Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ko-Jo Cue & Asem

Ghanaian rapper Asem is stepping up the music game, months after releasing his ‘Bye Bye’ hit track featuring Kwabena Kwabena. 
He is currently returning with Ko-Jo Cue, a new rapper on their project titled, ‘Lie Ben’.
Just like Asem, Ko-Jo’s style is enjoyed by urban youth mostly but his combination of Pidgin with English lyrics laced with Twi makes him appealing to rural Ghana as well.
After churning out hit songs over the years, the award-winning rapper cum journalist, Asem, now plans to do it again by throwing his weight behind one of the newest acts whom critics have touted as Kumasi’s answer to the Hip-Hop game, Ko-Jo Cue.
The artiste, who is known in underground circles as the Punchline King (PLK)  and loved by many Ghana Hip hop lovers for his lyricism and consciousness, is set to release a new single ‘Lie Ben’ which features Asem, produced by Peewezel for CUE Studios.



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