Friday, 16 December 2011

Veteran actor Kojo Dadson has called the bluff of hip life ‘grand papa’, Reggie Rockstone in his latest single which dares a lot more young and current rappers to watch out for him.
Dadson, who now calls himself Dr. Love, appears to be young at heart and full of youthful exuberance.
He has, in the new single titled ‘Ma rap-eaa rap-eaa’, stated clearly that he started rapping way back before Rockstone started rapping.
He also mentioned Akyeame, made up of Okyeame Quophi and Okyeame Kwame, as one of the rappers he started rapping ahead of.
The new song basically explains how he struggled with a music career back in the days and alluded to how his first demo in 1990 was rejected by producers.
The interesting part was when he said that he was sure of good songs but was only looking for a good sound engineer to record those hits for him.
It is not clear if Rockstone and other rappers have listened to the song.
Dadson is about to start a promotional drive on radio and TV stations across the country.
The song, reports said, would come with a funky video which would be on television for viewers.
Dadson, a former student of St Augustine’s College, is an actor and a musician. He started acting during the days of ‘Thursday Theatre’ and played a significant role in Village Communication’s ‘Number 5 Kotokuraba Street.’
He also played an integral part in ‘Sun City’ before Revele films introduced ‘Home Sweet Home” which made him very popular.
He also featured in international award-winning movie ‘Run Baby Run’ and other TV series like ‘Hotel St. and old time movie like ‘Love Brewed In African Pot.’ 
His stint with music begun long ago but it was made official in 2009 after he released the album, ‘Who Is Ghana?
NEWS-ONE is yet to confirm claims that Spectrum Films, producers of Ghanaian ‘Flash Fever’, headed by Emmanuel Boamah, is the brain behind his new single.

Credit:  Francis NEWS-ONE



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