Monday, 29 October 2012

There is some power of attraction in a woman’s body and the sexier the body, the stronger the power.
This may explain why some persons have decided to ‘steal’ the sexy body shape of Liberian born Ghanaian actress, Chichi Neblett and portray it as that of top Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic.
Chich, years ago, starred in a movie ‘Hot Romance’, after which she went for a photoshoot that was used for the movie’s posters.
NEWS-ONE has observed that the same photo that Chichi used for the movie poster of ‘Hot Romance’ has appeared on the movie poster of a new movie, ‘I Quit’; but this time the photo has the face and head of Rita Dominic of Nigeria!
The said photo seems to have been photo-shopped from the neck upwards where Chichi’s head and face was replaced with that of Rita.
The remaining of the photo has the same cloth, the same pose, the same colour and every other thing.
The new poster has already generated some controversy and though it is early yet to draw conclusions, the poster may spark some sort of hostility between the two actresses.
‘I Quit’ , which also stars Jim Iyke, is by Bold Steps Pictures Production and fingers are currently being pointed at the production house for being behind the posters.
Posters of the ‘I Quit’ movie are in circulation in Nigerian cities Kaduna and Lagos.

Credit: NEWS-ONE



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