Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NEWS-ONE can confirm that popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson escaped death by a whisker on Friday night after her food was poisoned.
The incident took place a few hours before she embarked on a trip to Paris where she is currently celebrating her birthday with close friend and actress Yvonne Okoro.  
“At about 12:30 midnight Friday, she had to be rushed to the hospital for an injection. She was told it was food poisoning,” a close source told NEWS-ONE.
Yvonne did not answer calls or respond to blackberry messages to react to
the claim.
However, she confirmed the story on her blackberry status Saturday afternoon, saying, “One birthday gift at 12:30 was an injection. God bless you all.”
NEWS-ONE is yet to clear the air on the type of food poisoning and if it was intentional or not.
There had previously been threats on Yvonne’s life but this is not the first food poisoning incident in Ghana’s entertainment industry. 
Just last week, this paper reported that Bright, a member of Buk Bak, was poisoned.
Players in Ghana’s entertainment industry may have to be more careful because news of poison finding its way into the food of celebrities is becoming rather rampant.
Award-winning actor Majid Michel was earlier reported to have found a tin of milk he was to have used for breakfast, poisoned. The incident occurred while Majid was on the set of ‘Somewhere In Africa’.
Yvonne’s case is the latest. In most cases, when it happens, the celebrities try to keep it under wraps and Yvonne appears to be toeing the same line.



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