily overlook that. Why not put your penis in the right place. There is something spiritual in that thing (frowns). Why would you bend down for one idiot to penetrate you, thereby destroying your future? You left God and bowed to devil… by the time you get up, you get up as a woman, while the idiot that penetrated you walks away majestically! Their payback is sudden death, and it keeps happening.”
This is not the first time the actor has talked about his experience with gays in the movie industry.
In a recent interview in Houston, Texas, US, Mr. Ibu expressed similar sentiments: “I am sorry if my friends are involved. It is a virus and it is killing our industry. If there is any way in this world that people can make them stop it or kill it, please do it,” he stated.

credit: onlinenige



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