Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ghanaian singer of international repute, Stephanie Benson is on the move to write her name in the annals of Ghana’s music industry.
She is currently getting ready to gather a large fan base in Ghana and expose her music career to everyone.
Already, she is in the studio with one of Ghana’s finest rappers, Okyeame Kwame. They’ve remixed one of her international songs with a Twi version and given it some azonto touch.
She is also working on adding a school of performing arts to the list of her musical achievements. That, she noted, would be her greatest contribution to developing Ghana’s music industry.
“I am starting a school of performing arts. It is purely on talent, so it won’t be paid for. It will focus on developing talents. As soon as I get the land, I will start it. I just hope that it becomes successful. Like I said, it is not pay for, it will be purely base on talent,” she told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.
She said she was motivated to do the project after watching some Ghanaian artistes perform on one of Miss Ghana platforms and her experience with Vodafone Icons reality show.
“I actually fell with Eazzy. I thought she was like pretty something. She is got the sassiness that she has going for her. She already has got the stagecraft going on. I thought if people like her should develop their vocal talent, it will be unbelievable. And there are a lot of people out there like that. Also, when I did the Vodafone Icons, I think that was icing on the cake because some of the girls were very passionate, yet we sieve through all them; the ones, who just want to become famous and the ones who were there because they love the music. That motivated me to start plans to start the school and help. That’s the only platform I can use to support these people. I can’t meet everybody one on one. Sometimes I get emails from a lot of them asking me to produce them. My aim with the school is to develop these people. They don’t have to pay,” she said.
On her thoughts about Ghana’s music industry, Stephanie said most Ghanaian musicians were “stunted”.
“My honest opinion is that most of our artistes are stunted. What I mean is that most of our artistes hold back, especially female artistes. To be a real artiste and be accepted is to be believed on stage. If you are not believed on stage, you will never be able to be a real artiste; you will never be able to develop. Artistes must not worry about what that person sitting there is thinking about you, you should be yourself- if it means standing there to close your eyes and sing. If you put yourself on that stage, people will buy into whatever you are singing. What I’m saying is that they should express themselves musically,” she added.  
Stephanie is a sister to popular songstress Akosua Agyepong.  Like Akosua, she is a musician of high caliber. She is one of the most sought-after live performers in Britain and is also a familiar face to Britain's royal family.
Stephanie performs music that is almost in contrast with the type of gospel songs her sister does.
Stephanie lives in London with her five children. 
She was born and raised in Ghana and began studying how to play the piano at the tender age of three. At age eight, she was sent to the National Academy of Music, where she also learned to play the violin and cello.
During these early years, Stephanie developed and pursed her musical craft until 14 years when she moved to London following the death of her father.
Aside playing for the royal family, Stephanie performs for high-end clients and celebrities at prestigious and private events as well as very high-rated night clubs.
During one of her performances, she was spotted by Peter Waterman, who signed her to his label PWL, on which she  released her first recorded single 'Now is the Time,' which earned her a top 20 position on the UK dance charts.
She has done collaborations with other songwriters and artistes including Andy Hill (Bucks Fizz), Terry Britton (Tina Turner) Danny Schogger (Celine Dion), Wayne Vaughn (Earth Wind and Fire), Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue) and Stevie Wonder, among others.
Stephanie’s indigenous name is Akua Ohenewaah Asienem Akotokyerehemaa, daughter of the Queenmother of Ahenma Kokoben, Nana Boahemaah II of the Ashanti Region.

credit: NEWS-ONE



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