Monday, 26 September 2011

If there are any Ghanaian actresses promoting African fabrics, beautiful actress Ebi Bright will be leading the pack.
A lot of Ghanaian stars wear top designer clothes from the Western world. This is not to say they don’t wear locally-produced African fabrics. They do but not as common as they wear and project foreign fabrics.
Stars are seen as people with enormous influence, hence when they continuously wear local fabrics, there is a high possibility that every will want to emulate them.
In recent past, male Ghanaian showbiz personalities were not wearing suits, but now, it has almost become a norm to wear them.
Checkout photos from the numerous movie premieres and you will see the number of stars in suits. Now music artistes go on stage in suit despite the heat and perform.
Ghanaian actress Ebi Bright, who is half Ghanaian and half Nigeria, in an earlier interview with NEWS-ONE believed that if African celebrities over the years projected local fabrics, by now the continent’s local prints would be getting worldwide attention.
“If you put something good out, people don’t have a choice, they will follow it. Tell you what, if celebrities haven’t even paid attention to African clothing but once you a fine African girl wearing it, you will want to wear it as well. So I think they (African celebrities) do have the responsibility and we should have taken it a long time ago. No doubt people watch them all over the world. People know many stars from here. I won’t mention names but you know what I mean. They are international stars. If they are wearing African fabric everybody will be looking and people will recognize that it is a legitimate style of dressing. So it can go really really far. Let’s do something of pride and celebrate who we are,” she said.
Ebi is now called African fabrics ambassador by virtue of the fact that she is almost always in clothes made from African fabrics.
She is not ashamed to be seen in African fabrics at social events, and has a fetish for local wear and designs.
She never steps out of her home without a touch of something African in her look.
NEWS-ONE has new exclusive photos of Ebi in one of her African fabrics. She looks simple and sparkling. The dress is one of her many beautiful African styles done by Masaka Creations in Tema Community 7.
The outfit beautifully matches with her beads.
According to her, wearing African fabrics was not too expensive like designer clothing from the Western world.
As to whether Ebi will continue wearing African fabrics, time will tell. For now, she deserves all the praises for the good work in promoting African clothing.




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