Monday, 11 June 2012

“I don’t have a baby, if I did, I’d be more than proud to show him or her off,” was Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson’s response to grapevine talks that she has a baby.
There are rumuors that the bubbly actress had a baby at an early age and left it in an orphanage.
The reports also claimed she had in the past had sexual relationship with soccer star Stephen Appiah, actor cum presenter Chris Attoh and musician Screw Face.  
But Lydia said she had never met Stephen Appiah or Screw Face and described Chris as a harmless ‘brother’.   
When NEWS-ONE first contacted her Sunday, the ‘Phone Swap’ actress grudgingly addressed the reports but she decided to address them because certain people and a section of the media had started taking advantage of the rumours.
She said none of the rumours was true and challenged those spreading them to come out with a proof.
“I don't have a baby, if I did, I'd be more than proud to show him or her off. I've never met Stephen Appiah or Screw Face before. And Chris Attoh is like a brother,” she emphasized.
She said she was not surprise because the person spreading the rumours had gained the confidence through his/her followers and the number of people desperate to read and spread false rumours.
“It is a huge disappointment to us Ghanaians who should be more interested in promoting and encouraging individuals dedicated to making Ghana visible on the map in our own small but significant way.”
Lydia believed internet bullying had become a punishable crime by law because of the fast rate at which individuals, especially young children, were committing suicide and Ghana shouldn't be different.

Credit: NEWS-ONE


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