Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lydia Forson
 An internet hacker has used the pictures and name of American singer Nicki Minaj to hijack the twitter account of Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson.
Lydia’s account of 17619 followers was on Saturday taken over by the unknown hacker.
But she quickly created a new Twitter account @lydia_forson for her fans to follow as she went through the required procedure to re-claim her account or get it closed.
Nicki Minaj

The hacker has changed Lydia Forson’s profile photo and name to that
of Nicki Minaj’s and has also unfollowed many of the people Lydia was following on the social network.
The hacker also changed Lydia’s short biography and stated that it was not Nicki Minaj but he/she was just a personal promoter.
Lydia’s biography read, “African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) winning Actress, LYDIA FORSON. She's positive & has Passion for what she does.” 
That was changed to “These bitches should be worshiping me in a synagogue. *NOT NICKI* Just Personal Promoter.”
There is no doubt that the popular Ghanaian actress will be facing a daunting task of dealing with this hacking issue.
Before taking over the account, the hacker hacked into her inbox and changed her password.  
She now cannot access her account.
Forson has lost vital stuff in her inbox and it is feared the hacker would use the account to swindle people.
One of the major influences on Twitter social network is the number of followers. Observers in Ghana’s showbiz industry are worried especially over the fact that a different celebrity’s profile was being used for the stolen account.

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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