Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Okawa Shaznay

London-based actress Diana Yekinni and two others from United States of America will arrive in Ghana today for the shoot of an upcoming movie titled, ‘Refugees’.
The new movie is being directed by award-winning director Frank Rajah Arase.
Major scenes of the movie will be shot at locations in Accra including James Town and some parts of Ghana’s coastline.
Other scenes will be shot in the UK and some other African countries.
Reports on Monday said Frank would not be using big named Ghanaian actors in this production. This is because he wants to achieve a certain aim with this movie- catching the eye of a different audience.
Arase is yet to publicly speak about the upcoming production but a source said the production would start tomorrow. 
Belinda Effah
Diana Yekinni is the winner of Screen Icon Search, organized by Golden Icons, producers of the most credible black entertainment film award, Golden Icon Academy Movie Award (GIAMA) in Texas, Houston.
She will be arriving in Ghana for the first time for the movie with Okawa Shaznay, ex-Miss Cameroun USA, who is also a Nollywood, USA-based actress in Texas.
Also with them will be Best New Actress at the last GIAMA awards, Belinda Effah.
Belinda is a great talent and is a receiver of Nollywood’s most promising actress award, Nigeria, and Akwa Ibom Youth-Recognition Award, Nigeria.
Reports say the three beautiful ladies will be playing lead in the movie.

Diana Yekinni

Frank Raja Arase and Majid Michel



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