Friday, 30 September 2011

Ghana’s entertainment industry was shocked some months ago after reports that a producer had used a shaving stick to graze down the pubic hair of an actress whilst shooting a movie.

The word ‘shave’ therefore started to raise eyebrows within the Ghanaian entertainment circles whenever it was mentioned.
Latest reports from the USA, where actor John Dumelo is currently shooting his upcoming reality show, indicates that a sexy Chinese girl, Lee, has shaved the hair off the head of the actor.
According to John, he found the Chinese girl’s shaving sexy.
It is not common in Ghana for females to offer barbering services, as most of them are into taking care of women’s hair.
Dumelo’s only experience of a woman barbering him was when his mum used to do that for him when he was a little boy.
He said entering a plush hair salon in the United State of America and being told that a lady would cut his hair was something new he had to adjust to.
Close sources told NEWS-ONE that ‘The Prince Bride’ leading man was a bit scared by the idea that the woman could spoil his hairstyle.
But he also found it exciting that a woman would give him a haircut and wanted to experience it.
John confirmed the story to NEWS-ONE when contacted but said he was not shocked by the fact that a woman was to shave him.
“I was not shocked. I found it sexy, lol.  This is my first time in over 20 years that a woman cut my hair,” he added.
When asked if he was really scared after he was told a lady would shave him, John said, “Well…at first yes but hey women rule the world now.”
John’s upcoming reality show promises to be big. It is a show that will be taken around the world and it has to do with John’s upcoming clothing line, tourism and other events.



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