Monday, 10 September 2012


Ishmael Opoku Acheampong, known in Ghana’s music spotlight as Diojo, is back with a big bang with a new single titled, ‘Juggle My Number’.
Currently, ‘Juggle My Number’ is the newest catchphrase in Ghana and is gaining some popularity among ladies, especially in Ghana’s foremost universities and polytechnics.
Diojo came up with the title for the single during a studio session when he was put on the spot to juggle some numbers in order to get the correct one. 
 “I have never in my life met such a person, as a matter of fact when the number was juggled for me, my team members and I tried but could not get the correct number, so I had the motivation to do a song that will reach out to people or fans to ask for help in solving this puzzle, and that is the message in ‘Juggle My Number’.
 “A team member from my management told me, he heard a lot of ladies these days are juggling their numbers for guys to rearrange, add or subtract before they can get their real number.
“Though I am not saying our ladies should give our guys a tough time, as an artiste, it feels good to know your composition has had a direct impact on the people or your fans.
“We also hear that in Tema what most ladies are now saying is that you need to juggle my number before you can call me because as the saying goes, if you care about something then you need to suffer for it,” the musician explained.
Diojo is currently under a new management led by Francis Nyatepe Attipoe.
He is very optimistic that just as how the buzz of the new song has started among ladies in tertiary institutions, it will continue and grow into a bigger brand.
‘Juggle my Number’ features Blaqout and was produced by I am Streets GH beats of Tema. The song can be found on all online downloading websites and it is on local radio stations.



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