Friday, 14 September 2012

Leila Djansi

Ghanaian movie enthusiasts who were waiting to watch Turning Point Picture’s film ‘Ties That Bind’, directed by award-winning director Leila Djansi, in the comfort of their homes, may  have to hold on for a while. 
Reports available to NEWS-ONE indicate that some officials of Opera Square, made of the Distributors Guild of Ghana who are responsible for film releases, and Leila Djansi are in some kind of cold war over ‘Ties That Bind’s’ release.
Distributors Guild of Ghana allegedly said it would not allow Abdul Salam, the distributor of the film, to release it.
The group allegedly said it would only allow Venus Film Productions to distribute the films if Leila rendered an unqualified apology to the group for certain comments she made about Opera Square when she had issues with one of its members.
Leila allegedly lost a huge amount of money to one of the guild’s members, and made a comment on it on Facebook which eventually ended up in the media.  
For Leila, she was exercising her constitutional right, the freedom to express herself against treatment being meted out to her and her business through underhand tactics.
However, sources told NEWS-ONE that the guild was hurt by Leila’s comment and promised to deal with her drastically without even going through the merits and demerits of the issue she had with their member.
Leila didn’t want to consider the apology, but according to sources, Abdul Salam, who is also part of the guild and caught between the guild and Leila, had been coaxing Leila to do so to let sleeping dogs lie.
NEWS-ONE has intercepted a certain apology letter, purportedly written by Leila to the guild.
The paper could not get her at press time to confirm or deny the letter. NEWS-ONE will publish the full contents of the letter next week. 

credit: NEWS-ONE


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