Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Zynnell Lydia Zuh
Sometimes actors accept certain roles not because there is nobody to play them but because they enjoy playing them.
Ghanaian actress Zynnell Lydia Zuh is not different from such actors. The beautiful actress has been on Ghanaian silver-screens for the past eight years and has featured in a number of Ghanaian movies.
Over the years, she played and enjoyed the good and bad of different roles- from a prostitute, a girlfriend, to a messenger and more.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE on Monday, Zynnell described every role she had ever played as fun.
She said enjoyed every moment on set playing different roles even though she felt she had not been challenged with any of the roles yet.   
“I enjoy every role. So far nothing really challenging for me,” she said.  But what kind of challenging roles is Zynnell looking for?
She explained, “Like a serious action movie where I would have to do some serious stunts.”
Zynnell said she had about two scripts to shoot in Abuja this week, adding that she would be playing the role of a journalist in one of the movies and a female escort in the other.
Zynnell is one of Ghana’s actresses who like to maintain a low profile. She has been in Ghana’s movie industry since 2004. After high school, she began auditioning for roles. She auditioned for a lead role in TV series titled ‘Sticking To The Promise’ by Point Blank Media. Fortunately, she won the role, and played a twin to another character.
From there, she was discovered by Director/Producer Shirley Frimpong Manso, who auditioned and featured her in the rested ‘Different Shades of Blue’ TV series and a cameo role in her movie, ‘Life and Living It’.
While casting for these two movies, she was in the University of Ghana studying Information Studies.  After those roles, she decided to give her full attention to her education.
Having graduated from school some four years ago and completing her national service, Zynnell decided to return to serious acting.
Currently, she has acted in a number of Ghanaian movies including ‘Seduction’, ‘Single Six’, ‘Adams Apples’, ‘Wannabe’, ‘Deadline’, ‘Temptation’, ‘For Better For War’ and a number of yet-to-be released movies.
“Acting is something I liked to do from infancy. I guess I have the passion for it and I just want to see myself going into it,” she told NEWS-ONE in an earlier interview.

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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